Naked Sword Art
44 Li Lian“s Taboo 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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44 Li Lian“s Taboo 18+


Late at night, while Li Lian was cultivating and Xun Wei was asleep, Xiao Fang and Chun Hua were passionately touching each other under their heavy sheets. 

He had spread her legs open and skillfully licked her pink lower lips, fondled her twin mountains and sucked on their peaks, then kissed her lovingly as he caressed and squeezed her lower cheeks.

They role played then she swallowed his meat whole till his sleeping dragon became a naked sword and her pink hole drooled profusely. It was in that moment that she wanted him to ravage her the most, it was the same moment he couldn't hold back if he tried.

They changed positions so that they were both laying on their sides; Xiao Fang was laying behind her. He squeezed and played with her large breasts as his cultivation stick slowly began to spread her slippery inner walls apart.

"Ahh~ mmm~", she moaned gently.

"Slowly, I don't want to wake Xun Wei", her warm breath tickled his skin as she whispered her request.

Xiao Fang moved slower, but he started to caress her G-spot and release his spirit energy at the same time. Despite what she said, her hips began to move a bit faster on their own. Each time squishing her soft cheeks against his rock hard body.

She continued to cultivate with him like that for a few minutes, but she couldn't keep it up forever.

"Xiao Fang~", she whispered, trying to warn him of her approaching orgasm.

Xiao Fang understood what she was trying to say, so he pulled her in by the waist.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ] 

"Mymm~", she moaned silently, concealing it well.

Her thighs squeezed, her ass clenched, and her arms and legs stretched. Suddenly, her trembling pink dungeon began to pour yin qi unceasingly. It was quickly absorbed by his naked sword and his yang qi quickly gushed in soon afterwards.

He paid close attention to the effects his spirit energy had when he combined it with his dual cultivation techniques, but he couldn't see any noticeable differences.

Chun Hua got up then sat on top of him guided his thick meatstick into her 2nd hole. In this position he didn't have the ability to reach her womanly love handles, so with he placed them behind his head as to enjoy the view of her bouncing gelatinous dumplings. 

"Cum in here too", she said as she proceeded to sit on his lap.

A few minutes later Li Lian walked in on them cultivating and decided to join in. Taking her clothes off along the way, she crawled over Xun Wei which woke her up, then kneeled next to Xiao Fang with her legs open and pink slit exposed. She didn't realize what Chun Hua was doing till after Xiao Fang began rubbing her lower lips. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Li Lian gasped. "Chun Hua, does it hurt?", she asked curiously. 

Though she didn't reply, she could tell by the way she moved that she couldn't get enough of it. 

The faster Chun Hua moved up and down, the more vigorously Xiao Fang rubbed Li Lian's inner lips. The same moment Xiao Fang started thrusting upwards to match Chun Hua's rhythm, was the same moment he started pushing his fingers in and out of Li Lian's small leaking pussy. 

"How can he do it in that place?", Li Lian thought as she continued to stare intently at Chun Hua's ass. She was a bit scared that Xiao Fang would want to try that on her, but she couldn't help but feel a bit curious to know what it's like.

Suddenly as Chun Hua was about to climax, Xiao Fang finger slipped into Li Lian's 2nd hole, feeding her with his spirit energy. Just as he did that, he leaned in to suck and lick Li Lian's wet pink cave

Her lower body shook violently as his finger rampaged in and out of her cute little ass. Her fingers combed through his hair as his mouth went to work on her lower region. 

Feeling both her holes being penetrated made her spread her legs a bit wider. She didn't want him playing with her butt, but it felt too good to make him stop. Even when she climaxed she still wanted more. Chun Hua, however, separated from Xiao Fang to rest next to him after her climax.

Seeing that his naked sword was unoccupied Li Lian tried to crawled on top of it, but Xun Wei got to it first. 

Xiao Fang was surprised to see her up, but she looked eager to cultivate so he didn't stop her.

Xun Wei wanted to practice her mouth with any chance she got, so she immediately placed his dragon on her pretty lips then wet tongue before allowing it to slide into her warm mouth. 

Li Lian pouted briefly when she saw this, so she crawled to Xiao Fang's side then kiss him softly. She bent her knee then brought it up to his stomach, unintentionally giving Xun Wei a good view of her sloppily wet pussy. He caressed her naked butt and thigh as they kissed passionately. They whispered sweet nothings to each other between their kisses then she brought his hand up to fondle with her plump breast

"So you want to play with my asshole, huh. You better not try it or else", she threatened him unconvincingly. 

"Yeah? or else what ?", he smirked.

"Or else I'll punish you like this". 

The two of them began to wrestle, tugging and grabbed on each other's sweaty bodies playfully. Xun Wei was still trying to swallow his sleeping dragon so he was in a bit of a handicap.

She jumped on top of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying his face in between her breasts. With no other option he began to suck and nibble on her tits as his hands slapped and squeezed her bouncy rear till they became red. 

She tried to restrain him in many different wrestling holds, but he always managed to tease her sensitive areas. At one point while she was in between holds he managed to pin her butt on his face and began to devour her pussy. 

He assumed after she climaxed a few times she would give up, but as soon as he let her go she took a few breaths then went straight back into it, pinning both his arms in a matter of seconds; one between her thighs and the other with both her arms. Her sweaty breasts pressed and slid against his upper body tightly as he tried to break free. Though with a bit of effort he knew he could overpower her, he still played along. 

Xiao Fang's sleeping dragon grew back into an ardent naked sword. It grew till it could no long fit in Xun Wei's mouth so she choked on it before it came out. 

"Do you give up, honey?", she smiled.

"This is a nice hold, but you underestimate me, Lian'er".

In the next moment, he sat up to roll over, now putting Li Lian under him. He easily slipped his arms out of her hold because their bodies were so sweaty. He turned her over then pinned both her hands behind her back with one hand. Truth was, she eased up on her hold to let him get out more easily. 

With her hands restrained behind her back he slapped her cute cheeks a few times lightly to make her submit.

"Fang~, don't be so rough with me", she pouted innocently. 

"You're the one to talk", he smiled before giving her a kiss on the cheek, making her smile too.

With his free hand he played with her sloppy pink hole till his fingers were drenched. Then he began to massage her slightly red butt before sticking both finger in her 2nd hole. 

"Ah! Xiao Fang. That feels weird".

Xiao Fang didn't say anything, instead he kissed her to help her relax, then started to move his fingers again. Before she knew it, she was already getting used to it and even began sticking her butt up as if she were yearning for more.

Xiao Fang's finger eventually came out and his hold on her hands loosened up so that she could turn around. After she rolled over she wrapped her arms around his neck then started making out with him.

A few moments later, Li Lian felt his drenched erect dragon kiss her closed butthole teasingly. She gasped.

"You wouldn't dare", Li Lian said sexily.

"Watch me", Xiao Fang smirked. 

Xun Wei's eyes widened as she saw Xiao Fang push his dick into Li Lian's tight ass.

"Mmh!", her eyes closed tightly, but then she immediately hugged him a bit harder.

"It's too big", she thought.

Li Lian had a pained expression, but it gradually went away as soon as Xiao Fang released his spirit energy. Xiao Fang noticed this and was surprised, but also happy, to find another use for it.

The deeper he went the more tightly she hugged him. A few minutes later it was half way in, so he gave her a few seconds to get comfortable before he started thrusting.

He rubbed her pink pearl and caressed then squeezed her twin mountains. Li Lian placed her beautifully fragile hands on top of his and made him squeeze a bit harder as she bit her lip cutely. 

Today was the day she finally had all her holes explored. There was a new level of intimacy and familiarity they never had with each other before. It was as if they were finally of the same mind, body, and spirit.

Little Hei hid herself well, not wanting to participate in Xiao Fang's strange fetish.

Xun Wei, on the other hand, watched the whole thing from start to finish, eagerly waiting to be next, but when it was her turn, no matter how hard she tried, it simply couldn't fit. 

Xiao Fang smiled bitterly and tried to say some comforting words, but she was too disappointed with herself to cultivate for the rest of the night. 

She left to take a stroll through the night market to clear her mind till she suddenly bumped into a strange man. 

"Hey! watch where you're...", her words trailed off when she saw the man's eyes. 

"Who are you?", she asked.

The man didn't pay much attention to her and was about to keep walking, but then he noticed something that made his aged face seemed shocked. For a moment his eyes widened and his jaw dropped just a bit. He quickly composed himself before smiling mysteriously. He then handed her what looked like a cultivation pill. 

"Who I am is not important, but perhaps you can say this was a fated encounter. Take this the next time you have trouble cultivating, I'm sure you know what I mean".

For some reason she felt she understood exactly what he meant, as if their minds were linked for that brief second. 

The strange man walked away without another word. Xun Wei had no reason to trust him, but for a reason she couldn't explain, she had a strong feeling she could. 

To combat this irrational thought she took it back home to tell Xiao Fang about it. 

"Xiao Fang, I was just walking through the night market when I bumped into someone strange", she said as she approached him.

"Strange how?"

"He gave me a cultivation pill and told me it would help me cultivate".

She took the pill out from her spatial pouch then showed it to Xiao Fang. What she didn't expect was for Xiao Fang to take it off her hands the moment he saw it. 

The pill was dark blood red in colour and gave off an eerie feeling. It was especially terrifying to Xiao Fang because he felt he knew what it was. He briefly examined the pill before pocketing it.

"Xun Wei, what did the man look like!?", he asked her hurriedly. 

"He was um... he had... uh.. I-I can't remember", she tried her hardest to remember, but it was as if the image of the man had erased itself from her memory. 

He tried to push for some information on the man, but it really seemed like he had been erased from her memory, she couldn't even confidently say whether it was a man or woman.

He never heard of someone having the ability to erase or alter someone's memory, but in the world of cultivation nothing was too far fetched. He didn't think he could get any more information out of her so he quickly ran out to the night market. 

He didn't know who he was looking for but if he could have a chance encounter with this person like Xun Wei did then that would be better than staying home and doing nothing about it. Because the pill the mysterious pill gave him the same eerie feeling the elixir his father gave him. 




Back at the Black Paradise sect.

Elder Yao Wu and a handful of inner court disciples were searching for Xiao Fang. They did so discreetly as to make it easier to catch him off guard, but still they couldn't find him. They eventually started hearing rumors that he was out on a long mission so Elder Yao decided to call off the search.




Elder Yao Wu explained her findings to the matriarch. There really wasn't much to say, but the matriarch didn't seem too displeased by it.

"If he's out on a mission then it can't be helped", she shrugged. 

"If you like I could go search for him outside of the sect", Elder Yao said.

"No, that won't be necessary. I'm sure you'll find an opportunity to catch him when he gets back. In the meantime, I'll be out attending a meeting, so I won't be back for a little while. I'll have Elder Chu watch over things while I'm gone". 

Yao Wu knew what meeting she was talking about, so she didn't ask what the meeting was about.

"So... How did we do this year?", Yao Wu asked a bit hesitantly.

The Matriarch sighed and shook her head upon hearing that question. 

"Not well, if things don't change soon...", she trailed off as she started thinking deeply on the subject.

"Well, there is no point worrying about it now. If that is all you have to report, you may return back to work".

"Yes, Matriarch", she bowed then quickly left the hall.


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