Naked Sword Art
25 Waiting For No One
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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25 Waiting For No One

"Ahh~", Li Lian's mother involuntarily moan to his touch, and it was in that moment she realized she fell into his trap.

This whole time she thought she was seducing him, but the moment his hand touched her milk filled, plump breast, she realized her body had been craving him all along.

Xiao Fang used one hand to bind both of her hands above her head and up against the wall. He used his second hand to touch her sweet spot that had been moist for a while now without her realizing it.

His fingers danced inside her wet cave. Her knees quaked and almost gave in. Despite her age, she felt like a little girl when he touched her. She had the strength to resist, but let him do whatever he wanted. This is what her body wanted.

Xiao Fang started sucking the milk out of her breasts. He nibbled on her exposed mountain peak while his tongue licked around it. Her little sister got wetter every time he suck her. It was as if he were passionately kissing it.

"Mymm~~", her waters poured down his hand and onto the floor. She contained her moans as if she didn't want anyone to hear her. It was like she was keeping her inner desires from being exposed. She definitely didn't want her husband to know that she nearly climaxed to his hand. Something he had never been able to do with his whole body.

In the next moment Xiao Fang looked at her as if she were a well prepared meal. He went down on her and began licking and sucking her little cave.

She wrapped a leg over his shoulder and pressed her hands to her mouth, making it easier to keep her moans in. However, as soon as his tongue entered her hole her moans could nearly be heard despite all the precautions she took.

Xiao Fang squeezed her large twin mountains as his tongue swam inside her occasionally licking her pink pearl.

"mymm~ mymm~ mymm~..."  her hand grabbed the back of his head as her waist started to move involuntarily.

"All the practice I got with Chun Hua was finally paying off" he thought. He no longer needed his finger to assist his mouth.

Before she could climaxed he stood up and turned her around, pressing her body against the wall.

In that moment she wanted him to completely ravage her, her legs were spread, and her nicely shaped dumpling cheeks reached out for his Naked Sword.

However, his naked sword was still a sleeping dragon. His hand rub her wet little sister slower than before. She was hovering on the line of climax, just barely there.

"Almost there"

"I'm almost there"

She whispered because she didn't want to be heard by her husband. He choked her lightly.

"Harder, Harder"

"Common~ mmmm~"

"It's coming~"

Her knees shook and her waters poured, but she didn't climax yet.

Xiao Fang spoke in a sinister tone, "As I said, I am not your match. Maybe next time, when we meet as mother in law and son in law, we can finish what we started".

"What do you mean by that?"

Xiao Fang removed his hands just before she could climax. Her eyes widened and she immediately tried to take over. She copied his movements but it wasn't nearly the same. In the end she made herself climax, but it was extremely weak.

Xiao Fang left. As soon as she finished her weak climax, she followed him out the door, trying to match his pace. She still whispered in fear that she would be heard:

"What are you doing, I was almost there. I just needed a few more seconds. I'll give you anything" she said angrily.

"Hahaha, you talk as if a mere climax is the best thing in the world. There are plenty of things that far exceed it".

She believed there was no way for him to understand what she felt. She hadn't even climaxed once in her life till today. Now that she did, she couldn't get enough of it.

"You don't understand how much a climax like that means to me", she tried to explain.

Xiao Fang spoke as if he was a wise teacher looking down at his disciple, "You are but a frog looking up in a well. If we meet again I'll let you experience things that are much greater than a mere climax".

"What could be greater than a climax to someone like me? I already have everything I want", she asked.

"Everything but heaven", he stopped walking.

"Hevean?", she looked confused as she also stopped walking.

He turned around then grabbed his naked sword through the robes. Though she couldn't see it, she could estimated the massive size of it just from the way his clothes wrapped around it.
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"If he could do that with his hands, what would he be able to do with that?", she thought to herself.

"Naturally, this will feel much better than my hand or mouth, don't you agree?".

She was shocked. Xiao Fang turned back around and continued walking, but she did not follow.




"Ahhh~~~ ahh~ ah~", Chun Hua felt his hot sticky milk fill her cave once again. She had lost count how many times he release his load in her this time, he seemed a bit more excited than usual.

Chun Hua was getting tired and couldn't keep up to him anymore so she laid to her side and lifted her fat dumpling cheek, revealing her hidden 2nd hole she knew he loved.

"Cum in here next, Xiao Fang"

Xiao Fang smiled and entered her slowly, his naked sword was so drenched from thrusting her wet cave that when he tried to enter her 2nd hole it was much smoother.

He thrusted her smaller hole for nearly 30 minutes, he released his Yang Qi multiple times without intent or restraint. He was convinced this was the greatest hole next to Xun Wei that he'd ever felt.

It had been an hour since they started and she was already getting tired from it. By the time Xun Wei came in she was already too exhausted to continue. He wondered if it had anything to do with his recent rise in cultivation.

Xun Wei saw that Chun Hua couldn't continue so she hogged Xiao Fang completely to herself. They cultivated for the entire morning, even when Chun Hua was all washed and dressed she could still see them cultivating on her bed.

"If he's still here in a few hours I might go back and help myself", she thought.

What she didn't expect was for them to be in there for the entire day.

Chun Hua didn't mind. She enjoyed having a stress relief available anytime she needed it in her room. Like a smoke break, she occasionally went to the back and put his dick inside her. Whenever she felt like using his body he would be there to satisfy her.




Meanwhile back at Li Lian's house, her mom waited for Xiao Fang's return for the whole day

"When we are mother in law and son in law... he said", she thought back to his words. She understood what he said, but was reluctant to leave.

Li Lian came back home exhausted from a long mission. She saw her mother still sitting on the front porch.

She noticed Li Lian too.

"Lian'er, you must work hard to become an inner court disciple", she tried to sound supportive and not as if she had ulterior motives.

However, Li Lian found this strange.

"Mother, are you alright? When I left this morning you were sitting in that exact same spot. Could it be that you're waiting for someone?"

Her mother smiled pitifully, "ah, well, I guess you could say I am waiting for no one...", she looked off into the distance as if she were recalling a beautiful memory.

Li Lian could only shake her head. Xiao Fang had told her that he'd be sleeping out till her mother left. She couldn't help but think he was in another girl's bed at this very moment.




Meanwhile, at Elder Jiang Mei's house. She was resting on her bed with all her lights on, thinking about Xiao Fang:

"He definitely won't come today. He probably thinks Yao Wu and I are working together", she sighed.

Midnight had already passed, but Xiao Fang was nowhere to be seen. She had pretty much given up on the thought that he would come, so she began to turn off all her lights. However, she then suddenly heard a knock on her door.

She frowned assuming it was Elder Yao Wu again, but when she opened the door she was left with a pleasant surprise.

"Xiao Fang, you came!".


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