Naked Sword Art
26 Elder Jiang Mei 18+
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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26 Elder Jiang Mei 18+


Xiao Fang, Aren't you scared of Yao Wu finding us together?

"Mn, but it's a always better when it's a secret", he said as he invited himself in.

"I told you before, some fish are worth falling into the water for".

He gently took her by the hand then led her to her room.

"Ahh! my room is a mess!".

She started picking things up and putting them away. Most of the dirty clothes here were what she had on when she was touching herself. Xiao Fang picked one up and brought it to his nose, as he looked at her seductively. Like a dog, he now had her scent and was ready to hunt.

He approached her slowly and she retreated to her bed, hiding under her sheets.

Suddenly she heard his robes drop. She took a peak, and saw what looked like a chiseled sex god. Then she saw his dangling dragon.

"Is he going to put all of it inside of me?", she wondered a bit hesitantly.

In that moment, she thought she knew what to do, because she spent so much time learning about it before he came.

She slid off the bed then fell to her knees. She looked up at Xiao Fang, shyly, as his warm sausage rested on her face.

"Xiao Fang let me satisfy you first", she said as she prepared to devour his sleeping dragon.

He gently lifted her back up to her feet, then took her pink sleeping gown off. When he was undressing her, he sent tingling sensations throughout her body as his hands grazed her skin. He knew she was too focused on the process and not too into it emotionally. So he decided to do something about it.

"Jiang Mei, don't think too much. Just feel my touch, and let your body do all the work", he said as he lifted her up by her thighs. Her legs wrapped around his waist comfortably. His hands then moved up to her relatively large dumpling; erotically squeezing them in each hand.

She was a bit confused by this, but she felt her heart beating faster as if her body understood something she didn't.

She had her arms around his shoulders as she looked into his eyes curiously. He smiled charmingly and she felt her heart beating even faster. There was never a time in her life where she wanted to kiss someone as bad as right now. As soon as the feeling to kiss him washed over her, he said:

"Jiang Mei, Kiss me".

Her mind went blank and her instincts finally kicked in. She kissed him forgetting about the past or future. All she could feel was the present.

Sex is an art. The more you focus on doing the art, the worse it becomes. Only when doing it becomes part of the art itself, does one truely experience it to its fullest.

[ You will know you understand only when you can't tell the singer from the song, dancer from the dance, and the daoist partners from the dao. This is true enlightenment in the art of dual cultivation ]

He learned this after passionately cultivating with Li Lian all those times.

"Don't do the dance, become it", he thought calmly.




Jiang Mei felt her sweat trickle down her skin, and her nipples become erect. Xiao Fang carried her over to the bed, put her down gently, then laid on top of her. He kissed her body, eventually sucking on her large twin mountains.

When she felt his hands touching her inappropriately, she was reminded of her status as an elder, and him a disciple. How can she look at herself after this is over. However, she couldn't stop it, because this was a fantasy she's always wanted. Sex with a student. The taboo, secrecy, and inner desires made her erupt with uncontrollable lust.

Their lips were locked, their bodies were sweating, and they're hearts raced. They forgot everything else but could clearly feel the erotic friction of skin on skin. They felt so hot, as if their bodies were melting from each other's heat.

In that moment, Xiao Fang's naked dragon slipped in without resistance. Almost as if she were sucking him in.

"Ahhhh~", her moan escaped her lips involuntarily. Her body tightened, her fingers stretched, and her pretty little feet arched.

Soon he began to move. Her hands pushed on his thighs as if to tell him to go slowly. He eventually broke her in, then started to pick up his pace.

"Ah~ ah~ ah~", she moaned erotically from every thrust.

Her warm breath became transparent clouds of lust in the dark. Her moans spewed out of her pores like sweat, and her cheeks squeezed as he reached her deepest parts. Her fingers had never been able to reach this far, the experience was completely different.

[ Naked Sword Charging Bull ]

He was still laying on top of her body, but his hands were now tucked under her large dumpling. Everytime he thrusted, he would squeeze her bottom curvy cheeks onto his groin area; reaching the deepest part of her from every thrust. This technique was one of his deepest reaching techniques, but also one of his slowest.

She clawed at his broad muscular back and he could feel her nails digging into his skin. Her nails were starting to hurt him so he changed positions, making her sit on top of him.

Xiao Fang grabbed her waist with one hand and her twin mountain in the other. He pinched her nipples between his fingers and she nearly climaxed with the added stimulus.


"I'm cumming!"

Her body was struggling to break free as he was hitting her inner walls.

"Ahhhy~" her voice cracked a high note as she climaxed.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Her body went stiff, tight, and mute. Her waters poured down his hips. She was experiencing heaven. He sucked hard on her tits, as he thrusted 3 more times into the 3rd heaven. Finally his Yang Qi poured in and she recovered from that state.

Her body jerked 3 times, squirting more Yin Qi out of her each time. It was in that moment that she realized the expression she was making and remembered the way Bai Fan looked. It was the same expression, she finally understood how she felt, and it made her feel warm inside.

"Nnnnn~', her moans were shakey.

Her body jerked a few more times, but it eventually died down. She took heavy breaths as she hugged him deeply.
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She was very slowly regaining her energy, so Xiao Fang got up and placed his naked sword between her twin mountains.

"Xiao Fang, what are you doing?", this was by far the most embarrassing thing he had done to her.

He squeezed her large DD titties around his wet sword, then began thrusting.

"Xiao Fang, that's too embarrassing ahh!", she told him, but it was no good, because he was only picking up his speed. His body was so close to her now, she couldn't stop herself from touching his well defined muscles that were glistening with sweat.

She was the only person he cultivated with to have larger tits than Chun Hua. The same way he was able to use Chun Hua's larger dumplings to satisfy himself, he planned to use Elder Jiang's larger breasts to do the same thing. The sensation was different from what he was used to, he was enjoying it a lot.

"Hah~ Jiang Mei, your tits are fucking amazing", he said as he thrusted between her twin mountains.

Xiao Fang didn't think he would be able to restrain himself the next time he saw her cleavage. She blushed embarrassingly to his words.

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out just a bit and made an erotic face. In that moment Xiao Fang nearly stuffed his entire Sword down her throat but was able to suppress his urge to do so. When she saw his self restraint she got a little disappointed.

In the next moment he felt his Yang Qi rushing to the tip of his sword, so he stuffed his fat cock into her mouth then released his load. Despite his warm milk pouring in, she still sucked on his meat, trying to drink every last drop.

When he was done he pulled out. Despite what it went through, his naked sword still stood high and mighty like a hero that has emerged from a successful battle. It made her smile. She kissed it playfully on the tip, as if she were thanking it for the meal.

After their break they continued their cultivation sessions all throughout the night. They eventually finished after he made her experience the 4th thrusting heaven of the 'Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens' technique.




She had always been ashamed of her relatively large twin mountains, but after today, she was extremely happy that she was finally able to find a use for them. But what he did to them still made her feel embarrassed. She cupped her breasts shyly as she thought back to that scene.

"Don't be embarrassed, you have the best boobs I've ever seen", he said as he tucked his head between them.

"In that case, do you want to do it again?", even though she was exhausted, she could tell that he still had a lot in him.

He didn't respond, he just kissed her gently on the nose, cheek, neck, then mouth, all while she was pinching her mountain peaks.

She had really beautiful lips. Besides her twin mountains, this was the next best thing about her. They kissed and caressed each other's warm bodies under the blanket. They thought the next time they saw each other they definitely wouldn't be able to hold back their desires, so they let it all out tonight.


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