Naked Sword Art
14 Dream Come True
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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14 Dream Come True

Very early in the morning when it was still dark out, Li Lian woke up and started watching Xiao Fang sleep. She remembered the day before when his morning cock crowed thinking about how magnificent it looked. However, when she felt his rod she was shocked to discover that it was just as swollen as it was back then.

"He must be thinking about those other women, hmph!" she thought. She began to frown as she stared at him.

Meanwhile, Xiao Fang, who was awaken by her touch, still had his eyes closed as he saw her expression change. So he started mumbling her name as if he were dreaming of her.

"Lian'er, Lian'er, I love you".

"Is he- is he really dreaming about me", she thought.

Xiao Fang began to move as if he was finally waking up. When she saw this, she quickly closed her eyes and turned around. She wasn't sure why she did it but for some reason she almost felt guilty for watching him sleep and hearing something she wasn't suppose to.

When Xiao Fang 'woke up', he moved closer to Li Lian. His chest was touching her back and his arm wrapped around her waist.

"Lian'er, everytime I wake up, my dreams come true".

When he said this, she began to blush like a peach. She felt relieved that he couldn't see how red her face was or else he would know she was awake, but in reality he had known all along.

Thinking about his crowing cock, she began moving her waist. Li Lian's silk pajamas were so thin she could feel her cheeks rubbing him off as if there were no clothes at all. His indecency rested between her cheeks as her waist moved, Xiao Fang didn't think he could last like that forever so his arm that was wrapped around her restrained her waist.

Li Lian smiled thinking she almost made him climax so easily. She found if funny that Xiao Fang was trying to make her stop so it made her want to do it some more. Her cheeks squeezed his little brother.

"Trying to play asleep huh, let's see how long you'll last against my naked sword".

His naked sword peaked through her legs and rubbed her inner lips till they became moist.

"That animal! How can he do it when I'm acting asleep", Li Lian thought.

Xiao Fang's fingers frequently open and closed, squeezing one of her twin mountains comfortably in his hand. He became addicted to the way it felt and she was starting to enjoy the way he gripped onto her body.

She contained every moan and erotic breath. She didn't want to lose this game. Xiao Fang's arm loosened giving her a fighting chance. She began moving her hips once again. A few faintly erotic breaths escaped her but besides that she was completely silent as if she were truly asleep.

His kisses reached the back of her ears. When he started nibbling on her ear she finally moaned in defeat.

"Xiao Fang, Why don't you put it in?"

I thought you were asleep, do I seem that much like an animal to you?", he smiled charmingly.

"Only in my dreams"

Xiao Fang kissed the back of her neck then brought his lips neck to her ear? "Woof".

She felt him liking her neck liking a dog then slowly pushed his naked sword into her sacred fruit.

There was no resistance only the friendly welcoming of an old friend. In his first thrust he was already all the way in. He stopped once he was inside her, while his fingers played with her twin peaks. She started moving her waist first then Xiao Fang followed.

They matched their movements in fluidity. Their hearts, minds, and body in sync. No matter how hot their bodies got, neither of them climaxed, but were in state that far surpassed it.

Using a technique never even crossed Xiao Fang's mind, because this was not a battle, but a duet. They were no longer dancing, but had become the dance. No longer able to feel the time that passed only the manifestation and sensation of endless bliss.

Once the composition had ended, and their bodies were exhausted, did they finally end in a climax. Like the sounds of chirping birds in the morning, they were two bodies, two motions, but a one song.

"Wow, that was amazing", she said faintly under her panting breath.

"Yeah, that was", they stared at each other with open eyes. Xiao Fang couldn't help wondering if he'd ever feel like that again. Without realizing it he had even made a breakthrough to the 7th level of the spirit foundation realm.

There was still time till the sun rise. So they talked in the dark about their lives outside of the sect. When Xiao Fang told her about his cultivations it shocked her speechless, she eventually was able to suppress her expression of shock, but when he told her how many merit points he had she finally couldn't contain her reaction and exclaimed in shock. By the end of it, they felt like they knew each other for ages.

When the morning sun light peaked into their room she finally got up to dress herself as Xiao Fang admired her naked body in the light. Before she left, she looked at Xiao Fang who looked like he was seeing off his wife.

"Come back safely", he said kindly. She nodded then left. Xiao Fang couldn't help feeling like the roles were reversed.

When she left, he fell back on his bed then recalled their intimate moments, smiling like a fool. Eventually a lustful gleam shone in his eyes once again.
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"It's time I pay a visit to a certain senior sister of mine", he smiled.




Before anyone else was there, Xiao Fang knocked on the library doors and eventually Chun Hua came to unlock them.

"Xiao Fang your here so early, not even Xun Wei is here yet"

"Good morning senior sister Chun, should I come back at a better time?"

"No, no, it's good to see you again. What brings you here?"

"Theres something I wish to give you, do you have time to spare?".

"Yeah I got time, what is it you wish to give me?".


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