Naked Sword Art
13 Pity Me
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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13 Pity Me

Xiao Fang explained his plan to sell his body to women, but told her how it would have to be done in secret.

"Isn't that just prostitution? I've never seen a man as despicable as you. What makes you think anyone wants to do that with you?", ever since she learned to satisfy herself she didn't need Xiao Fang to do it for her anymore, but she deep down relished those memories when they're bodies connected.

Xiao Fang put his hand in her sensitive region and caressed her lower parts. When she saw this she instantly closed her legs trying to prevent his hand from touching that area, but it was already too late. What she was doing instead was keeping his hand down their as he tickled her little pearl that was underneath her thin panties.

"mymm~" she moaned with her mouth closed to not get anyone's attention.

"Xiao Fang, stop, not in class", she begged.

Xiao Fang stopped his hand but her legs did not open, almost as if her body was telling him to keep going, but his hand eventually wiggled out.

"You understand now right? Xun Wei, don't forget the disciples that I cultivated with today. Find them and tell them you can arrange a session with me in secret, but that it will cost them 15 merit points".

"That's equivalent to a medium grade mission, that could take the whole day to get", she said.

"I know. Each person you get for me I'll give you 3 merit points in return.

"I refuse", she instantly replied.

"How about 5?" She didn't have any means of income cause she wasn't doing any mission till now. So it did tempt her.

"I-", she began thinking.

"Think if you get me 20 women everyday then that's 100 merit points a day"

She was not that crazy about merit points like most people but the thought of being able to buy anything she wanted did entice her. She didn't show it on her face though.

"I also want you to promise me one thing. Everytime you cultivate with my Senior Sister Chun Hua I want you to do it with me too, a credit that I can claim at any time I ask", she said without looking at him, scared he might see how nervous and embarrassed that demand made her feel.

"Deal", he said before she could add anything else.

"There were at least 10 girls here that I cultivated with today, if they agree to the price then arrange a time and place starting tomorrow. Like that Xiao Fang got up. Many of the disciples felt their hearts beating faster thinking he was still hungry for more, but to their surprise he left alone.




In the backyard of Li Lian's house, after cultivating all the Yin Qi he got from that day, he started training his Divine Sword Art: 'Iron cutting Iron'.

By practicing his Divine Sword Art he is actually cultivating his body, and by cultivating the Yin Qi in his body he is actually cultivating his spirit.

Night eventually came and he was still practicing untill he detected a familiar figure return back home from her missions.

"Li Lian!" he thought while racing to the door like some dog awaiting its owner. Although he was happy to see her she seemed to be in a bad mood.

"Xiao Fang, why am I hearing that you've been messing around with other women, do you want to die?!", her calm voice slowly got louder till she was finally screaming.

"Ah, so you heard, I was merely cultivating with them".

"Merely cultivating? merely Cultivating?!!!!", she exclaimed in anger. She jumped at Xiao Fang and started slapping him aimlessly.

"You're so shameless, I hate you, I hate you, are you telling me you were merely cultivating with me too?!"

"no, no, ah! no, stop hitting me, you're different, you're different ahh!"

"If I'm different then stop chasing other women!"

"If I do that how am I supposed to cultivate and get to the inner court".

"I'll find you another cultivation method", she replied almost immediately.

"I refuse, my mother gave this to me in good faith. I can not dishonor her like that", he spoke with a tone of righteousness as if he were simply fulfilling his filial duties.

But she didn't buy it for even for a second. Instantly attacking him with another barrage of aimless slaps with tearful eyes.

Xiao Fang intentionally let himself get slapped and he threw himself at the wall. Li Lian stopped crying then looked down at her hand as if wondering where this new found strength came from.

Xiao Fang, acting brazenly dramatic, got up and limped towards the door while pitifully looking over his shoulder. He looked as if he was grievously injured. He gave her the look of someone who should be pitied, but she only scoffed and slammed the door on him. He sat outside of her sidewalk looking towards her house. She looked at him for a second, satisfaction written on her face then closed the curtains.

Xiao Fang laid down on the grass outside her house and stared up at the night sky.

"They say if you play with more than 1 woman your backyard will get burned. Luckily for me I'm homeless, hahaha" he laughed at his own terrible joke.

"I wonder if she will find my blindfold, it's getting kinda chilly out here".




Meanwhile inside Li Lian's room, she rolled, twisted, and turned, but she couldn't fall asleep.

"Aagghhh! That Xiao Fang makes me so mad! If he wasn't homeless I'd definitely burn his entire house down!!".

She buried her head in her pillow and kicked angrily like a cute little girl. Despite how mad she was at him, deep... really really deep inside of her, she felt bad for making him sleep outside. She got up to see if he had gone to one of the other girls' houses that he'd been playing with. When she saw him shivering on her grass her heart sank, but it was only for the briefest of instance. "Serves him right, I hope he starves, dies, then kills him self as a ghost. hmph! See if I care".

She jumped into her bed, buried her face into her pillow and started kicking her legs again as she cried.

Xiao Fang could see blindfolded. So when he knew she was watching he artificially began shivering to make himself look pitiful.

"Damn shes cold, I can't believe that didn't work. I really got to up my game here", he thought.

Back in Li Lian's room she was looking at the blindfold in her hands.

"Why did he give this to me", she thought. She wasn't sure how it got there but it was resting under her pillow.

"Maybe I was too hard on him", she got up to see if he was still there but what she saw made her heart sink.

"Xiao Fang, no!!", she ran to the door to go outside.

Xiao Fang held a dagger in his hand and looked as though he was preparing to commit suicide. Of course it was just an act that he started when he knew she was watching.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, this better work", he thought. As a swordsman he knew where to cut to kill and where to cut to just inflict damage like the back of his hand. With a swift strike he plunged the dagger into his body.

Li Lian's door opened the moment he did it. She watched as he threw away the dagger then when the blood squirted out of him. She began to cry even harder.

She took out a healing regeneration pill and put it in his mouth but it came out along with a mouthful of blood. "Xiao Fang, no! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't die", she cried.

"Lian'er is that you", he reached for her face.

She guided his hand to her cheek that was wet from tears.

"You're still as beautiful as the first time I saw you", Xiao Fang cursed inwardly at how stupid that sounded. It hasn't even been a week since they met! However, Li Lian felt his words touch her heart.

He made himself cry. She fed him the pill once again.

"Li Lian, I'm so useless. I can't even kill myself properly. How cruel is this world to make me choose between my lover and my passion for cultivation. If I am without either I don't want to live in this world anymore".
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"Don't say such things, I forgive you, I forgive you, so don't do anything stupid okay?"

"Its cold". His head slowly fell to the side as his eyes closed shut. She hugged his body as if it were his last moments and cried like she never cried before.

She carried him inside and rested him next to the fireplace. His bleeding had stopped and his body was regenerating much faster than it should be, but that was due to his high body cultivation. She was originally kneeling next to his resting body and taking care of him, but she eventually fell asleep, resting her head on top of his chest.

Xiao Fang felt her finally sleeping, so he got up and carried her to her bed. He big spooned her like before, burying his head in to her hair that had the familiar fragrant scent that he loved. He smirked in success as he slowly fell asleep.




In the days to come, she will still attack him at night with a barrage of slaps everytime she hears that he was cultivating with other girls. Well... at least now she won't be making him sleep outside anymore.


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