Naked Sword Art
35 Wet Dreams
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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35 Wet Dreams

In the middle of the night, Zhao Pan dreamed about chasing Xiao Fang so she can pin him down, make him savagely fuck her tight pussy, and shoot his hot milk inside of her again and again till she is satisfied.

However, every time she got close to him, he would suddenly disappear into thin air. She got so upset that her eyes became teary.

"Why does he hate me?", she thought.

When she looked back up, she saw Xiao Fang just a few meters away, slowly approaching her. She stood completely still and didn't make a sound. She feared that even a peep would be enough to scare him away again.

He walked around her once, then stopped once he was standing right infront of her. He looked down at her hands admiringly, as he gently lifted them up. Her heart fluttered from the way he looked at them.

She suddenly saw his hands creeping into her robes starting from the stomach, but she felt him stop just as his finger made contact with her bare skin.

He looked into her eyes, her body heated up, and her heart raced. She looked at him as if she was trying to say:

"please, don't stop".

In the next moment, she suddenly found herself on the floor with him on top of her.

His hand movements were slow and gentle, skillfully massaging her relatively large twin mountains before caressing the rest of her body. She directed his fingers into her sweet spot as he was kissing her neck passionately. When his fingers penetrated her sacred fruit her head cocked back and she grunted.

She felt her sweat trickle down her skin and Xiao Fang's iron rod pressing against her sweaty body.

She reached down with both her hands and wrapped her fingers elegantly around his hard, massive, cock. He immediately began thrusting through her sweaty palm like a beast. It was such an erotic feeling in her delicate hands that it made her lower lips salivate even more.

"It's so big. I can barely wrap my fingers around it", she thought.

Her breathing became unsteady, this was exactly how she remembered it, because that's all it was; a memory. She closed her eyes and, without thinking, tried to kiss him.

His hands suddenly stopped, he slowly got up, and said the last thing she wanted to hear, "If we meet again, then we are fated". She reached out to him as he faded away into nothing.

When she saw him disappear again she sat up in her dream, but also in real life, and screamed:


She was panting heavily, her heart was racing even faster than before, and her body was covered in sweat. Her sleeping gown had slid off one of her shoulders, and it had left one of her erotic pink nipple plates exposed.


"So you still have nightmares about him huh", the voice of a middle aged woman sounded out in Zhao Pan's dark room. The woman revealed herself, it was Elder Yao.

Zhao Pan knew there was no way she would know about Xiao Fang and her. So she assumed she was talking about the man that raped her when she was young.

"Sometimes", she responded half truthfully.

Elder Yao sighed. "I told you not to worry about him anymore, he will never find you here". Elder Yao wasn't good at coming up with comforting words, so she skipped it and hugged her.




When she was little, elder Yao kidnapped her from her abuser. He was such a powerful man that even she couldn't look up to him. She didn't tell her what province she used to live in, because she didn't want her to go back looking for him. So they stayed in this sect and elder Yao raised her in secret.

Two years ago, when Zhao Pan was old enough to become a disciple, Elder Yao helped her climb the ranks to quickly become the committee head of the disciplinary department in the outer court.

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"I heard about what you did in district 33. Just because you have the authority to do whatever you want doesn't mean you should do whatever you want". Elder Yao felt she was taking her anger out on the boys in the sect.

"...", Zhao Pan didn't reply. She knew she was in the wrong so she bowed her head apologetically and accepted Elder Yao's scolding words.

"How goes your training?" She finally asked and Zhao Pan lifted her head up.

"I made a breakthrough into the 8th stage of the body refinement realm", she replied.

"That's good. For the next few months I want you to train hard and take the inner court exam", she was happy to see her making quick progress in her body cultivation and was confident that she could easily pass the inner court test at her current cultivation level. However, she didn't want Zhao Pan to start taking it easy because of that.

"What about Da Long?", Zhao Pan asked.

"I told you not to abuse your authority. I've already looked into the matter, he's neither a threat to the sect nor to any of the girls here. So just forget about him and just focus on your training".

Only if it were that easy... Zhao Pan was reluctant to leave things the way they were, but couldn't go against her adoptive mother's words.

"I understand, mother", she said. Elder Yao left nodded at her compliance then left.


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