Naked Sword Art
21 Did You Enjoy Watching Us?
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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21 Did You Enjoy Watching Us?

"I think I know how you can find Da Long". Zhao Pan's eyes lit up as if she was seeing her only hope.




Later of the same day Xun Wei was in her dorm getting ready to go back out. Her roommate watched her dressing up and putting on a bit of makeup before leaving.

"Xun Wei, where are you going?", her roommate asked, looking worried.

"No where important", she replied without looking at her.

"Yeah right, why would you dress up like that if you were going 'no where important'... You're going out to see him again aren't you, he's not a good person you know. The disciplinary committee is out to get him, everyone is looking for him".

"Yeah, everyone is looking for him, but not for the reason you think", she smiled mischievously.

"You changed, you changed a lot actually... I don't like it", her roommate frowned.

"hmph, why should I care what you think", Xun Wei scoffed before walking out the door.


"I told you she knew where he was", the roommate said, as she looked at the closed door to her room. The door crept open and someone walked out.

"Mn, here's your reward for this information", the shadowy lady tossed a pouch towards Xun Wei's roommate.

Her eyes lit up then bowed as soon as she examined the contents inside.

"Thank you senior sister Zhao Pan".

Zhao Pan smiled sinisterly, then followed Xun wei to Xiao Fang.




A few minutes later Xun Wei found Xiao Fang in a park, sitting on a bench. Zhao Pan, who was nearby, nearly couldn't contain her excitement when she saw him for the first time. His appearance closely fit her profile. Ripped sleeves, violet eyes, and extremely handsome face. "It had to be him", she thought.

"He's a fugitive yet he's sitting out in the open as if he didn't have a care in the world", she thought.

He made her so mad. She wanted to pounce on him the moment she saw him acting so leisurely, but she restrained herself because she wanted to see who was harbouring him.

"Xiao Fang, Do you think I changed?", Xun Wei asked him.

"Mn, you changed a lot. Why? Do you dislike it?"

"Hmm, I like it"

"Then That's that. If you ever feel something is wrong, let me know. I'll take care of you", he said casually.

Ever since she adopted the dual cultivation method, she's been able to last longer in their cultivation sessions. Now that she was in the 7th stage of the spirit foundation realm, she was now able to cultivate for days with Xiao Fang, but only if he didn't use any of his techniques.

Despite being able to last that long, Xiao Fang still needed the merit points, so he would only cultivate with her briefly before every client.

Whenever his balls itched she would spread her legs for him, any time any place. She had pretty much become his personal fuck hole that followed him everywhere he went. He had to admit he was starting to love her more and more.

He often asked her to participate in his cultivation sessions with his customers. Though she didn't like the idea that someone else besides him would see her naked, when he explained how he would be extracting his customer's Yin Qi and how he will then release it inside her for her to cultivate with, she eventually agreed to it.

The thing that surprised Xiao Fang about Xun Wei was not so much her ability to cultivate longer from every breakthrough, but her overall appearance. She became extremely attractive from every breakthrough. Since she started practicing the dual cultivating method, her twin peaks and dumplings grew a size larger too.

She was just an ordinary looking girl when he first met her, but ordinary in this sect meant she was at the bottom of the pact. However, now she was amongst the top most beautiful girls in the whole outer court. She never really cared about her overall appearance but how could she not get excited about this. Xiao Fang was certain that she would be one of the most beautiful girls in the whole sect once she reached the spirit refinement realm.

Xun Wei looked down at the world as if everything was now within her grasp. She had the demeanor of someone that could make any man fall to their knees and a new found confidence and feeling of maturity that wasn't there just a few month ago.




Xiao Fang and Xun Wei found a desolate area for them to cultivate. They cultivated for nearly the entire day. Zhao Pan was some distance away, watching to the whole thing.

It was already hard enough to restrain herself from capturing him, but now that he was doing this infront of her, it made her so furious that she had to focus on keeping her killing intent from reaching him.

Xiao Fang saw her, but he just assumed she was only a curious bystander. He didn't recognize her because it was his first time seeing her; He had been running from the disciplinary committee for so long, it was only natural that he didn't know what Zhao Pan looked like.

[ Naked Sword Charging Bull ]


[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


[ Naked Sword Beating Sun ]


[ Naked Sword Growing pillar ]


[ Naked Sword Clapping Thunder ]


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Xiao Fang could now cultivate and practice his technique on Xun Wei without worrying about if she was at her limit. He also no longer worried about whether or not she could handle his techniques.

After cultivating with her for so long, her cave almost molded into the shape of his Naked Sword the moment he would touch her, but she was still tighter than anyone hes ever been with which made him feel amazing.

Xiao Fang couldn't imagine anyone else being more suitable to be his sex secretary, she was perfect.

"Xiao Fang, in here too", she lifter her perfectly shaped dumpling cheek revealing her smaller 2nd hole. Xiao Fang smiled bitterly.

"Chun Hua's teaching her bad thing...", he cursed inwardly.

"ah... maybe another time", he kindly declined her. Xiao Fang noticed her cultivation made a breakthrough. She was now in the 8th stage of the spirit foundation realm. Xiao Fang frowned cause he still had not made a breakthrough in a few weeks.

When night came Xiao Fang finally attempted his new finishing technique: Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens.

Xiao Fang put her into a doggy position. His naked sword poked its head into her little sister, he wiggled it around untill it was completely inside.

"Alright, prepare yourself"

Xiao Fang built some momentum. He slowly rubbed her pink pearl, bringing her to a near climaxing state.

"Xiao Faahhhy~", her voice cracked a high note as she climaxed.

In that exact moment he preformed his technique.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]


He pulled her waist in and pressed his towards her. Her beautiful onion shaped cheeks squished onto his thighs. He was much deeper than before and his naked sword twitched uncontrollably in there, but he forcefully contained his Yang Qi. Her body went stiff, tight, and mute. She was experiencing heaven.

[ Naked Sword Climbing 9 Heavens ]

First Thrust


Second Thrust


To Xiao Fang's surprise she was able to stay strong after the first thrust, but after the second thrust she suddenly collapsed, unable to hold herself up. She laid down flat like a plank. He laid on top of her with his legs resting outside of hers. Their waists were the only things sticking up, because Xiao Fang was pulling her that way.

Third Thrust


Fourth Thrust


She was barely hanging on to her conciousness. This was already better than Chun Hua.

Xiao Fang was hesitant in proceeding. He nearly released his Yang Qi when he saw her nod lightly. That was his green light and he hesitated no more.

Fifth Thrust


The moment he thrusted, his Yang Qi poured out. He couldn't continue even if he wanted to. It seems 5 was their limit.

Unlike Chun Hua, Xun Wei's dantian took every drop of his Yang Qi, not a single drop came out. She looked to be temporarily unconscious. Xiao Fang on the other hand finally increased his cultivation but he only went up to the 2nd stage of the Spirit refinement realm. At this rate, it wouldn't be long till she catches up to him.




Xiao Fang carried her to her dorm and tucked her in at night. He massaged her back, legs, and even feet to give her a much more comfortable sleep. Xiao Fang left the dorm without alerting her roommate.

Xiao Fang was on his way to Elder Jiang Mei's house when he suddenly heard the same person following him.

"Haven't you been following me long enough", he finally called out.

Zhao Pan couldn't believe she was actually discovered. "He must be bluffing, there's absolutely no way he can know".

Xiao Fang didn't have time to waste playing with her so he quickly appeared infront of her.

"Did you enjoy watching me and the other girl?"

Zhao Pan was stuck for words. She couldn't believe he actually knew she was following him all this time.

Xiao Fang scanned her body once with his sharp gaze and was able to quickly determine that she was at least in the body refinement realm. It isn't everyday he comes across a body cultivator but when he does he never forgets the experience. He almost couldn't contain his dragon from awakening from the prospect of cultivating with her.

Zhao Pan saw his sharp gaze sweep over her body. She never felt so naked in her life. Almost like an instinctive reaction she punched Xiao Fang in the face. Well, she tried.

Though it was sudden, Xiao Fang still easily dodged and striked simultaneously. He was now latched on to one of her twin peaks; triggering a pressure point.


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