Naked Sword Art
36 She Can Stay 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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36 She Can Stay 18+


In the morning, Li Lian was the first to wake up. She saw Xiao Fang sleeping next to her, so she watched him sleep soundly before gently moving his messy black hair away from his face. Suddenly, she saw a small baby black panther resting on top of his body and nearly screamed.

"How did you get in here little one", she said softly.

She petted it once hesitantly and it purred in response. Seeing that she was friendly, she continued to pet her. She eventually sat up and saw Xun Wei sleeping on the other side of Xiao Fang.

"Xun Wei, you're okay", she said feeling relieved, but the feeling didn't last long. She noticed Xiao Fang's hand reaching up Xun Wei's clothes and planted on her boob.
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LI Lian's eyes squinted. She was about to do something to Xiao Fang, but considering all that's happened she stopped herself. She laid back down and kissed him softly on the lips.

Xiao Fang woke up to the taste of Li Lian's cherry flavored lips and her natural fragrance. His hand slid out of Xun Wei's clothes and up Li Lian's body. She turned around and tucked her bottom cheeks against his crotch then he slowly rubbed his naked sword between her cheeks

"I see you like taking advantage of me when I'm asleep", Xiao Fang teased.

"You're the one to talk. Have you already forgot what you did to me not too long ago?"

Xiao Fang brought his lips next to her ear before he said, "That's because I love it when you pretend to be asleep".

She giggled sheepishly.

The two of them silently giggled and whispered to each other as Xun Wei slept.

"Mmm~ you know I love it when you do that", Li Lian said seductively.

She would always get super horny when Xiao Fang whispered next to her ear. His deep voice and the way his breath tickled her ear made her shiver pleasurably. Especially when he was big spooning her.

They talked dirty to each other under the blanket, as they both took their pants off. He raised her leg up just a bit and she kept it up as he used that hand to guide his naked sword into her pink scabbard.

"Wait Xiao Fang we can't. Xun Wei is right there", she said shyly.

She could feel his hot throbbing colossal titan gently rubbing against her slippery slit, making her even more wet. She was embarrassed because, despite her words, she knew he could feel how wet she actually was.

"Don't worry, I won't make a sound. You on the other hand...".

He then pressed the head of his erect dragon into her tight pink cave.

"Mmmm~", she moaned silently in a high pitch. She immediately covered her mouth and gently pushed him away by his thigh.

"Slowly, move slowly", she whispered.

Though he did as she said, she eventually picked up the pace on her own, almost forgetting why she wanted to be silent in the first place. Xun Wei eventually woke up to the beautiful sounds of Li Lian's erotic moans. She felt a bit awkward...

"Are they... trying to be discreet?", she wondered.

She heard the way they talked dirty to each other and it made her start touching herself. Xiao Fang never talked dirty with her before so she listened even more attentively. She could hear the way his hands caressed her thigh, the sticky sounds their lower bodies made when they separated after every slow thrust, and the sound of every kiss. Xun Wei's body started to tingle then burn, before digging her fingers into her pink tunnel.

"Lian'er, you drive me crazy".

"Mmm~ Xiao Fang. Fuck me like you hate me".

He gripped her tits a bit tighter.

"Mmmm~ Right there. You're so deep inside me"

"You're so wet, you're gonna make me cum"

"Cum, cum deep inside me. Ahhhh~"


"Xiao Fang~"

[ Naked Sword Beating Sun ]

They both began sweating profusely in the steamy heat their bodies created.

Her nails dug into his thigh as they kissed and his hands squeezed her twin mountains after every slow, but deep, thrust. She moved her hips in a circular motion as he thrusted her slowly, Xun Wei felt like they weren't cultivating, but dancing erotically.

After listening to them for a while she eventually became wet herself. She silently undressed and crept up behind Xiao Fang. When he felt Xun Wei's breasts squish against his back he accidentally pushed a little too deep into Li Lian pink cave, making her squirm.

Xun Wei felt like she was doing something wrong, but the urge to start cultivating was too strong. She couldn't stop, so she stopped trying to fight it. Her head rested on his back and she closed her eyes. Her fingers spread her pink slit open then began rubbing circles in her inner lips.

Though Xiao Fang taught her how to satisfy herself, it still wasn't as good as when Xiao Fang did it himself.

He could see what she was doing behind him, so he reached back for her moist cave and took over.

"Oh, Xiao Fang. Put your fingers deep inside me. Slap my cheeks and tickle my clit. Spread my ass and plug it with you thick cock", she got hornier from her own naughty thought.

She wanted to talk dirty to him so badly. It's been her little dirty fantasy for a while now.

Until today, she would never say something like that because she always assumed he would think she was vulgar, but hearing them speak dirty to each other made her want to say something dirty too.

She immediately grabbed his hand when his two fingers slipped in. Her thighs squeezed and it kept him in place, she didn't want him to pull it out, but also didn't want Li Lian to hear her moan. She couldn't shake off the feeling that she was doing something wrong. She was literally seeing him behind her back, now more than ever.

He knew what she was thinking and, frankly, he wasn't a pushy person. So he rubbed her gently enough for her to contain her moans. She looked cute from the way she struggled to stay quiet.

After some time her steamy breaths became heavy and her yin qi drooled off her pink cave. When he pulled his hand out he could feel a thick layer of her yin qi coating his fingers. She was like a freshly cooked meal, ready to be devoured.

He had already been cultivating with Li Lian for half an hour, so he decided to finish her off so he could start fucking Xun Wei.

[ Naked sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Li Lian gasped deeply.

Her legs, toes, and fingers stretched, her body and feet arched, and her thin arms flexed as his naked sword emitted a mysterious, but pleasurable, aura deep inside of her.

She was thrusted into heaven.


Eventually, his erect dragon spat its fire into Li Lian and their Qi juices mixed inside of her as it woke her up from that transcendent like state.




Seeing that Xiao Fang was finishing Li Lian off, Xun Wei knew she had a small window to let it all loose. Just when that thought crossed her mind, she felt Xiao Fang's fingers dig deeper into her wet cave and his fingers rub much harder than before.

"Ahh~ Xiao Fang keep going make me cum too", she didn't resist it one bit.

He went straight for her G-spot then began massaging and putting more pressure on it. Her body arched and her mouth gaped as soon as he touched it. He had been cultivating with her so much he knew it like the back of his hand.

"Xiao Fang harder, fuck me harder, ahh~", he picked up the pace.

"Yes yes yes, I'm going to cum".

"aahh I'm almost there! Harder Xiao Fang, harder~!", he was making her whole body shake, but this was the most he could do with just his one hand. She was suppressing her orgasm so that it would be explosive when it happened.

Xiao Fang had never seen this side of her before, and it drove him mad with lust.

Suddenly his hand stopped and he pulled his fingers out of her throbbing hole.

"Huh? is it over already?", she wondered as she slowly opened her eyes.

Suddenly Xun Wei gasped deeply when she felt Xiao Fang's naked sword suddenly pierce her sacred fruit.


Xiao Fang had shoved his entire dick into her tight cave in one go. Her body became tight and her legs trembled just a bit for a few seconds.

She eventually looked into his eyes and shakingly said:

"Xiao Fang, don't hold back".


She stuck her tongue messily into his mouth as they kissed. His naked sword slowly grew another inch longer inside of her as he change positions.

[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ]

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


This was no longer a normal cultivation session, they were pushing their limits and chasing their deepest lustful desires. He started off with two techniques simultaneously and ravaged her little hole like never before. Every thrust made her body quake. Her cheeks eventually turned red from the way he was ramming his waist into her.

Several minutes later, Li Lian came back to her senses and saw Xiao Fang savagely fucking Xun Wei's tiny cunt. Instead of being angry, she found herself trying to get in on the action.

As if she were competing for his affection, Li Lian gently turned his head and kissed him on the lips. He subconsciously slowed down his thrusts into Xun Wei as he gently squeezed Li Lian's tits. When their lips finally parted, he wanted to pull her close and passionately make love to her again. Li Lian smirked when she saw the yearning in his eyes.

Xiao Fang wanted to fuck both of them, but he couldn't keep switching from passionate to hardcore sex. He needed a new game plan.

Just as the thought crossed his mind Li Lian took action. There was no way she was going to settle for second best.

She pushed him down gently on the chest and he fell on his back. She realized what she had in mind.

Li Lian was taking initiative. "This is why I love you", he thought.

Li Lian kissed Xiao Fang a few times while he was down then sat on his face. Since learning that he was a dual cultivator, she had been taking special pills to make her yin qi smell and taste like pineapples, but she never got the chance to let him try it. She was betting it all on this.

Xiao Fang's tongue teased her outer lips, but Li Lian could hardly wait.

"Xiao Fang I want your tongue inside me. Eat my pussy and suck me dry", she said seductively.

Without further ado, Xiao Fangs tongue slipped in and her stomach convulsed.

Xun Wei knew what Li Lian was thinking and she mentally accepted her challenge. She had her hands on Xiao Fang's chiseled body as she started thrusting her hips up and down on his erect sausage, squeezing him with her already tight pussy.

The black panther hid itself under the sheets and watched them shyly. She felt that she shouldn't be watching her master doing these kinds of things, but she couldn't stop watching the way he was fucking the both of them and making them scream his name pleasurably. She started feeling tingly inside and wanted to try it herself, but was scared he would scold her. So she just watched quietly.

Eventually, the two girls filled the room with their erotic moans and dirty talks. His hands often alternated between the two girls. One minute feeling Xun Wei smooth round cheeks, the next minute gripping Li Lian's nicely shaped breasts.

Their cultivation session continued for another hour, but neither of them showed any signs of giving up. He loved cultivating with the both of them, but couldn't be here all day, so he decided to finish them both off at the same time.

The moment Xiao Fang started licking Li Lian's little pink pearl her body jerked.

"oh no he's trying to make me cum", Li Lian panicked.

[ Naked Sword Clapping Thunder ]

It was finally his turn to start thrusting into Xun Wei. She knew full well that, if he wanted to, he could make her climax in no time at all, but she didn't want to submit before Li Lian so she hung on for as long as she could.

Xiao Fang had the two girls on the ropes. Li Lian hated that she could never seem to tire him out with her own strength, but she assumed with Xun Wei's help they would be too much for him... she was wrong.

This was no longer a battle against Xun Wei, but a war against Xiao Fang!

Xiao Fang slowly approached Xun Wei's G-spot with his 'Clapping Thunder' technique.

"Xiao Faahhhhhy~", she was so close to a climax but she fought it as hard as she could.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]


[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]


[ 1st Thrust ]

Due to all the yin qi he got from the two of them, his yang qi gushed into Xun Wei like a broken dam.

Li Lian also couldn't hold it in. Her legs shook and her little sister squirted all over his face. The two of them were climaxing.

Unlike Xiao Fang, the two girls laid on the bed in fatigue. Xiao Fang got up and walked to the bathroom to wash up first. Li Lian watched him as he stretched. He looked like a Sex god from the way he casually wore their yin qi on his naked chiseled body. The rising sun's dim sunlight sparkled beautifully off of his wet muscles, and his naked sword still stood erect like a majestic stallion.

"He can still keep going... Just how many women can he cultivate with at once?", Li Lian wondered.

Not long after Xiao Fang left to wash up, Xun Wei also got up. She noticed Li Lian staring at her curves, almost as if she were comparing them to hers. Xun Wei shyly covered her nipples before walking quickly to the bathroom.




Xun Wei went down on her knees and put Xiao Fang's sleeping dragon on her tongue before closing her beautiful lips around it. She looked up at him seductively then started bobbing her head and sucking him erotically.

Xiao Fang washed himself as she practiced her mouth. She wasn't very good at it, but all the more reason to let her practice. She kept trying to put it down her throat, but she kept choking on it. Despite the failed attempts she noticed there was still significant progress since last week and the week before that.

When she felt she was done she slowly took his meat out of his mouth, but suddenly was held in place by Xiao Fang. He had built up some yang qi and was ready to feed it to her. She quickly realized what he was doing so she relaxed her muscles and prepared to accept the meal.

He thrusted a bit into her mouth then eventually slowed down before releasing his milk. There was a small bulge in her cheeks before she swallowed it down. Strangely, it wasn't bitter at all, but actually tasted like very sweet breast milk and quickly dissolved into spirit energy like cotton candy.

Li Lian eventually got up and walk towards the bathroom to wash up too, but just as she reached for the door it opened. Xiao Fang was getting out.

"Oh, Xiao Fang. About Xun Wei... I like her, she can stay if you want her to".

"I'd like that. I'll ask her if she wants to stay when she gets out".

"Seems they got close during the mission", he thought.

Suddenly the door opened a bit wider and Xun Wei came out while wrapping a towel on her hair and pressing her breasts against Xiao Fang's arm and back. Xiao Fang dragon twitched and Li Lian's eyes squinted just a bit.

"Hm? were you talking about me?", Xun Wei asked.

"Yeah, did you bring this little cat into our house?", Li Lian asked Xun Wei as she pulled the little black panther out from under the sheets. The panther had a guilty look on her face as if she got caught seeing something she wasn't suppose to see.

Xiao Fang smiled bitterly because he felt it was too soon to tell her he brought another girl into the house. Adding one girl was already hard enough to orchestrate.

"Actually, she's my pet".

"Aww, she's so cute. What did you name her?", Xun Wei said as she stood next to Li Lian to pet it.

He didn't know what her name was, but when he saw her nod he just came up with a simple one.

"Little Hei".

She didn't send any spirit transmissions, but she blinked her large eyes cutely at him, so he assumed she liked it.


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