Naked Sword Art
19 Big Fish, Elder Jiang Mei
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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19 Big Fish, Elder Jiang Mei

In an empty lecture hall, faint sounds of lust escaped the room and entered the halls. They felt so confident letting out their inner desires without worrying about getting caught.

The lecture wasn't going to start in a few hours so they had plenty of time to do what they wanted. However, what they didn't realize was that there were a few disciples gathered outside listening to the sounds their bodies made. The females disciples began to blush as they listened closely. They giggled like little school girls listening to something they shouldn't be listening to.

"What are you girls listening to?", an elder asked, standing behind them.

"Elder Jiang Mei!", they jumped as if they got caught doing something against the rules.

The elder was in the Solid Body realm and Divine Spiritual Realm. Everyone knows one could prolong their life span by cultivating their spirit, but the only way to maintain their appearance was to cultivate their body as well. Though her body's cultivation was only a bit better than the other elders, it made a world of difference on her appearance. She looked like she was in her 40s.

The elder eventually heard what they were listening to.

"Move aside!". She opened the door then slammed it closed behind her.

The girls tried to get a peak while the door were open, but only a few saw what was happening inside. What they saw made their faces turn scarlet red. The girls that couldn't see inside the room begged those girls to describe what they saw. Everyone's jaw dropped and they all felt like they knew some incredible secret.

"Was it really... Senior Sister Bai Fan?". She was one of the sect elder's granddaughter and many of the girls couldn't even look up at her, much less the boys.




Inside the lecture hall. Xiao Fang sat on a seat with Bai Fan sitting on his lap with his naked sword inside her. Her averagely sized twin mountains bounced from every thrust. Her figure was in every way perfect, not too much nor too little of anything, and she was so beautiful it wasn't an exaggeration to say she was the most beautiful girl in the outer court of the sect.

She was too embarrassed to have her legs open for her elder to see, but she also didn't want to close them. Xiao Fang held her down by her jiggling tits, as he stared at the calmly observing elder with a charming gaze.

The girl's moans didn't lessen, but only got louder. It was almost as if Xiao Fang was trying to make a statement to the elder watching. She subconsciously licked her lips.

Xiao Fang noticed the elder's lustrous gaze and decided to give her a show. He prepared to use the new technique he's been practicing on Chun Hua. Though he was still practicing it, he was still confident enough to try it infront of the elder.

Xiao Fang got up, turned Bai Fan around to face him, then carried her to the middle of the class; closer to the elder.

His arms carried both her legs as his hands gripped both her cheeks. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she moaned from every thrust. All the conditions were met to unleash his new technique.

[ Naked Sword Clapping Thunder ]

"Ahhh~ yes yes yes yes...", she cried out as he ravaged her senseless.

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The steady stream of claps from cheek to thigh increased exponentially. She was no longer occasionally moaning to each of his thrust, but was moaning once to all his thrusts.

Her waters sprayed in large gushes every few seconds, but that didn't disturb his rhythm. The elder that watched felt her lower cave get moist.

Xiao Fang went faster and faster, eventually her moans stopped and she went stiff. She couldn't handle it any longer. Xiao Fang cut the technique short and proceeded to his final attack.

He placed her down on a desk, gripped her by the  waist, then pulled her in.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

In the next moment, Xiao Fang's Naked Sword had completely submerged itself into her cute little pink sacred fruit and her juices sprayed uncontrollably. Her mouth was still open, but her erotic voice went mute. Her body went stiff staying in that erotic position. She was experiencing heaven.

The elder couldn't help but gulp and make a slight orgasmic expression when she saw the way he finished her off, as if she were the one being ravaged by that erected dragon. It only lasted for a moment before the elder realized the expression she was making, then quickly concealed it.

"Are you done?", the elder asked as if she was out of patience.

Xiao Fang finally released his Yang Qi into her quivering hole that tightly held onto him, and it made her recover from that state. The elder watched with wide eyes.

"What kind of technique was that?", she thought. The elder couldn't believe it, but in that moment her lower lips tingled and she could feel her little sister begin to drip. She never watched anyone do it up close before, she never even experienced it herself.

Xiao Fang sat again and brought Bai Fan down with him.

Despite all that, she still kept her cold composure, "now are you done Miss Bai?".

Bai Fan couldn't speak or stop shaking, she could only stare at the elder. She eventually tried to speak, but Xiao Fang turned her head to kiss her as he caressed her twin mountains. She didn't resist his tongue or touch, almost trying to convince herself that this was worth the punishment she might incur for ignoring an elder.

When her shaking finally ceased and they were finally done, Xiao Fang was the first to speak:

"Now we are done, Elder Jiang Mei".

Bai Fan got up and put her clothes back on, bowing to the elder as she walked past her to exit the room. Once she was outside she was welcomed by a crowd of stares waiting for her to explain what happened in there. Bai Fan was too embarrassed and ran away. Many left the area, rather to chase after Bai Fan or to go to their respected lecture halls. The remainder stayed to see the man that plucked the sacred Yin Qi from their goddess, Bai Fan.

Meanwhile inside the same room Xiao Fang was approached by the elder. She looked down at his naked sword that still twitched in dissatisfaction.

"I've heard a few of my disciples whisper about you during my classes, you are quite the troublemaker. Why do you still look so confident around me?"

"You tell me. Would you let a big fish go in fear of being pulled into the water?"

"Was your Senior Sister Bai really a big enough fish worth falling into the waters for?", she said in a frown.

Xiao Fang took a step closer to her.

"Sister Bai was merely the bait. You on the other hand...", Xiao Fang spoke in a charmingly seductive tone. She felt a tingling sensation spread through her body. Xiao Fang's hand had reached into her undergarments and was now touching her wet little sister. He was making slow circular movements with his finger, teasing her lower half.

"In my eyes you are no more than a child, you shouldn't have wasted your time".

"You are worth my time".

She blushed slightly. Her twin mountains were much larger than even Chun Hua's, and her nipples were hard and erect under her heavy robes.

"Despite how I look, I am much older than you think. I'll take my disciples into account, and let you leave. I suggest you do so before I change my mind".

"You may be my elder, but in some things, I believe you have a lot to learn from me", his finger entered her pink cave just a bit, and caressed her inner lips.

"Xiao Fang, that's enough! Do you think you can do as you wish here?". She acted mad, but her hand didn't pull his out. Right in that moment, she deep down wished he could strip her clothes and ravage her little sister completely. Xiao Fang kept fingering her and her juices covered his finger.

"Elder Jiang, I can tell you're still pure. If you really plan to never experience what Bai Fan experienced just moments ago, turn your lights off after midnight. If there is any day they're still on when I am around, I won't let you sleep for the rest of night", His finger was all the way in as he spoke into her ear seductively. When he was done speaking he pulled it out. Elder Jiang Mei froze as he walked past her.

"How can you tell... that I am still pure?".

"The way you watched us, gave you away. But you don't have to worry about that for long", he smiled charmingly. Xiao Fang exited before she could reply.

Xiao Fang was infamous, but he became a sort of celebrity to these disciples. The kind of bad boy nearly every girl rather feared or wanted a piece of.

"Big Brother Da Long, did you and Bai Fan really do it in there?", they all asked him.

"Big brother? Da Long?", Xiao Fang thought as he smiled bitterly. However, a bitter smile was still a smile nonetheless, and the disciples screamed as if he had confirmed their suspicions. Xiao Fang winked at them then used his unmatched speed to vanish before their eyes; he was a sort of fugitive after all. The girls nearly fainted.

"I can't believe it, he winked at me"

"No me!"




Note: "Da Long" meaning "Big dragon" in Chinese. If you see the sexual connotation then good for you Haha xD


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