Naked Sword Art
38 Chun Hua“s Favour 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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38 Chun Hua“s Favour 18+


In the backroom of the library, there were two naughty disciples doing the act between a man and woman.

He was in no rush so he took his time with her. No special techniques, just the slow thrusts of a passionate man.

"I missed you, Chun Hua", Xiao Fang said.

She wore an erotic white and red lingerie that left nothing to the imagination.

He slowly unbuttoned her bra as he was fucking her doggy style. Once her twin mountains popped out he immediately grabbed onto them as he quickened his pace.

"Mmmh~ right there, Xiao Fang", she said softly as his naked sword caressed her G-spot.

She slowly slid down from the doggy style to her stomach, but Xiao Fang never stopped hitting her G-spot.

"Xiao Fang, I'm cumming. Let's do it together".

Xiao Fang picked up the pace as they were reaching the end. His hands slid on her sweaty body and cupped her breasts as he brought his lips close to her ear.

"Chun Hua, I'm going to cum inside you", he said as he was hugging her tightly

"Do it, do it now ahhh~"

Suddenly, her water poured and his load gushed in. Their bodies jerked in unison, each time releasing another load of their yin and yang qi for their dantians to absorb.

His fat meat was heavily coated and dripping wet from her yin qi as he slowly pulled it out of her pink dungeon. Once it was fully out he saw a bit of his white milk coming out of her quivering hole.

"I released a bit too much this time", he smiled almost apologetically.

She wiped his yang qi that drooled off her slit, then licked it off her fingers. Yang qi was not the same thing as semen, so to her it almost tasted like sweet breast milk.

"If you have anymore I will drink it", she said after sucking her finger clean. She turned around, went on her back, then put his erected dick down her throat. She pushed it all the way in till his balls were resting on her face.

"Mmm~", she moaned when she felt him licking her little sister.

Xiao Fang started thrusting his naked sword into her throat as his tongue played with her erect pink pearl.

Eventually he shot his qi down her throat. It made a small bulge in her neck everytime it came out, but she quickly swallowed it all. When he was done he slapped her quivering cunt and she squealed.

Just before he could pull out, she grabbed his thigh and pulled him back in. She was forcefully making him thrust some more, but deeper down her throat. He didn't have anymore of her yin qi in his system so she was about to make him release his semen next.

"Chun Hua, hah. stop", he struggled to say as his hands firmly squeezed her tits.


Xiao Fang forcefully pulled out just as he busted a nut. She got a bit down her throat, some in her mouth, but a majority of it decorated her face. She had a beautifully bright, victorious, smile on her face as she wiped herself clean and swallowed his cum.

She turned back around with her back still on the bed. Her legs stuck up in a sloppy 'V' shape and her hands were tucked under her butt and spreading her fat dumplings to expose her 2nd hole. Her plump large breast sagged beautifully off the sides of her chest, her new lingerie was torn and stretched, and she was squinting at him erotically. It was truly a sight to behold.

"Fuck me in the ass next, Xiao Fang", she said before licking her lips.

Xiao Fang could hardly wait. Ever since Xun Wei teased her 2nd hole to him, he had been craving Chun Hua's ass all day.

"Damn that Xun Wei, I ought to teach her a lesson the next time I see her", he thought.

Xiao Fang pressed his naked sword against her tighter little sister. Making her legs squirm just a bit.

Xiao Fang closed his eyes in ecstasy as his shaft slowly slid into her ass.

"Oh, fuck, Chun Hua. Your ass is so tight".

Though the thin layer of yin qi in her asshole acted as an extremely effective lubricant, it was still a struggle for him to push it all the way through because she was just so tight.

He paused once it was finally all the way in. He took a few deep breaths to relax himself and not ejaculate prematurely. Eventually, he fell on top of her body to kiss her. In the same moment she wrapped her arms around him as her ass clenched his naked sword.

He slowly started thrusting till her hole loosed up, then slowly picked up the pace. There was far more Yin qi being gathered in her ass. So when the time came, he shot plenty of loads deep inside her tighter sister. It was far more than he'd ever be able to release into her pink cave.




"Do you feel better now, Xiao Fang", Chun Hua said with a gentle smile.

"Mn, thank you, Chun Hua... I missed you", Xiao Fang replied.

"Did something happen?", she asked.

For the past 5 months, they would talk about their previous day or anything that was on their mind then start cultivating after Xun Wei arrived. Knowing that she wasn't joining them today, they went straight to the cultivating part then talked after.

Unlike Xun Wei, she couldn't always be there to follow him around wherever he went. So every morning, Xiao Fang would tell her everything that happened, because he didn't want her to feel left in the dark. There were no secrets between them and they very much enjoyed each other's company.




"Chun Hua, what's wrong?", he said after noticing that she was feeling a bit down.

"Xiao Fang you have no idea how hard it is to find love in this sect".

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"Hm? You don't think I love you?", he asked.

"Aiya, you're such a playboy. You make me feel like I'm just a pair of ass and tits, sometimes", she said as she rested her head on his arm and planted her hand on his chest.

"... but you're still the only person to make me feel loved", she thought.

Truth was, she was sometimes convinced he truly did love her with all his heart, but couldn't understand why. She felt a bit too old and useless to be with a guy as young as him. She became a bit upset.

"If you're telling the truth then tell me why you like me so much. I always wonder why you even bother coming back. I even started wearing all these sexy lingerie, because I thought you'd leave me if I didn't", Her voice became a bit shaky and her eyes got a bit teary.

"I've failed the inner court exam 3 times in the past 10 years and this is the last year I will be allowed to stay in this sect. I'm not the best looking girl you've been with and my cultivation is mediocre for my age, what could you possibly like about me", she asked.

"Chun Hua, do you judge the quality of a fish based on its ability to climb a tree? or a flower's ability to kill a beast? Don't value yourself by your shortcomings. The way I see it you are beautiful, smart, mature, and strong, but there's only one thing I love in a girl. He leaned in and whispered it in her ear. When she heard it her eyes widened.

"Do you really think..."

"I do".

"How can you tell?"

"I saw it in your eyes the moment we first met"

She became speechless for a moment then hugged him tightly. I love you too Xiao Fang.




Xiao Fang was big spooning Chun Hua as he was casually caressing one of her twin peaks. Their legs were interwoven, and her silky smooth feet rested snugly between his.

Eventually, Xiao Fang's dragon woke up and poked through her thighs. She chuckled to herself when she felt it, then guided it back into her pink cave to snuggle with it. They fit perfectly together like the last puzzle piece on a board, and were as inseparable and serene as the moon and sky.

Ever since he whispered in her ear, she had been feeling extremely warm and gooey inside. She never really felt like Xiao Fang was her soulmate till now.

"Xiao Fang..."

"Mn, what is it, Hua'er", she blushed and tucked her head in when she heard the way he referred to her.

"Remember the deal we had when we first met?

"Of course"

"W-Well, I have a favour to ask you".

"What is it?". He loosened his arms around her so that she could easily turn to face him.

"I have no doubts that you will pass the inner court exam with flying colors, so that means you'll be leaving in just a few months. Once you go, I don't expect you to come back, but if what you say is true and you really love me, there is only one thing I want you to do".

Xiao Fang felt bad when he realized the reality of their relationship, but he was a man of his word so he spoke confidently.


"Xiao Fang...", they stared deep into each other's eyes as if they were having an intimate moment.




"Impregnate me".


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