Naked Sword Art
31 Just a Friend
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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31 Just a Friend

<< Black  Paradise Sect >>

"Mymm~", a young woman moaned silently in her quarters.

She was caressing her beautifully shaped twin mountains with one hand, and rubbing circles against her sensative little sister with the other.

She had long black hair tied back in a ponytail, brown eyes that were closed shut, and a fit but toned body that was glistening with sweat in the dimly lit up room.

Her plump breasts hanged beautiful off her chest like two raindrops, and her little sister, that had been recently shaved, was as smooth as a baby's butt. She was none other than Zhao Pan.

Her sweet pink slit was exposed as her pants wrapped carelessly around her ankles.

"Da Long, put it inside me", she said while masturbating to a memory. She squeezed her twin mountains and played with their peaks, while remembering the time he sucked on her tits.

"mymm~ I want it. Give it to me".

She leaned back on her chair, her knees spread themselves apart, and her pretty naked feet arched so that only her toes touched the floor. Her middle finger and ring finger slowly entered her narrow cave till they were fully in. She nearly grunted when her fingers were knuckle deep.

She didn't move her fingers, but her pussy squeezed as if it had a mind of its own. She began to move, quickly picking up the pace. Eventually, she was drilling her fingers vigorously against her inner walls.

"Yes yes yes"

"Ahhh~ Da Long, I'm cuming"

She pulled her fingers out then started rubbing her erect pink pearl. Her body jerked, her toes stretched, and her Yin qi poured. She was climaxing.

She panted heavily.

"Da Long", she leaned it for a kiss, but the lack of response woke her up from the illusion then her eyes began to water.

Zhao Pan always hated men, but she hated no one more than Xiao Fang.

"How could he leave me like this. Is it because I am stronger than the other girls. Or maybe I'm not pretty in his eyes", her self esteem plummeted.

"Whatever the reason is, I will find him, and finish what he started. Even if I have to do it by force", she clenched her fists.




<< Deserted City of Mannan >>

Before Xiao Fang's group arrived at the deserted city of Mannan, they made a stop at a local weapons shop in a neighboring city.

Xiao Fang sold his beast cores and bought a relatively unimpressive sword for himself, but a beautifully decorated blue and white sword for Xun Wei.

Li Lian scoffed at the way Xun Wei followed Xiao Fang around, but couldn't help but feel a bit jealous at how close they seemed with each other.

Xiao Fang and Xun Wei laughed many times. Li Lian couldn't remember the last time she laughed like that with him, but it was usually because she was mad at him for something.

That's just the way she was. She wasn't like most other girls, she focused more on cultivation instead of seducing boys.


"What happened to this place", Xun Wei asked.

The city was barren, charred black, and devoid of any life, but only Xiao Fang knew there were still small creatures hiding in the shadows.

"This city was built around that volcano", Li Lian pointed at the massive mountain they were heading towards before continuing.

"The volcano erupted and lava filled the streets. No one saw it coming, so only a handful of people managed to escaped", Li Lian said.

"Some say the reason no one saw it coming was because the eruption was unnatural", Gao Chun added.

"Unnatural?", Xun Wei sounded.
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"Some survivors believe they saw heaven realm spirit cultivators fighting on the peak. Of course, no one believes them. Who could possibly see anyone fighting that high up. It's impossible".

They searched around the volcano till they found a cave. Inside the cave were several paths, many of which Xiao Fang quickly determined to be dead ends.

However, one path in particular stood out. It looked relatively ordinary and mixed right in with the hundreds of other paths, but it leaked a dangerous aura. Everyone could faintly feel it too, but they couldn't sense where it was coming from.

His senses told him not to go inside, but he couldn't shake off the mysterious feeling that was trying to pull him in. He wanted to check it out. This was the first time he sensed a dangerous aura like this and he loved it. He nearly pulled his sword out because of it.

"Just a peak won't hurt", he convinced himself. His heart beat quickened. Nothing is more exciting than danger to a body cultivator, even more so to a swordsman.

"Fang... Xiao Fang... Xiao Fang!", he suddenly woke up from that trans-like state.

"Hm?", he replied.

"I said which way should we go", Li Lian and Xun Wei both looked at Xiao Fang.

"Why are you asking him", Gao Chen said annoyingly.

"Because he's good at these kinds of things", Li Lian replied simply.

Xiao Fang pointed at a path that was relatively smaller than the rest, but still fairly large overall. From what he could tell, many of the caves were swarming with rats, but the one he chose was relatively safe. He didn't want to put his two girls in danger, so he abandoned the idea of entering the dangerous path.

The deeper in they went the more rats they encountered. Gao Chun killed them all with his flashy technique, but no one was impressed.

The technique he used looked similar to Li Lian's, but unlike her's which burned red like fire, his shined bright yellow and was far less explosive.

"Gao Chun, you should stop being so reckless with your spirit energy. You'll be no help to us if we encounter any real trouble", Li Lian suggested. He was always like this on their missions, but maybe because Xun Wei was also here this time he was trying to be even more impressive.

"Ha, I'm hardly using any spirit energy at all. If we find that iron golem I'll show you something really special", Gao Chun said.

Though it looked a bit flashy, it was the most energy efficient technique known to most spirit cultivators. The problem was that he was using it improperly to show off.




[ Technique: Spirit Condensation ]

- Prerequisite: Spirit Refinement realm

- Basic spirit attack

- Convert spirit energy into physical energy.

- The higher the cultivation, the stronger the attack

To put it into perspective, this attack is equivalent to a swordsman simply swinging his sword, and it is learned as soon as one breaks into the spirit refinement realm.




"Xiao Fang, you haven't even taken out your sword. Didn't you want to see how much stronger you got?", Li Lian asked.

"Theres no need to stain my new sword with rat blood. For now, my fists will suffice", he said casually.

He wasn't thinking about the rats, but of the mysterious path he chose not to take. Eventually, his curiousity got the better of him and he stopped.

"Xiao Fang, what's wrong?", Xun Wei's question got Li Lian's attention.

"There's something I want to do. Stay with Li Lian till I get back", he said before leaving.

"Xiao Fang!", Li Lian yelled at him angrily. Though, she wanted to separate Xun Wei from Xiao Fang, she didn't want to be stuck with Gao Chen.

Gao Chen was fighting off some rats as he saw Xiao Fang leave from the corner of his eye.

"Is he running away? I can't believe he's scared of some rats, what kind of man is he", he thought.

His eyes locked onto the two ridiculously beautiful girls a few meters behind him, then he smiled mysteriously.

Li Lian cursed inwardly when she saw his lustful gaze on her body once again.

Xun Wei smirked from the thought of what Xiao Fang would do to him if he were to touch her. So she teased him once and his little brother stood.

Xiao Fang went alone because he didn't want to put his two girls in danger, but he also didn't trust Gao Chen. Xiao Fang frowned because he felt he was making a mistake, so he picked up his pace.




Li Lian and Xun Wei talked to each other, while Gao Chun was fighting off the rats.

"Xun Wei, right? What's your relationship with Xiao Fang?", Li Lian asked.

Xun Wei stopped playing with her new sword when Li Lian started questioning her about Xiao Fang.

"We're just friends", Xun Wei replied carefully, knowing the relationship between Li Lian and Xiao Fang.

"Just friends? Xiao Fang spoke pretty highly of you, are you sure you are 'just friends'?", Li Lian's eyes narrowed.

Xun Wei started to feel a bit awkward.

"Why would he talk about me infront of his fiance", Xun Wei thought before saying:

"He did? I suppose he did share a few secrets with me".

"Secrets? What kind of secrets?".

"He told me you were his fiancé".

"What!", she exclaimed.

"I can't believe he exposed our secret to a friend", she said under her breath, but Xun Wei still heard her.

"I guess you can say I'm not just a friend", Xun wei replied hinting a secret message in her words.

Just from that response Li Lian was able to see Xun Wei's vicious side through her smile.




"Lian'er, how was I?", he explained his attack and movement technique in detail.

"Gao Chen, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that. We aren't getting married"

Truth was Gao Chen never wanted to take her as a wife in the first place, not when she had such a terrible attitude. He had other intentions for going on missions with her. He smiled mysteriously.


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