Naked Sword Art
37 Just The Tip 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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37 Just The Tip 18+


Little Hei and Xun Wei followed Xiao Fang out of the house, while Li Lian stayed home to cultivate.

Little Hei was completely silent, so sometimes he would forget she was even there. Though it's not difficult to see her, it was a bit difficult to keep track of her when he was using his eyes. It was comparable to having an invisible person silently making footprints in the snow. Though it's easy to see the footsteps, he often has to take a second look to make sure he's seeing things right.

Xiao Fang was on his way to the mission hall when he ask Xun Wei if she wanted to live with him. She was taken aback at first, but said yes without much hesitation. Truth was, she wanted to tell him how she felt, but couldn't help thinking he already knew.

When she recalled all the dirty things he said to Li Lian in the morning, her face turned red. She couldn't wait to tell him all her deepest darkest desires.

Her heart raced, her eyes burned with lust, and her little sister became moist from all her dirty thoughts.

Unfortunately, Xiao Fang couldn't read minds, but he could read expressions exceptionally well. He didn't understand why she became so horny, but considering the fact that they just cultivated, he decided to ignore her this time.

She saw his naked sword make a large bulge under his robes, then chuckled to herself when she realized he was just resisting the urge of cultivating with her.

"Xiao Fang, you animal, didn't we just cultivate a few minutes ago", she sounded as if she was somewhat scolding him.

She playfully jumped infront of him to make him stop.

"But you know... if you really want to, we can do it really quick. I don't mind", she said in a seductive tone as she shyly lifted up her skirt, revealing her cute little slit.

Xiao Fang knew what kind of game she was playing, then decided to play along. The skill of seduction is a dual cultivator's most powerful skill.

"Don't resist, just stick the tip in and shoot your hot cum into my tight pussy. I promise it'll make you feel a lot better".

Xiao Fang didn't budge. They were on the main path leading to the district's main entrance, but on either side of the path were dense forests. She took his hand and lead him off the the road to hide behind the trees.

When they were alone and well hidden, he subconsciously swallowed as she guided his hands to her beautifully naked plump buttcheeks. She then gently wrapped her delicate fingers around his large bulge and slowly stroked it as she cutely looked up at him.

"It's so big, I can't even wrap my fingers around it", she said with a beautiful smile.

Xiao Fang was starting to feel nervous, because she was much better than he thought.

She went on her tippy toes, dragging her tits up his chest as she positioned her lips right next to his ear.

"I think about you fucking me all the time, do you know that, Xiao Fang?", her free hand slowly slid up his arm, shoulder, neck, then eventually rested on his cheek.

"Do you want to know what I fantasize about?"

She slowly stroked him a bit faster.

"Xiao Fang, I dream about you pinning me down fucking me like an animal, choking me as I swallow your dick, fucking me till my legs go limp, then spreading my cheeks and sticking it deep in my, ahha~ you're going to cum aren't you. Just the tip, okay? Stick the tip in me and shoot your load".

At this point, Xiao Fang wanted to stick more than just the tip. Her hand was now down his pants and pumping his dick much more quickly than before. Xiao Fang rarely got handjobs, so this was by far the best one he ever felt.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah~ cum for me Xiao Fang, cum. Aren't I being a good girl? How bout you reward me by cumming in my mouth", she licked her lips seductively.

Suddenly he felt her tongue trailing up the perimeter of his ear as she made him tease her 2nd hole with his middle finger.

"Just the tip, what do you say?", she said as she made him push the tip of his finger into her 2nd hole.

"Tight isn't it? Push it just a little deeper and the real fun will begin".

He removed his hands from her body then gently pushed her away. She smiled teasingly when she realized he heard enough.

"So, how was I? Do you like the way I talked dirty to you?", she said cheerfully.

She was disturbingly good at it, and it terrified him. If he were any other man they would've lost control the moment she said "just the tip".

"Not bad", he replied simply before walking away.

"Hmph", she snorted cutely before catching up to him.

She always had a fiery temper and a cold demeanor around everyone, but her temper towards Xiao Fang gradually faded the more they cultivated. She was even starting to sound cute whenever she was around him too

Along the way, Xiao Fang told her about what happened to Gao Chen and about the black panther as well. To his surprise she took the news very well.

"I knew he was a dead man after he hurt Li Lian. I would have done the same thing if I were you", she said without knowing how he killed him.

"Mn, good good. Ruthlessness is a good quality amongst us swordsmen. Remember that well", he replied in a solemn tone.

Ever since messing up against the iron golem, she took every lesson Xiao Fang taught her to heart.




In the mission hall, Xiao Fang entered the tier 1 room alone, while Xun Wei waited for him outside. She didn't want to go in with him, because he refused to put on his blindfolds.

Xiao Fang approached a girl that was standing behind the front desk. After sorting out the details Xiao Fang recieved the reward and was preparing to leave.

"Wait. I've been curious about something, are you Da Long?".

"What if I am?".

"Ah, don't get the wrong idea, you're not in trouble, haven't you noticed something missing from the wall yet?", she asked.

Xiao Fang quickly glanced at the wall and noticed his bounty poster missing.

"Hm? Did something happen to my bounty? I kind of liked that funny sketches of me".

"Haha, you know, my friends and I often joked about you're appearance based on that funny sketch. I didn't think you'd look this handsome in real life".

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself", he smiled kindly. She blushed slightly before he turned to leave.

"Wait. Is it true what they say about you? umm... the things you do to women", she said hesitantly.

"That depends", he leaned over the counter. "What do they say about me?".

"They say... they say you do shameless things"

"I wouldn't call it call it shameless. The word that comes to mind is, well... beautiful", he said softly as he stared into her eyes. Though it lasted for only 2 breaths of time, to her it felt like an eternity.

Xiao Fang broke their eye contact first then pulled away just a bit before asking, "Are you curious to know why they call me Da Long?"

She could take a pretty good guess as to why, but she still nodded anyways.

"Let's go somewhere a little more private", he said.

She looked down at his crotch as if she could see through his robes.

"It wouldn't hurt to take a look", she thought before leading him into the backroom.

She crossed her arms and leaned against the shelves that were full of posters. She watched as he undressed and saw his sleeping dragon dangling 6 inches down his leg.

"Thats... pretty big, but is that as big as it gets? I heard rumors saying it can get as long as a forearm and as thick as a wrist", she said as she uncrossed her arms.

Xiao Fang smiled bitterly inwardly. Those measurements were a bit too vague. Though it could be true, it wouldn't be the case for every girl.

"Theres only one way to find out", he said.

She hesitantly went on her knees and wrapped her hands around it. She started slow but picked up the pace. She played with it in her hands then eventually mouth, it became a sort of game to her.




10 minutes later.

"Ah~ ah~ ah~ Ahhhhhaa~~"

Xiao Fang's naked sword was twitching as it kissed up against her womb. Her waters poured and his large load eventually gushed into her, filling her to the brim.

From all the dirty things Xun Wei had said to him earlier, nearly made him put his tip into this girl's 2nd hole.

She took long deep breaths as if she had just finished a marathon. She couldn't remember how it got to this point, but was pleased that it did.

"That was amazing, I never felt anything like it, Da Long. You came lots inside of me. Does that mean...", she paused as she put her hand over her stomach.

Xun Wei was also the one to blame for this, because of her he had built up way too much yang qi and released it all into this girl.

He knew what she was thinking, so he explained how his yang qi worked as he got dressed.

Once she understood, she asked Xiao Fang to arranged a time to meet with him again. Once he did, he left.




Xiao Fang found Xun Wei waiting for him outside. She didn't ask why it took him so long, because she felt she already knew the answer to that. She shook her head in defeat.

"So, how many merit points do you have now", she asked him.

Xiao Fang took out Gao Chen's spatial pouch then inspected the contents inside:

> 13000+ merit points

> A few spirit techniques

> 3 high grade spirit pills

> (miscellaneous stuff...)
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He took his merit points out and put them inside his own spatial pouch.

"16000 merit points".

"16000!? I don't know what's harder to believe. The fact that you accumulated nearly 15,000 merit points in less than a month or being the most wanted man but walking out of the fucken mission hall like you own the place", she flailed her arms around as she spoke to show just how crazy she thought it all was. Xiao Fang smiled bitterly.

He had never heard her swear in a nonsexual way before, so he found it a bit amusing. Just goes to show how unbelieveable it must have seemed to her. He decided that he would tell her his bounty was removed some other time.

"We still need more than 3000 merit points so let's get back to work", Xun Wei said.

"We still have a few hours till our next appointment".

"So then what do you have in mind?"

Xiao Fang wanted to go see Chun Hua, but didn't want to take Xun Wei with him. He felt Chun Hua was a bad influence on her, so he told her he'll meet her back home when he's done.

She was a bit curious as to who he was meeting, but still agreed to meet him back home in 2 hours.


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