Naked Sword Art
47 A mother“s Fantasy 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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47 A mother“s Fantasy 18+


Spirit attributes.




There are spirit energy in all things, even in the dirt, thunder, moon, and sky. Once it is absorbed and cultivated, it will slowly merge with the spirit energy in a cultivator's dantian, increasing its strength and changing its properties to something a bit more impressive. 

There are many ways to absorbe spirit attributes, but in every case the attribute has the last choice whether or not a person is worthy to cultivate it. It will not reveal itself to someone it does not approve of. 

Although, the fire spirit attribute is one of the easier attributes to cultivate, it is still incredibly rare to see. Even more so in this country. The number of people that cultivate a spirit attribute in this country could be counted on two hand.




The elder told her disciple everything she knew about spirit attributes, the more she spoke the more shocked the disciple became.

The elder shook her head helplessly.

"No matter how formidable her talent might be, she won't be able to open those doors with her strength alone. The doors only react to one form of energy, and that is Sword Qi".

After Li Lian fail the test Xiao Fang walked up to the plate and placed one hand on the door. 

"He's only going to use one hand?", the disciple said surprised.

However, the elder quickly lost interest. She had seen him do it many times already so she turned to leave. 

Despite seeing her master walk away the disciple was a bit reluctant to leave. She often dreamed about Xiao Fang since their last encounter. Eventhough she never told anyone about her thoughts, naturally, her master knew what she was thinking.

"Let's go, you'll have a chance to meet him some other time", she said before proceeding to walk away.

A few moments later, the elder suddenly stopped and turned around when she noticed Xun Wei's breakthrough. 

'Seems I've underestimate the talent of those girls. I'll have to keep a close eye on them in the future', she thought.




Xiao Fang's house.

Later that day Xiao Fang, Li Lian, and Xun Wei returned back home to pick Chun Hua up so that they could all meet the Patriarch together.

Xiao Fang had been preparing his mind and body all day for the inevitable ass whopping he was about to receive, but now he just wanted to get it over with.

Li Lian and Xun Wei sat in the living room as they chatted and petted little Hei in her cat form.

Xiao Fang closed the front door behind him then removed his blindfold, but before he did he was able to briefly scan the entire house before opening his eyes. 

Chun Hua was in the guest's bedroom where she was supposed to be sleeping, but to his surprise he also saw his mother in there pacing back and forth, and lecturing her on the art of pressure point finding. 

Xiao Fang opened the door thinking he already knew what to expect, but what he saw left him a bit shaken, the two girls in the room were both butt naked. 

"Xiao Fang, you're back. Did the other two girls enjoy the tour?", his mother asked casually.

She shamelessly carried her large breasts with one arm, but she was unable to completely cover the pinks surrounding her nipples. 

She had a nice slim figure, slender legs, jade white skin, and tits so delectable they were only comparable to Elder Jiang Mei's. Though her dumplings were nice, they were still nowhere near as perfect as Chun Hua's. 

Xiao Fang immediately shook away such lustful thoughts when he realized he was thinking about his mother. Though she was always naked when she lectured him on pressure points, he never really thought much about it. 

Back when he didn't have eyes, depending on the clothes she wore, she would almost always seem naked to him. So seeing her naked became a normal occurrence. However, now that he was seeing it in color, she suddenly seemed like a completely different person.

Xiao Fang's mom saw the way he looked at her naked body with a lustful gaze. Though it was incredibly brief she still noticed it and it made her feel a certain way.

She had been cooped up in this house for so long she forgot what it was like to be seen that way by a man. She was a dual cultivator after all, so the patriarch forbade any man from seeing her, because she could make any man fall to her will with just a single glance. 

She wanted to take a step closer to him, but she didn't want her thoughts to be known.

With the arm that carried her large breasts, she casually spread her fingers just a bit, revealing the pink mountain peak peeking between her beautiful fingers. 

Seeing him looking at her with a lustful gaze once again made her smile inwardly. 

'Seems like I still got it', she thought happily.

She didn't feel this good in such a long time, so she found herself struggling to keep herself from teasing him even more.

Xiao Fang on the other hand was in the middle of a fearsome battle against his own lustful thoughts. He could no longer see her as his mother, he even considered putting his blindfold back on. 

Though it took a while to explain this, it all happened within 2 breaths of time.

In the end he was able to suppress his sudden urge to cultivate, but couldn't help but feel that she already saw through his thoughts.

"So did they have a good time?", she repeated her question innocently.

She was trying to give him the impression that she was oblivious to his earlier thoughts. 

For a moment Xiao Fang was speechless, but he eventually replied, "Un, we had a good time".

"Mother, before I left Chun Hua, she told me she was feeling tired. How about we let her get some sleep", he said.

"Ah I see. Well in that case get some sleep little one. We can continue your lessons tomorrow".

"Thank you for the lesson, master".

"Master?", Xiao Fang said in shock.

"It seems I've gotten my first disciple in your absence", she smiled almost apologetically. 

"Ah, forget it. I have something I want to talk to you about, but first there is something I need to say to Chun Hua", he said.

"Alright, I'll be waiting for you in my room then", she said as she walked past him while putting on her clothes.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, Xiao Fang crawled behind Chun Hua, whom was laying on the bed, then began to gently trail his fingers up and down her breasts, making her feel even more relaxed.

She felt a tingling sensation spread across her body as his chest touched her back. He made her feel snug in his warm embrace so that she could comfortably tell him her inner thoughts.

"Mmm, you're body is always so warm", she said.

"Seems like you and my mother are getting along quite well. If she is forcing her teachings onto you, I'll make her stop", he said.

"There's no need. I asked her to take me in as her disciple, she truly is a remarkable woman".

"My mother is a prisoner in her own home and her techniques are far too fearsome to practice. Are you sure you want to do this?".

"I am sure", she said confidently before continuing.

"She has already told me everything about herself, no matter what challenges I might face, I will still work hard under your mother's guidance".

"I see". He hadn't seen her so committed into anything before so he decided to let things be.

'This might even be good for her', he thought.

With that out of the way he couldn't just get up and leave. His thick dragon grew as it caressed her naked slit, and with the hand that had been gently massaging her twin mountains earlier became a bit more excited as he fondled her plump breasts erotically.

She smiled and closed her eyes in anticipation. 

"Xiao Fang~ I'm still too tired remember", she said cutely, but unconvincingly.

He kissed her neck as he approached her ear. Now teasing her erect mountain peaks, he whispered:

"I'll be quick".

He then pushed his naked sword into her slippery hole inch by inch, till her gelatinous cheeks were squishing tightly against his lower body. 

"Mmm", she moaned lightly before they kissed.

Although he started slow, it didn't take long before he was ruthlessly making her climax repeatedly to his massive thrusting cultivation rod.




Meanwhile in his mother's room.

She was looking in Xiao Fang and Chun Hua's direction with a gentle violet glow in her eyes.

[ Dual Cultivator Spirit Perception ]

> This technique allows her to distinguish dual cultivators from other cultivators. It's a high level technique that played a critical role in the survival of dual cultivators back when her sect's members were being hunted down.

Her vision became white and grey and the house's walls became transparent. The only color she could see was the violet flame coming from Xiao Fang's body.

"So you had something to say to her huh", she snickered as she watched Xiao Fang cultivate with Chun Hua.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Look at them go. This takes me back", she thought back to the time she was in the dual cultivation sect. 

She suddenly had a thought that made her body shudder and her lower region feel tingly.

"Didn't he say he wanted to 'talk' to me too?".

She started fantasizing about what he could mean by that. The way he looked at her when she was naked almost confirmed her belief.

She put her fingers on her lower lips then began to moved her fingers slowly as she continued that thought.

"He couldn't mean... could he?"

Though there were rules against it in the Dual Cultivation sect, mothers still often copulated with their sons for educational purposes. 

Though she used to have such thoughts before, she gradually lost interest in educating him when she heard about his growing popularity amongst the girls in the Divine Sword sect. However, this was the first time she was seeing him in action, and frankly, she was extremely impressed.

She continued to touch herself as she watched him fuck Chun Hua savagely. She couldn't tell if she could hear her moans or if she was just imagining it. Either way it made her pulsing pussy crave a warm thick sausage to rub against.

Every time Chun Hua climaxed she would pick up the pace, eventually fondling her hanging fruits with her free hand.


"It's been so long, I can't believe I forgot how good this felt".

She kept picking up the pace till her fingers were moving in full throttle, her legs were fully spread, and her pretty jade white feet flapped in the air wildly. 

"Yes yes yes~ Ah!"


Just as she pulled her fingers out of her wet pink cave she squirted on the bed, soaking the sheets with her sweet juices. Her stomach convulsed as she took quick breaths. The orgasm she experienced was far stronger than what she was expecting, almost as if it had been building up for the past 18 years.

"It's his eyes, there's no mistaking it. That elixir was the real deal", she thought as she recalled a past experience she had with another man a long time ago.

That was only her first climax, so she was far more aroused now than she was before. However, before she could continue touching herself she wanted to take another look at them cultivating so that she could follow their pace and rhythm, but to her surprise he was no longer there.

"Huh? Where did he go?".

Just as she tried to look for him she heard her bedroom door creak open and her eyes widened when she saw the man standing on the other side of it.

"Ah! Xi-Xiao Fang"



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