Naked Sword Art
42 Shopping With Chun Hua
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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42 Shopping With Chun Hua

During the time Xiao Fang was out getting a mission, Xun Wei introduced Chun Hua to Li Lian. Though Li Lian was usually pretty cautious around new people, she was unexpectedly excited to meet Chun Hua. Xiao Fang was relieved to hear them getting along.

"Ready to go?", Xiao Fang interjected as he was handing out their mission badges. He stopped at Li Lian when he saw her stare at him accusingly. 

"What took you so long?", she said as she narrowed her gaze.

"What's with that look? You think I go around cultivating with every girl I see?", Xiao Fang looked at her as if he were being falsely accused.

"Yes, that's exactly what I think you'd do. I know how you think, so you don't have to hide it from me".

After meeting and spending some time with Chun Hua, she was starting to get a pretty good feel at the kind of girl Xiao Fang liked and was approving of both. 

However, when Xiao Fang thought about the last hundred times she attacked him for telling the truth, the last thing he wanted to do was just that. 

Now that they were leaving the comfort of the sect, he wanted to be on high alert, so he put his blindfold on before they left.

As if it were a headband, he tightened his blindfold from the back of his head and let his hair down to hide it. The moment he did, his natural but heavy presence suddenly disappeared. Actually, it wasn't that it disappeared per se, but that it had become terribly average. 

Li Lian and Xun Wei had both gotten used to it, but Chun Hua on the other hand was shocked, to say the least. She knew he used to be blind, but she never seen him with his blindfolds on before; she could hardly recognize him. 

The truth of the matter was, Xiao Fang never liked being called a cripple, so, as ridiculous as it sounded, he would often wear his hair down to cover his blindfold as much as possible. Though this was something he often did as a kid, the habit carried on with him as he grew older. 

"Alright, let's go".




Before going to the Divine Sword sect, they headed to a popular market in a neighboring city to buy a change of clothes. Xiao Fang was shocked to see the mall. It was quite easy to find market places in large cities, but they would usually be composed of small stands or shelters, this was the first time he saw a market place as grand and luxurious as this.

Li Lian and Xun Wei were the best of friends, and as soon as they stepped foot into the market place they immediately ran off together like two kids in an amusement park, leaving Xiao Fang and Chun Hua behind.

Chun Hua seemed far more mature then the other two girls and just picked up one of the first things she saw. She went into the change room and came out wearing new clothes.

"How do I look?", Chun Hua asked Xiao Fang. 

Xiao Fang removed his blindfold to get a better look at the colors, but was shocked by what he saw. 

The clothes seemed fairly simple, but formal. She wore a traditional Chinese hanfu; white top, a long wavy navy blue skirt, and a white ribbon that tied her hair back neatly into a ponytail. The thing that was off about her was her figure. 

She had a beautifully curvaceous body in all the right places. Large breasts, round butt, and motherly thighs. All her alluring curves were a difficult thing to hide, but, somehow, the clothes did just that. 

Her large breast seemed a bit smaller, her motherly thighs a bit slimmer, and her delectable cheeks hid themselves well underneath her long skirt. She still gave off the alluring and insatiable impression. However, it was something one could only feel, but not understand with their eyes alone. 

He reached out to give her butt a squeeze, and was surprised by what he felt. They still felt the same, but just looked smaller.

"What's wrong? Does it make my butt look big?", she seemed to be concerned about something he thought was trivial.

"No, it looks great, but how...", he trailed off as he continued to feel her up, eventually seeing the absurd price on its price tag. 

The price for the dress was equivalent to a 3rd tier beast core.

"The dress was infused with illusionary spirit energy from the Black Paradise sect. The sect specializes in these kinds of things, but they don't teach it to disciples unless they're in the inner or core court".

"That's interesting and all, but is it really necessary?"

"Well, once my stomach starts to grow I can wear this to hide my pregnancy", she explained briefly.

Xiao Fang thought about it for a second then eventually agreed to buying it, but she didn't accept his payment for free. Once they left the shop she gave Xiao Fang all her merit points that she accumulated through the years.

"I have no use for this anymore. I have been saving it for Xun Wei for a few years now, but she recently told me you had already given her far more merit points than she needed. Though she isn't my biological sister, I like to think she is, so it pleases me that you treat her so well". 

Though he never understood their relationship between Chun Hua and Xun Wei he always believed if they wanted to tell him they would have done so by now. He didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable for asking especially when it didn't really concern him all that much. 

"... Please continue to take care of Xun Wei in the future", she bowed her head slightly waiting for him to take the spatial pouch containing the merit points from her delicate hands.

The reason he didn't immediately take the pouch from her was because he was a bit disturbed by how she spoke of him and Xun Wei. No matter how he interpreted it, she made it seem like she didn't expect him to be there for her as well.

"Mn, I understand", he frowned then replied simply before taking it. 

Though he was a bit displeased, he didn't let it show because she seemed to be having a wonderful time looking through the baby clothes. He eventually took a deep breath and regained his composure. He picked up one little unisex shirt that had text stitched onto it reading "I love mommy" on the front. 

"How's this one", he asked her.

She laughed a bit when she saw and took it off his hands to hold it up in the air by its waist, almost as if she were holding up the baby itself. A few moments later she got teary. The whole thing seemed so surreal to her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I can't believe that I'm actually going to become a mother", she said almost unconvincingly. She almost didn't believe it herself. Then she suddenly felt his arms wrapping her, and started to feel a bit better.

"Don't cry now, one baby is already going to be a handful, I don't know what I'll do of I have to take care of two", he said softly but jokingly.

She slapped his chest as she wiped her tears. 

"That's not funny". Despite what she said, she still cracked a smile. 

"Alright let's buy these two things and get out of here. We still need to find those two trouble makers", he said.

She simply nodded and followed him out while holding his hand.




Deep into the mall, Xun Wei followed Li Lian around like a curious child. She never had the money nor status to go into these lavish malls so she was fascinated by all the things she saw in there. 

Every store had an extravagant display of women in beautiful clothes and great customer services. Furthermore, they were bombarded by amazing free snacks at every corner. Li Lian had never really been too big on these kinds of things, but being raised as a noble she inevitably had to learn about it as some point.

Xun Wei never cared about these kinds of things also, but she believed half of that was due to the fact that she was never exposed to many girly things growing up.

Li Lian eventually found a store she liked then dragged Xun Wei into it with her. It was a costume store.


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