Naked Sword Art
24 Seducing Li Lian“s Mom
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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24 Seducing Li Lian“s Mom

"Who is Xiao Fang?"

In this province, the most notable families are Gao, Li, Zhao, and Song, everyone else would just be subsidiary families.

"Lian'er. Don't tell me you're chasing one of those playboys, you know they are no good", her mother said.

"What part of him is better than Gao Chen? Gao Chen is the third son of Patriarch Gao, a prodigy in cultivation, and has been holding off in going to the inner court because of you. He is a true gentleman! We told him we were coming and now he's here to welcome us, what about this Xiao Fang? What kind of backer does he have? Where is he to welcome our arrival? Surely he knows we were coming if he is your fiancé", he said fiancé sarcastically.

Li Lian didn't know how to refute his words so she just bowed her head in defeat.

Her mother was the first to see that he were not helping her, but just driving her away, so she spoke comforting words:

"You are old enough to make your own decisions now. So just think about it before you go to sleep tonight. If you still don't want to marry Gao Chen in the morning then we will respect your decision and wait for the remained of the year like we agreed on. Now, that's enough of that, show us to our rooms. It's been a long day and I am exhausted".

Her dad seemed reluctant to end their argument like that. He still had a few words to let out of his chest, but after seeing his wife's meaningful stare he understood that he had said enough and cooled himself off.

Li Lian showed them to their rooms then returned back to her own room. She closed her door, then rested her head on it. She seemed as though she were racking her brain around trying to find out what to do.


Her Heart swelled, and she was filled with grief. She didn't want to leave Xiao Fang, but she was starting to think that there wasn't anything she could do.

But then she heard a familiar voice behind her:

"So those were your parents"

When she heard the voice behind her, her eyes began to water. The man standing behind her was none other than Xiao Fang. When she saw his familiar face her watery eyes made wet streaks down her beautiful face.

"Xiao Fang", she cried as she jumped into his arms. She cried out loud helplessly.


"Did you miss me that much?", Xiao Fang teased with her in his embrace.

"I'm sorry", she nodded with her head on his shoulder.

Tonight, more than ever, she felt like she understood how he felt. As if she could forget everything and just run away with him.

Even when she was too embarrassed to introduce him to her parents, he still came back to comfort her when she needed him the most. She was in the arms of the man she loved. Her worries lessened and her anxiety disappeared. She suddenly felt like everything was going to be alright

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"Shh, don't cry. Everything will be fine", he tried to comfort her.

"Xiao Fang, what will we do?"

Xiao Fang took out his spatial pouch, "look inside".

She did as he said. When she saw 50,000+ merit points contained within his spatial pouched she nearly fainted.

"Xiao Fang, how did you get this many?".

"I don't cultivate for free you know", he said smugly.

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry from that response. "Hmph! I hate you Xiao Fang", she said angrily as she slapped his arm.

"I love you Li Lian, let's go to the inner court together", he smiled charmingly. His words touched her heart and she couldn't help but smile.

He carried her to their bed and they got comfortable under their blanket. She separated herself from him just a bit, then put the pouch between them as she began to look through his spacial pouch again.

"Wow! You have so many beast cores, why don't you sell them?'

"I haven't been able to do that yet. Do you know a place I can sell it?", Xiao Fang was new to this province and had been cooped up in the sect all this time, so he didn't know where many things were outside of the sect.

"Yeah I know a place that will give a good price for them, we should go together", she said.

"Mn. After your parents leave, let's go together".

The two of them chatted about the inner court exam for a little while, then eventually began cultivating before falling asleep.




The next day. Xiao Fang was the first to wake up. He already told Li Lian that's he'd sleep out till her parents left, so he wanted to leave before he got caught. However, on his way out of the house he suddenly heard a voice.

"Who are you?", a woman called out.

Xiao Fang retreated his hand from the door knob and turned around to find a middle aged woman wearing a thin but beautifully decorated sleeping gown on. He could immediately tell that she was the beauty that birthed his fiancee, Li Lian's mother.

"My name is Xiao Fang.

"Xiao Fang!", she exclaimed in her head. Her eyes widened, because he looked way more handsome than she imagined, but mostly because of the unusual colour of his eyes.

"My daughter told me you were her fiancé. Clearly, she is very fond of you", she talked in a seductive way that could melt any man's heart. But who was Xiao Fang? A man that has stripped and cultivated with countless beauties.

Her sleeping gown slipped as she approached him, exposing her naked smooth jade shoulder.

"Is there anything I can do to make you never see her again? Money? Cultivation resources? Cultivation methods? Or maybe, more women than you can even count?", she approached him.

"I heard the way you made my daughter scream your name last night. I know your type really well. If you promise to never touch my daughter again I will let you come accompany me in my bed. What do you say? Isn't this a reasonable offer?". Her gown dropped a little further, revealing one of her nicely shaped breasts. He could just barely see the pink around her mountain peak.

Xiao Fang scanned her room upstairs with his hearing, but then noticed her husband waiting in ambush; it was a trap. He smirked.

"I have no time to play with you, go ask your husband to satisfy your needs. I am not your match". He turned to leave. She grabbed his hand and pressed it onto one of her breast.

Suddenly, a mysterious light shined in his eyes. His fingers squeezed her milk filled breast and her mouth opened in shock.

"Ahh~", she involuntarily moan to his touch. It was in that moment that she realized she fell for his trap.


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