Naked Sword Art
39 Matriarch learns about Da Long 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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39 Matriarch learns about Da Long 18+


Xiao Fang and Chun Wei were cuddling under the blanket when she asked him to impregnate her.

"That...", Xiao Fang didn't know how to respond.

"You don't want to do it?", she asked worriedly.

"I'm still young so-", he paused midsentence when he saw her pitiful expression.

"So... give me some more time to think about it".

What kind of hypocrite would he be if he were to reject her after they had such an intimate moment.

"Mn, please consider it. I've always wanted to be a mother, and theres no one I'd rather have a child with than you".

She tried to bow her head but Xiao Fang pulled her in back into his arms before she could. He hugged her like that because he didn't want her to see his worried expression.

Chun Hua was convinced that they didn't have much time together. Though it is true that she always wanted to become a mother, she also hoped Xiao Fang would someday comeback to her if she gave him a son.

Xao Fang wanted her to be by his side, but he felt like she was giving up too easily. However, the more he thought about it the gloomier his expression became.

He didn't know how to say no to that request, he didn't think he could. If he says yes, there was no way he was going to let her raise their child alone.

The problem is that this is her last year in the sect, so does that mean he needs to leave the sect to be with her? He absolutely couldn't leave, because to him cultivation was paramount and there is no place where he can cultivate best but in this sect. He wasn't ready to settle down.

She assumed he wasn't going to make a decision today, so while he was deep in thought she got comfortable in his warmth and carefully guided his thick dragon back into her slippery cave.

"Hua'er, I'll take you to the Divine Sword sect to live with my mother, she will take good care of you until I come for you".

"Hm? Does this mean-", she stopped midsentence when she felt his dragon becoming erect inside of her.

She suddenly became mute and her little sister started salivating. Once his dragon became a majestic sword he started to move.

"Mmh~" she moaned silently.

Her breathing became unsteady as he picked up the pace. Once she felt his rythm she eventually started moving with him.

When Xiao Fang felt Chun Hua put her hands on top of his, he suddenly took his hands off her large jellies and held her hands lovingly.

"I love you, Xiao Fang", she finally broke their silence.

He pushed a bit deeper as he kissed her neck then her lips. Eventually their lips were locked and his erect dragon was kissing her womb. A few minutes later he could feel his climax coming.

"Hua'er, I'm cumming",

He thrusted a few more times then released his sticky cum inside her pink cave.

"Mmhhm~ Xiao Fang, I can feel it going deep inside me. It's so thick".

Though it initially felt like his yang qi, she couldn't feel it dissolving into spirit energy. Realizing it was really his cum made her feel good emotionally.

She suddenly got teary. While they were still under the blanket, she turned around to hug him. Xiao Fang was starting to feel a bit emotional too, but eventually wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you too, Hua'er".




Xiao Fang took the long way back so that he could clear his mind. When he got home he found Li Lian peacefully cultivating on their bed and Xun Wei body cultivating with her new sword in the backyard.

Xiao Fang watched Xun Wei as she danced gracefully on the fallen leaves.

[ Sword Dance - A traditional sword skill that combines several basic sword attack into one fluid transitionless motion ]

Despite being called a "dance" it is supposed to be a demonstration of the swordsman's strength, ruthlessness, and proficiency with the sword. However, when he watched Xun Wei he saw none of that.

Her movements were elegant, her figure was fragile, and her sword seemed as harmless as a stick. Her feet and sword often dragged on the floor, and her swings, twists, and turns made the leaves float beautifully in the air around her. Watching her was like feeling a light breeze on a hot summer day. It was something refreshing from the usual brutal sword play he was used to.

Though it was a real spectacle to watch, a dance cannot save her life, nor will it help her pass the inner court exam.

When she noticed Xiao Fang watching her she stopped.

"Xiao Fang, you're back", she said before jumping onto him and giving him a kiss.

"Is it time to go already?", she asked.

"Yeah, but before that...".

Xiao Fang gave her Gao Chen's spirit pouch.

"The inner court exam is just a few months away. There isn't enough time for you to be body cultivate, so just focus on mastering one spirit technique to pass the inner court exam".

As Xiao Fang was talking, Xun Wei was quickly looking through the spatial pouch. She didn't see anything as good as her sword technique, but she understood what Xiao Fang said so she didn't have any objections. After discussing it they eventually went to work together.




Meanwhile in the matriarch's main hall, Elder Yao Wu was reporting back to the matriarch about the current inner court affair.

The matriarch had the dominant airs of a queen, black hair tied back in a bun, long white and gold robes, aluring eyes, and beautiful pink lips. More importantly, she had C cup breasts and a nice ass.

Though she was well over 50, due to her cultivation, she still had the appearance of a young adult. She looked so beautiful she could easily make any man overwhelmed with lustful thoughts.

"Matriarch, there is a clear divide between the body and spirit cultivators in the inner court. They're starting fights in lecture halls, residential areas, and even places outside of the sect. I believe if we keep ignoring this matter it will only get worse", Yao Wu said.

"It's still that bad huh", the matriarch said.

In the outer court, many of the girls often discriminated against the guys in the sect, but no one really cared about the outer court to actually do anything about it. However, in the inner court, the problem didn't just have to do with their gender, but also with their cultivation, and they were a lot more violent.

"Should I take action?", Yao Wu asked.

The matriarch remained silent while deep in thought.



"No, leave them. You know how poorly we stand against the other big sects in the 13 provinces. Let this rivalry between the body and spirit cultivators fuel them into training harder".

"But there are only a few body cultivators in comparison; they are out numbered 1 to 100. This isn't a rivalry this is just straight bullying", Yao Wu said in panic.

"You've been pampering that Zhao Pan girl for the past few years now. She should be entering the inner court next year right?".

"You knew?", Yao Wu said in shock.

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"Not many things get past me in this sect. Don't let your person feelings affect your decisions regarding the sect...", she paused when a mysterious figure came into mind.

"That reminds me, did you find anything out about that boy yet?", the matriarch said.

"No, not yet".

"Hmm, it doesn't make sense. Why would he be hiding like some sort of fugitive".

Hearing the matriarch say that reminded Yao Wu about Xiao Fang.

"There is one person in the outer court who might be of interest to you, but I'm afraid it involves Elder Han's granddaughter".




Though Elder Yao couldn't find him because he was out on a mission that day, the people Xiao Fang slept with seemed to have nothing wrong with them and they even openly admitted to sleeping with him willingly.

She knew he was sleeping with more than 20 girls a day, so she assumed he was a body cultivator to have that much energy.




As the matriarch listened to Elder Yao Wu explain everything she knew about Xiao Fang, she slowly sat more comfortably in her chair.

"A sex maniac huh. It would be for the best if we don't tell Elder Han know about this, it wouldn't look good if she were to lose control and lash out at one of our disciples.

"I understand".

"What is his name?", she said hastily.

"Da... Long, is what they call him", Elder Yao said hesitantly.

Elder Yao has a strong sex drive, so hearing that name made her feel a bit of a strange but pleasurable sensation in her lower region.

"Do you think... he's really as good as they say?", she asked curiously as she leaned in on her chair. Though she was a bit embarrassed to ask about such things, this was more of a personal interest so she felt she needed to find out.

"That...", Yao Wu was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable when she saw the matriarch's sudden interests in the boy.

"I-I wouldn't know for sure, but I suspect Elder Jiang Mei might have something to say about it if you are curious".

"He even slept with an elder?!", her eyes widened in shock, her heart started beating faster, and she subconsciously stuck her plump breasts out just a bit.

"She didn't admit to it, but it definitely seemed like she was charmed by him", Elder Yao added.

"What insolence! That decides it, bring him to me so that I can discipline him myself". Though her mouth said one thing, her expression showed another. Her cheeks were flushed, her legs were no longer crossed but slightly spread open, and her pink cave was moist.

"Yes, matriarch", Yao Wu bowed before quickly leaving.

Once she was gone, the matriarch started touching herself. The higher one's cultivation is the harder it is for them to climax. She rubbed her little slit vigorously before repeatedly sticking her finger in and out of her little hole.


"Da Long~", she chuckled at the name, as she tried to imagine it.

She had only experienced a climax once when she was younger, but was heavily punished for it by her parents. Now that she is above everybody else, there wasn't anyone that could tell her what to do. However, no matter who she slept with in secret no one was able to make her feel the same way she did back then.


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