Naked Sword Art
30 Only As Blind As You Are Deaf
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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30 Only As Blind As You Are Deaf

Later that morning, Xiao Fang went to the library.

When Xun Wei saw Xiao Fang, her expression immediatly brightened up.

"Xiao Fang, you came!", she called out to him.
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Chun Hua saw Xiao Fang too then gave him a seductive look as she walked into the backroom. He knew that look in her eyes, so he quickly followed.


10 minutes later. Chun Hua was experiencing the 3rd thrust of his Naked Sword Climbing Heaven technique, and Xun Wei climaxed to his tongue on her little pink pearl. The 2 girls shook as their waters poured.

Their sessions have been getting shorter and shorter ever day. They felt like Xiao Fang knew their bodies so well he could make them climax in seconds if he wanted to.

After they got cleaned up Xiao Fang took Xun Wei to the mission hall. Along the way he explained the situation to her.


"Xiao Fang how could you be so dense? She clearly wanted to go alone with you", Xun Wei berated him.

"Really? How could you tell?", he asked.

"Just because she says one thing doesn't mean that's how she truly feels, you have so much to learn about women. Also, why didn't you just tell her how much the spirit technique costed?".

He thought about why he didn't want her to know. He bought the technique for her because he loved her, not because he wanted to make her feel indebted to him. He wanted their love to be genuine, not forced.

"No matter what, if she learns this secret from my mouth her impression of me won't be the same", he tried to briefly explain.

"What if she learns it through some other way?"

"If she learned it by chance, then so be it. At least then she won't think I expect her to give something back in return".

"You're spending your merit points too foolishly, you should be smarter with your wealth", she nagged.

"Haha, am I? Ah, besides, this is something she needs. How could she pass the exam without a strong technique?"

She's been working so hard to pay for the inner court exam that she didn't have any merit points left to buy a technique for herself. With the exam being just around the corner, he believed she needed a really powerful technique to pass.




"Xiao Fang, is that her? She's gorgeous", Xun Wei said when she saw Li Lian.

"Mn, that's her", he replied briefly.

"Xiao Fang, you're late", she gave him a squinted look. He was all too familiar with that look so he began to get nervous.

Truth was he was early, she just couldn't help but wonder how many girls he was with during that time.

"It took me a while to find her. This is my friend, Xun Wei", Xiao Fang introduced her.

"Nice to meet you, Xun Wei. I am Li Lian and this is Gao Chen. Has Xiao Fang told you about the mission we're going on yet?".

"No, he hasn't"

Li Lian sighed, "It was previously a mission meant for inner court disciples but it has recently demoted to a tier 1 mission. Probably because no one wanted to do it.

"Where exactly are we going?", Xun Wei asked.

"To the deserted city of Mannan. Mountain rats and white tigers have been wandering into neighboring cities. There have also been sightings of iron golems deeper into the deserted city as well. We are required to assist them in eliminating the threat".





[ Cost: 100 merit points ]

[ Tier 1 Mountain Rats: 1 point ]

[ Tier 2 White Tigers: 10 points ]

[ Tier 3 Iron Golem 100 points ]

[ Points to completion: 0/1,000 ]

[ Time given: 10 days ]

[ Reward: 1,100 merit points ]

<< Every mission costs merit points to do. This rule was set in place in order to deter disciples from attempting missions they weren't confident in completing, and other disciple that wanted to use them as an excuse to leave the sect >>




Li Lian explained everything to Xun Wei clearly.

"We're going to be chasing rats?", Xun Wei asked with a disgusted look on her face.

"Now you know why no one in the inner court wanted to do this mission", Li Lian replied.

Xun Wei looked at Xiao Fang disappointingly. Xiao Fang told her that the mission wasn't too important, but that they were mostly doing it to just blow off some steam and to buy some new equipment.

After a long stare she finally spoke, "alright fine, let's do it".

Gao Chen finally interjected, "Wait a minute. Don't expect me to share the reward with this cripple. How is he even supposed to help us on this mission? Better question: how did he even get into this sect?".

"I am only as blind as you are deaf, but if you care that much about the merit points then you can split my share amongst the 3 of you", Xiao Fang spoke nonchalantly.

Gao Chen didn't understand what he meant by "I am only as blind as you are deaf", but after he heard him say they could take his share, he nodded in agreement.

They paid the fee for the mission then left.




The mission started as soon as they paid for it, so they ran to the city, taking short breaks along the way. Xia Fang and Gao Chen followed behind the girls.

The girls had been talking for the past hour and they seemed to be getting along quite well.

Gao Chen eventually tried to make small talk with Xiao Fang as they were running. He saw Xiao Fang's face and became dumbstruck. He was so focused on Li Lian that he completely forgot that Xiao Fang had been following them blindfolded this whole time.

"Li Lian has the nicest body I've ever seen. I think the greatest injustice to you is that you don't have the eyes to see it", he said almost mockingly.

The greatest injustice to Xiao Fang at that moment was that he couldn't rip Gao Chen's eyes from his skull.

Xiao Fang eventually replied. "What good comes from seeing it? I see nothing so I am always satisfied, you see something once and become dissatisfied when it's gone. Who is truly better off? Besides, the only thing that matters is how it feels, hahaha", Xiao Fang laughed, hiding a secret message in his words.

"Hahaha. I agree. What good is a beautiful fruit if it's juices are rotten. You are wise little brother Xiao Fang", Gao Chen started to acknowledged him.

"I'm surprised you're actually able to keep up with us. Are you really blind?", he said as he looked closer at Xiao Fang's blindfold. Gao Chen almost trips, because he was so focused on Xiao Fang.

"I don't need to see to know where I'm going. You, on the other hand, have eyes but see very little", Xiao Fang said.

"What are you talking about? I can see very well".

"When you try to see something clearly, you squint and narrow your vision. In doing so, do you not become blind to everything around it? The harder you try to see, the less you truly see".

What Xiao Fang hinted at was if he wasn't so focused on Li Lian's body then he would have found it strange that someone like her, who went on missions everyday, would know someone like Xiao Fang.

Gao Chen found it strange that he was trying to lecture him like an elder.

"Your name is Xiao Fang right? What city did you come from?"

"...", Xiao Fang didn't answer him.

"I haven't seen you in district 33. You must be new to the sect right?

"...", Xiao Fang remained silent.

"Hm? What happened to your sleeves? are you one of those Da Long fan boys I've been hearing about?"

"...", Xiao Fang found this a bit amusing, but still remained silent.

"Hey! Why aren't you answering any of my questions?!"

"Because you aren't asking the right one", Xiao Fang spoke softly.

"Then what question should I be asking?", Gao Chen unintentionally humbled himself.

"If you want to know that, ask yourself this: Why do you feel the need to ask me so many question?".

Xiao Fang spoke as if he were a lonely elder that had seen the rise and fall of countless empires. An elder who has transcended space and time, seen through the nature of mankind, and was infinitely wise.

Gao Chen racked his brain a bit trying to understand what Xiao Fang meant by those words, but to no avail. Eventually, he gave up and decided to ignore him for the rest of the trip.

"Why was I asking him so many questions?", he thought. Xiao Fang's words still lingered in the back of his mind, like a bad stain.

Eventually it hit him. As if he had reached enlightenment, his mind expanded with a sudden awareness he never felt before.

That question opened the door to so many new questions, answers to those questions, and answers to questions he never had before. Questions followed by answers, in constant repetition, till only one question remained:

"You... who are you", he asked Xiao Fang.

"I am Xiao Fang", he replied simply.

"No, who are you really".

"...". There was a pause.

Xiao Fang smirked and replied vaguely, "you'll find that out soon enough".


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