Naked Sword Art
46 Spirit Attribute
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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46 Spirit Attribute

"Your eyes... they look just like his".




Xiao Fang's eyes were always violet in color, and anyone that looked into them for long enough would feel their heartbeats quicken and their bodies become warm and tingly. 

Ever since Xun Wei started cultivating the dual cultivation method her eyes would become violet like Xiao Fang's. However, the color of her eyes weren't nearly as vibrant as his and they would only change when she was dual cultivating. 

He didn't know why his eyes were always violet, but considering the fact that his mother was once a part of a dual cultivation sect he assumed he must have gotten it from her. Contrary to his expectations, her eyes were brown.

"My eyes look like whose?", he eventually asked after a moment of shock.

Xiao Fang's question snapped her out of her daze.

"Ah that... you wouldn't know him if I told you".

Xiao Fang stared at her for a few seconds, seemingly unsatisfied by her answer before she changed the subject.

"Forget about that. You've been gone for so long. I expect you made a lot of progress in your training in that time". A gentle blue hue of aura shrouded her hands as she raised them. 

Xiao Fang muscles jerked with the subconscious reaction to flee, but he remembered his girls were waiting for him just outside. 

'What kind of man would flee from his own mother', he thought. 

He quickly composed himself then raised his hand with a calm expression.

"Wait a moment. I didn't come alone. There are people I'd like you to meet".

"Oh? Did you bring some friends?".

"Well, not quite". 




Xiao Fang told his mother about Li Lian, Xun Wei, and Chun Hua. He even went on to tell her about the upcoming child he was expecting to have with Chun Hua. 

Unlike his father, Xiao Fang's mother often encouraged him to find a girl to marry and have kids with. Eventhough she encouraged it she didn't think he'd find one so soon. 

Most people often got married and had kids in their mid teens to late 20s, but it wasn't so easy for cultivators. Though many cultivators would go through their whole life without getting married, the ones that did wouldn't start looking to settle down till they were at least over 40, and wouldn't have kids till much later than that. 

The reason for that was because the stronger a cultivator got the harder it became for them to get pregnate. 




"Xiao Fang, quickly bring them in. I want to see them for myself", she said with a bit of excitement. 

Xiao Fang brought them in then introduced them one by one. The earlier expression of excitement she had was concealed, instead she gave off the impression of a queen in front of the girls. However, once he got around to introducing her to Chun Hua, she was unable to contain her joy any longer and let out a gentle smile.

After exchanging greetings, Xiao Fang took Li Lian and Xun Wei to show them around the sect. Chun Hua said she was feeling tired from the trip so she decided to stay. 

Now that they were alone, it gave Xiao Fang's mom a chance to get to know more about Chun Hua. 

"Chun Hua, come sit", she said as she gestured for her to sit on the chair across from her. 

"Is there something you would like to ask me?", Chun Hua asked.

"How do you like it here in this sect?".

"I haven't seen much, but so far I think it's lovely". 

Chun Hua was being careful with her words. Xiao Fang once told her his father was the Patriarch of the Divine Sword sect, so if this was his mother then that meant she was someone she couldn't afford to offend.

"You don't need to be so nervous with me, I know this place is a shit hole", she chuckled lightly.

Considering the fact that she was going to be her daughter in law she wanted her to feel more comfortable around her. The more they spoke, the more Chun Hua felt less intimidated by her.

"Xiao Fang told me you were pregnant", she squinted briefly but meaningfully.

"How could he already tell you something like that", she blushed.

"Trust me, it wouldn't take long for someone like me to figure that out. Even if you were wearing those illusory clothes", she smiled mysteriously. 

"You can see through it?", she said in shock. 

Only when someone had considerable experience against illusionary techniques and had a higher spirit cultivation than the caster would they be able to see through the illusion. The clothes she wore was made by a profound realm expert, did that mean she was in the Divine spirit realm? She assumed everyone in the Divine Sword sect were body cultivators first and far most. Though that was true, Xiao Fang's  mother was the only exception. 

"Dont worry, your secret is safe with me". 




Unlike the Black Paradise sect, there were no beautiful tourist sights for them to see, so the tour didn't take nearly as long as they were expecting it to.

"Xiao Fang, what's in there", she pointed at a large part of the sect that was sectioned off they were standing not too far from two large gate so it was incredibly tempting to see what was inside of it. Considering how short the tour was they felt like a large part of the sect was being hidden by the massive walls. 

"That's where the inner and core court disciples are trained", Xiao Fang replied. 

"Why is it unguarded. Can't anyone just walk in?".

Xiao Fang shook his head.

"Unlike the Black Paradise sect, there are no requirements to do the inner court test. The only test is to open the large doors by hand". 

"They just have to open the doors? Isn't that too simple?", Li Lian asked.

Xiao Fang remembered how much trouble the doors gave him when he was much younger. Instead of telling her how hard it was, he gestured for her to try it out herself. 

"You won't know till you try".

Li Lian walked up to the large doors then placed her hands on them. The moment she touched them her expression became bitter. It didn't feel like a door at all, to her if felt as if she were put her hands on the side of a mountain. 

Often times people can gauge the strength and firmness an object just by touching it. This was even more so for cultivators.

'There must be a trick to it', she thought.

First she tried pushing it open with brute force, but as she expected it didn't budge in the slightest. Shortly after she began to explode in a fiery aura, increasing her strength by a bit, but it still didn't budge.

In a fit of rage she punched the door as hard as she could, but still nothing happened.

"This must be a joke, right? How can anyone open this thing. There has to be a trick to it", she said angrily. 

"Of course there's a trick to it. Watch closely to how it's done", though he was replying to Li Lian his last glance was towards Xun Wei. 

He placed one hand on the door then bowed his head slightly to concentrate. The next moment the air around him chilled then started to become visibly refined. Though Li Lian couldn't see it, Xun Wei saw and felt everything clearly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Xun Wei's eyes widen. She had experienced his sword qi several times a day during their spar and training back in the Black Paradise sect, but she never felt him exude so much of it in one go before. She always knew he was going really easy on her, but only now understood just how impressive he really was. 

Her body became tingly and her pores began to open as if to absorb the refined sword qi in the air. She felt an exhilarating surge of energy rush through her as he was gathering his strength. It made her feel like she were in the middle of sparring against him.

Li Lian thought perhaps he was struggling, she couldn't blame him because she failed it herself just a few moment ago.

Just before she could speak she saw him raise his head up slightly. In the next moment he removed his hand from the door then put a finger on it. 

Li Lian's eye twitched. It almost seemed as if he was showing off. He couldn't make it move with his hand on it, why did he now only use a finger?

Before Li Lian could ask what he was doing, the doors began to open and a powerful wave of sword qi blew pasted them from the inner court. It was at that moment that Xun Wei made a breakthrough with her Divine Sword cultivation method. 

The breakthrough felt way too strong and extremely unusual.

She was now in the 4th stage of the Divine Sword - Body Strengthening realm and had nearly broken through to the 5th stage before the doors were closed again.

Despite making a breakthrough with her Divine Sword method, her body cultivation had remained the same at the 1st stage of the Body Refinement realm.




A few hundred meters away stood an elderly woman watching Xiao Fang and the girls with a frown. 

"That damn boy still goes around chasing women wherever he goes, when will he ever grow up", she said disappointedly. 

The disciple standing behind the elderly woman bowed her head a bit more deeply with embarrassment upon hearing her words. She still remembered the way Xiao Fang made a move on her not too long ago. He was her first time, it wasn't easy to forget such things, but frankly she didn't want to ever forget it.

"He is very charming, Master", she spoke lightly as to not anger her master.

"Hmph, of course he is. He is my grandson after all. I just wish he wouldn't act so brazenly".

"It looks like they are challenging the doors to the inner court, do you think they will pass?", the disciple asked.

The elderly woman was at an unfathomable cultivation level so she could see through their body cultivation with relative ease. 

"This is hardly a test for someone like Xiao Fang. I've seen him do it effortlessly countless times when he was just a little boy. The other two one  on the other hand...", she couldn't say for sure, but at first glance it seemed to her that Xun Wei and Li Lian had no talent with the sword". 

Just as she spoke they watched as Li Lian combusted into flames. The elder and disciple both shared a similar expression of shock. 

"What kind of cultivation technique is that?", the disciple asked.

"That's no ordinary cultivation technique, that's a fire spirit attribute".


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