Naked Sword Art
16 Disciplinary Departmen
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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16 Disciplinary Departmen

Xiao Fang took Xun Wei and looked for a few lecture halls that had not yet started and made their move.

Xiao Fang pluck the Yin's of several young disciples, making sure he left them wanting more. Like a sex secretary, Xun Wei took a note of everyone he cultivated with, even scheduling a few appointments only minutes after Xiao Fang finished cultivating with them. She even signed a few people up that Xiao Fang didn't have the chance to taste.

When night came she had already filled his entire afternoon with appointments for the next day.

"I can't believe this is actually working", Xun Wei said as she shook her head.

"You underestimate my hand" Xiao  Fang smiled.

"I've experienced your hand and know exactly what it is capable of, but this is still hard to believe. What do you think the disciplinary committee will do once they catch word".

"I haven't thought that far yet, I am merely enjoying what is right infront of me", he smiled playfully.




[ Disciplinary Department ]

"Elder sister! Elder sister!", a girl ran through opened doors, but then slammed open the room her elder sister was in.

"Xiao Mei, calm down, what's wrong?"

"There- there was a man today in the lecture hall..." before she could continue after catching her breath her elder sister was already frowning after hearing the word "man".

"He was doing all sorts of shameless things then taking many disciples out of class, only to return alone. He didn't even stick around for the lecture he left as soon as the elder came".

Her elder sister's hand slammed the desk. "How did he look like, quickly tell me!", she looked ready to pounce the little girl.

"He was extremely handsome, more handsome than any man I've ever seen before", she said in a scared tone. Her elder sister was in the 7th stage of the Body Refinement realm, seeing her so fierce made her tremble in fright. The elder sister eventually realized she was scaring her then calmly spoke:

"Xiao Mei, tell me some defining features. Hair colour, eye colour, the shape of his face the clothes he wore".

As if sparking a few memory Xiao Mai finally spoke, "Ah I remember now, his robes were sleeveless, almost as if he ripped them off by hand".

"Pa! Impossible, even I can't do something like that. He probably just cut it that way to make himself look impressive".

"And the colour of his eyes were a sort of bright violet, I've never seen anything quite like it".

"Good, that's all I need to know. Let's go find that shameless bastard", the two of them quickly gathered a few disciples then went to district 33.

Despite there being 38 districts, all of the sect's male outer court disciples would have to live in district 33.




In District 33. The disciplinary committee was storming every house looking for Xiao Fang.

"Zhao Pan, are you really doing this because of one man. Aren't you taking things too far?! Why don't you tell us what he looks like and we'll help you find him". His eyes briefly scanned her body as if he were trying to see through her heavy clothes.

Though know one noticed it, Zhao Pan did. The moment it happened she nearly used the full extent of her 7th stage body refinement realm to punch a hole in his face. His jaw broke and he was sent flying, eventually crashing miserably on the ground.

He was in the same generation as Zhao Pan, and was also the senior brother apprentice of many of the disciples there. If he wasn't in the 6th stage of the spirit refinement realm he certainly would of lost his life from that sucker punch. Everyone was taken aback, even the disciplinary committee.

"I don't know why this sect even bothers accepting you animals into this sect. I'm warning you now, don't cause anymore troubles for the rest of us, or else...", she pointed to their senior brother who was unconscious a few meters away.

She continued, "The man we are looking for is suspected for playing with a handful of female disciples in this sect. His sleeves have been torn off his robes and he has violet coloured eyes. If you know where he is, bring him here immediately!"

When the crowd of male disciples heard what the man they were looking for was accused of they nearly couldn't believe their ears. Anyone that could get accepted into this sect were the most talented practitioners from their villages, but the girls were just too prideful here.

They couldn't even hope to hold a conversation, much less pluck their Yin Qi from their bodies. They all started to feel deep admiration for this mystery man, but they didn't let it show on their faces in front of the disciplinary committee.
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However, a few men felt this was their opportunity to build a connection with the female disciples from the disciplinary committee. They started shouting:

"I've definitely seen that bastard before, I knew he was trouble since the first time I saw him", "come out you bastard", and "check every house he has to be here somewhere".




They searched the entire day but to no avail.

"Senior sister, he really isn't here. Do you think a female disciple could be harbouring him right now? Do you think they could be doing that-- right now?", she didn't know how else to say it infront of her senior sister.

Zhao Pan frowned at the idea that someone was actually harbouring him. However, they didn't leave empty handed.

One man remembered could clearly recall his face from the lecture and drew it for them. The next day they spent their time spreading bounty posters of his face all over the sect.


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