Naked Sword Art
17 Don“t Provoke That Man
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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17 Don“t Provoke That Man

"1000 merit points, dead or alive!!!", Xun Wei exclaimed in shock after reading his bounty poster.

"It's only been a week, how did it get this bad. Xiao Fang, did you cultivate with an elder's daughter or something?!", Xun Mei panicked.

Xiao Fang stared at the poster "Dead or alive", then suddenly laughed out loud.

"Do they really think they could catch me? The elders from my old sect couldn't even catch me when I was still in the 2nd stage of the body refinement realm. Now that I'm in the solid body realm, theres no way anyone could even dream about catching me. Hahaha!"

"What about me, you idiot! What if they find out that I'm helping you".

"Ah, that's right. I should just lay low for now, they might track me through you"




3 days later...

Xiao Fang knocked on the door of a dorm. He had already cultivated with 22 disciples that day and was about to cultivate with his 23rd.

Xun Wei went back to the sect's library after seeing the poster. She didn't want to take a role in Xiao Fang's crazy plans anymore. So Xiao Fang had been revisiting old clients and taking referrals.

The person that opened the door was not someone he recognized but this was one of his referrals so it didn't bother him. What did bother him was the seemingly shy and nervous expression she had on her face. Xiao Fang immediately realized she wasn't shy nor nervous, but a bit scared.

Xiao fang closed his eyes and examined the interior of her house, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"If you want I can come back at a better time".

"No! no... come in".

Xiao Fang walked in and entered her bedroom. Her room had been closed earlier so he couldn't see what was inside. Though he could sense things through thin walls or even glass, if the walls are thick enough it's not easy for sound to travel through them. He closed his eyes and scanned around again, but he couldn't find anything suspicious.

They walked in and she closed the door behind her. She was extremely hesitant to strip infront of Xiao Fang. So Xiao Fang told her they could keep their clothes on.

She insisted that he laid down on his back. She was trying to take control so he played along. Once he was down, she sat on top of him with her hands planted on his body; just under his chest. She looked hesitant as what to do next. She then started reaching under Xiao Fang's pillow. Xiao Fang sighed inwardly.

He put his hand in her sweet spot and touched her inner lips. She grabbed his hand as if to make him stop, but his fingers only dug deeper into her little pink cave. her moans were loud and shakey, but the walls were thick so it didn't leave the room they were in. Eventually she didn't resist it and began squeezing her twin mountains as his fingers ravaged her insides. Eventually, she climaxed. Things escalated much faster than she anticipated.

Xiao Fang only gave his clients 10minutes so he didn't waste anymore time. When her little sister was nice and moist, he whipped out his naked sword and shoved all of it in before she could even react to it.

She gasped and her body went stiff.

Once he began moving. She was in pain at first but beared through it. Eventhough it was hard to tell, Xiao Fang sensed this was not how she expected things to go, but her body didn't stop him.

They cultivated for 5 minutes. Though she was extremely fit, her thighs were relatively large.

"She must be in the later stages of the body foundation realm", Xiao Fang thought.

In the body foundation realm muscles expand, but once she makes a breakthrough into the body refinement realm it will shrink back to how it used to be, but it will be much stronger than before.

> Solid Body realm: Harder than stone.

> Profound body: Harder than iron

> Divine body: Harder than steel

He was pretty impressed with her current progress.

He only had 5 minutes left to make her never forget this sessions. So he took full control.

Xiao Fang began tossing her body around, thrusting into her from multiple positions. Gripping her thighs and breasts, making her feel and remember the power and dominance from his hands.

He knew she wouldn't last if he used a technique so he waited till the time was nearly used up to use it. Till then, he kept her in a state near ecstasy.

Out of chance Xiao Fang placed her body on the door of her closet, the sound it created gave Xiao Fang a clear image of the contents inside. He smirked at what he saw.

He laid back down on the bed. She held on to him closely while he was doing anything he wanted to her. She sobbed silently. Xiao Fang kept feeling her dumpling cheeks and large thighs. To his surprise, she was able to tighten her cave by flexing. It was the first time he ever felt something like that. He loved it. Since sleeping with the women from the Divine Sword sect

Suddenly, while Xiao Fang was admiring her body, she unexpectedly pulled a dagger out from under his pillow then held it to his neck.

Her eyes teary, "I-I don't want to do this", she said with a shakey voice. Xiao Fang knew about the dagger all along. His expression didn't change, but his gaze became cold as he was thrusting into her.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

She gasped as she dropped the dagger. Her body froze in that erotic position. She was finally thrusted into heaven.

His Yang Qi flowed then she collapsed onto his chest. Eventually, when she was able to speak, she said, "I c-can't kill him, forgive me", her eyes filled with tears as she stared at the closet. Xiao Fang followed her gaze and saw the closet door slowly slide open. A leg that was completely black stepped out.

Xiao Fang suddenly got an eerie feeling from it. It looked like a solid black shadow. Despite seeing it take a step, he didn't hear it make a sound. None at all.

Next, she took another step, revealing the rest of her body. He could clearly sense her with his eyes closed but she just didn't make any noise, almost like a cat.

She had black hair and was wearing thin, tight, black tights that revealed her thin but fit legs. On the top half of her body she wore the sect's robes but they were black. He could clearly see the Black Paradise insignia on it.

"Black, is that the colour the inner court disciples wore?", Xiao Fang thought to himself.

"Who are you?", Xiao Fang asked.

"I kind of enjoyed watching that, junior apprentice Wu. I was hoping that you could lasted a bit longer with him, but you can't even do that", she ignored Xiao Fang's question. Her voice was soft but haunting like a ghostly seductress.

Despite calling the girl that was on him her junior, she didn't look that much older than Xiao Fang.
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Xiao Fang tucked his dragon back into his robes then moved the girl as he sat on the side of the bed, facing the black cat lady. "Are you here for my bounty?", he asked casually.

"I don't care about your bounty, I only came for this junior sister of mine. You have left a favourable impression on me so I'll let you live"

Xiao Fang acted with indifference as he got up then turned his back to her. He was now facing the girl that was still on the bed. He extended a hand, "15 merit points, pay up".

The black cat lady's eye twitched in irritation. The way he looked at her with indifference was already enough to upset her, but then he arrogantly turned his back to her and demanded payment from her junior. Isn't that just as bad as a dick slap to her face?

Her pupils became sharp as if she were getting ready to pounce on him, but in that exact moment she froze before she could lift a finger. When she peered into his cultivation it made her feel small. Really small.

She felt the chill of regret trickling up her spine. If he felt her killing intent just now, wouldn't that mean she was as good as dead. Luckily for her, he didn't seem to notice.

Xiao fang took the payment then opened the door to leave. He turned his head then said, "I don't know why you changed you're mind, but if you've discovered something you shouldn't have, then I suggest you keep it a secret", his voice was deep but lazy. Xiao Fang left and the room became extremely silent for a short period of time.

She didn't realize when it had started, but now that Xiao Fang was gone she could clearly feel her heart beating quickly.

"Senior sister Bao, why are you sweating?".

"That man is too terrifying, don't provoke him in the future".

The junior apprentice eventually understood the situation. The man she held a dagger to had driven her Senior sister to such a state with his back turned to her.

"We need to tell apprentice sister Zhao Pan!", the junior sister said.

"You will do no such thing, unless you'd like me to silence you right now! I'll be returning to the inner court, if Zhao Pan asks for me, tell her something came up and that I'll be busy for a while". The black cat girl left, vanishing without making a sound.





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