Naked Sword Art
12 Naked Sword Piercing Horn
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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12 Naked Sword Piercing Horn

Xiao Fang took the girl to the same restroom that he used with Xun Wei not too long ago. After opening the door he could still smell Xun Wei's fragrance lingering in the air.

He brought her into one of the stalls and closed the door behind her. In that hot space he took a step in her direction and her back pressed up against the door. He slowly leaned in then kissed her on the lips.

Suddenly, as if he had just thrown a match into a pool of gasoline, her lustrous desires exploded. Xiao Fang began sucking her twin mountains, kissing her body, dug his tongue into her lower lips, then ravaged her senselessly. She tore her own clothes off, her hair was in a mess, and nipples peaked through her clothes that were barely hanging onto her body.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Pilar ]

Xiao Fang Was thrusting his growing rod deeper into her with this technique. She was pressed on the door and could barely reach the ground on her tippy toes. With every thrust she would leave the ground. She felt so small because of his massive rod rampaging inside of her. She felt that if he wanted he could carry her with his Naked Sword alone.

"ahhhh~ ahhh~ ahhhh~"

She moaned without stopped. She had never been so dominated in her life. She felt like she was just his play thing now, but that's how she wanted it to be. Her deepest desires have been met.

For the last 5 minutes of the Naked Sword Thrusting Pilar technique it made her legs shake, her knees press tightly onto each other, and her feet arched as they were hovering a few inches off the ground. Her body was pressed onto the door sliding on her sweat as her back was arched, sticking her butt out for Xiao Fang to smash. Her knees eventually folded and she climaxed.

His sword unsheathed from her body, and with it, her juices spilled out. She slipped on her juices, falling into his arms she stared into his eyes as if he were a dream come true.

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Xiao Fang pushed her back, now pressing her back to the door, he lifted up her legs and put them around his waist as he was prepared for his next attack.

She didn't know what he was doing, but whatever it was she wanted it. She stared at him with a look that could only be interpreted as:

"Give it to me".

Though he had only briefly looked at it, he was preparing to try the technique Chun Hua had had given him.

His hands tucked under her soft and plump dumpling cheeks and brought her up to his waist level as he was still carrying her legs.

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]

Xiao Fang's naked sword touched her lower lips and her neck extended up as if she was savouring the satisfying feeling of thier lock and key reuniting once again. In the next moment he pierced her sacred fruit and a sweet crystal liquid squirted out.

"ahhhhhhhh~" she moaned with a shakey voice. He directly hit her G spot.

He then began thrusting into her with his Naked Sword curved upwards into her like a scimitar.

"That's it! That's it! Ahhhh~" she screamed.

She felt like she was going to pee infront of him, infront of the man she now loved. That would be too embarrassing for her.

"ahhhhyy", her voice cracked a high pitch at the end of her moan, she was a second a way from climaxing.

[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

Xiao Fang's hands firmly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in. He thrusted one last time with his strongest technique. Her legs finally fell seemingly lifeless in defeat. At that moment, she couldn't hold anything in.

The sound of their bodies clapping stopped and the room became quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of all her sweet juices, sweat, and even piss hitting the floor beneath them. She was perfectly still, her steamy breath became visible, and her arms and legs were dangling. She was thrusted into heaven.

Suddenly, her few seconds of heaven abruptly ended when his Yang Qi gushed into her like a broken dam. She was awaken from that state but started quivering from the climax that was still lingered in her body.

Xiao Fang washed himself in the men's bath before getting dressed to return to the lecture hall. It took some time for her to get up, but after some time, she cleaned herself off then went home after dressing up.

Sitting where he normally sat at the back corner of the class; next to Xun Wei.

Everyone watched Xiao Fang return to his seat and waited for the other girl to come back too, but she never did.

Xiao Fang read the technique Chun Wei gave him a few more times. Then he got up and looked around the class. He approached a beautifully shy looking girl then asked for her help with something. Soon they were in the same restroom doing the same thing he had done with the other 2 women.

[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


[ Naked Sword Piercing Horn ]


He got a few women to practice with in that class. Each time he came back alone the disciples would get even more riled up. Always, the person that demanded he tell them what he did to those women, he would take them and show them by doing it to them as well.

Soon nearly a third of the class was gone before the elder could even arrived to teach the lecture. Many of the remaining disciples sat really far from him or really close to him hoping they would be next. However, Xiao Fang believed himself to be a decent man and only went for those that really wanted him, never forcing anyone into it.




Xiao Fang thought about the many young women he was with today. Though he often did the same thing back at the Divine Sword sect, it was not the same because the women in this sect were much more formidable because they cultivated their spirit. Xiao Fang began to wonder about the inner court disciples once again.

"Xun Wei, what are the requirements to become an inner court disciple?", Xiao Fang asked.

"You need 10,000 merit points, and should be at least at the spirit refinement realm to partake in the inner court test. However, if you fail you will not get your merit points back".

This made Xiao Fang a bit excited, because he was already half way there in terms of merit points and believed it wouldn't take long to make a breakthrough into the spirit refinement realm.

Dual Cultivation is probably one of the fastest cultivation methods in term of cultivating your spirit, but it requires a lot of women to cultivate with. The more women you can cultivate with, the faster you can progress. The down side of it is that it doesn't build battle prowess, but that didn't matter to Xiao Fang.

Despite cultivating his body to the Solid Body realm, he was still only in the 6th stage of the mortal realm in terms of spirit cultivation. If he wanted to get into the inner court he would need to acquire more merit points, but even more women to cultivate with. He then looked at Xun Wei with a suspicious smile.

Xun Wei felt his stare tickle her skin. she looked at Xiao Fang:

"Why, what do you want? Don't get any ideas of doing it with me again", she said nervously.

"No that's not it. How would you like to help me get some merit points?"

"hm? what do you have in mind?"





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