Naked Sword Art
10 I Want That Too
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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10 I Want That Too

When they came out of the back room and entered the library they attracted the curious gaze of a young female disciple. Like Xiao Fang, she recently got accepted into the sect.

"Thanks, Xun Wei". Xun Wei was shocked to see Chun Hua smiling like that.

"Just who is this guy and what did he do to my senior sister and what happened to his sleeves???", she thought long and hard, even having a few naughty thoughts.

Once Xiao Fang left, he heard the junior disciple tell Chun Hua that she needed to catch a lecture and need to run, quickly catching up to Xiao Fang.
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Xun Wei had brown eyes, relatively short brown hair that went down to her shoulders, and a slim frame. Overall, she seemed pretty ordinary in terms of appearance, but ordinary outside of the sect was definitely at the worst in the sect.

"Just who exactly are you, and what did you do to Senior Sister Chun Hua", a voice rang out from behind Xiao Fang, but he continued walking as if he didn't hear her. She intercepted his path then demanded that he answered her.

He told her the first thing that came to mind: "I am illiterate, and she helped me learn how to read".

"Why would she waste time teaching you?"

"I don't know, it's hard to make up lies on the spot".

"why you-!"

"Don't you have a lecture to catch? I'm sure you'll find many people to annoy in there". Xiao Fang laughed out loud at his own terrible joke while patting himself on the back from that burn.

She didn't hesitate to attack him the moment he said those words, yelling:

"I'll teach you to run your STUPID mouth!".

She chased him all the way to the lecture hall and Xiao Fang looked as though he were enjoying every second of it, laughing the whole way.

Xiao Fang gracefully opened the doors and immediately found a seat. Soon after, his new little friend ran in with bloodshot eyes.

"Young miss, quickly take a seat and don't disturb the class!", the elder berated her.

"My apologies, elder". She immediately pull a seat next to Xiao Fang who was sitting at the very back corner of the class. The next moment she took out a dagger and pressed it onto his side.

"Tell me everything".

"How about you push that dagger a little harder into me then I'll tell you once I can feel it's hilt".

"Stop playing around and tell me before I shove it up your ass".

Xiao Fang's eyes shined with a mysterious light, "Are you sure you want to know?"

She gulped involuntarily and nodded.

"When I walked into the back room with your senior sister, I took her by the hand...", Xiao Fang's hand tickled hers as it climbed up her wrist then forearm.

"and with my other hand I taught her the pleasures of a hand", She stared into Xiao Fang's eyes as if he were confirming a shocking conspiracy that she wanted to believe all along.

Xiao Fang's hand reached into her robes then caressed her sweet spot. She didn't resist one bit, not even flinching, as his calming voice narrated an intimate encounter between a him and her senior sister. No matter how ridiculous it sounded she could help wanting to believe it were true.

Oh, how it reminded her of the romantic stories she had read in her erotic novels. Her body felt hot and tingley almost forgetting what his hand was secretly doing to her in a public area. He gently caressed her sweet outer lips. She could feel her small nipples getting hard as they rubbed against her robes everytime she took a deep breath in.

Xiao Fang felt the oddly satisfying sensation of the goosebumps on her outside lips. His fingers opened her slit then invited himself inside. His finger slid inside, and she furrowed her brows.

Xiao Fang shook his head inwardly as he thought, "her body is too small to cultivate with, it wouldn't fit".

"I-I want that too, all of it. I want the same thing you gave her. Teach me, I want to learn the pleasures of the hand", she said suddenly.

She leaned in wanting to kiss him, completely forgetting where they were. Xiao Fang got up first then extended a hand.

"Let's get out of here"

They held hands as they exited the class. Attracting awkward stares as she playfully skipping her last few steps out the door.

"I wonder why she looks so happy"

"Did you see the way they were holding hands? do you think they might be..."

"Oh how shameless..."

"But who was that handsome young man?"

Like that rumours spread little by little. No one in that class could concentrate. Even the elder lost her train of thought a few times because of it, eventually cutting the lecture short.




Xiao Fang and Xun Wei found the closest male restroom and used one of the many empty stalls available. Restrooms were very rarely used by cultivators and because the male disciples were scarce in this sect, it became the perfect place for them to be alone.

Xiao Fang first sat on the toilet. Xun Wei undressed herself then sat on his lap with her back to his chest. She spread her legs waiting for Xiao Fang to start.

"Xiao Fang let's start. Don't tease me, I'm here because I want to learn your technique, that's all".

Xiao Fang put his hand over her sweet spot and showed her the motions without touching it. She tried it, though she could feel it working better than before she still didn't feel satisfied. So Xiao Fang tried it instead. She immediately grabbed his hand that was down there and held onto it tightly. He continued.

"sss haa sss haa"

She started breathing weirdly. Her eyes were tightly closed shut and her waist moved back and forth. Though Xiao Fang was still fully clothed he could still feel her naked body rubbing against his sleeping dragon under his robes.

"Xiao Fang, this is how I want to feel when I touch myself, but before that, please help me climax first. I-I can feel that I'm almost there".

A mysterious light shined in his eye. Suddenly, his fingers began rubbing her pink pearl.


As soon as he touched her little pink pearl her hands slammed against the walls of the stall and she lifted herself up from it, but Xiao Fang's hand followed her up, still rubbing her most sensitive region. Despite climaxing, she still didn't release her Yin Qi.

The moment Xiao Fang's left hand - middle finger entered her tiny hole she finally started to spray. Xiao Fang's finger didn't stop there, it slowly went even deeper, making more come out.

She felt like she was going to explode so her hand reached for his left hand and completely ignored his right hand that was still rubbing her small pearl.

The moment she touched his hand, Xiao Fang middle finger suddenly shot up into her tiny hole reaching as deep as it could go. She climaxed again and her juices flowed, feeling as though she was struck by lightning.

His finger slowly pulled out, however thinking it was over she felt his finger ram into her again, then again, then again. The pace was picking up.

The sensation was much less dramatic this time, but it still made her body shake. He began ramming his finger into her till it got tired.

Though she was not a small girl, standing at around 165cm, her hole was just too small proportionally, which was strange to Xiao Fang.

"My hand is a bit tired now, so I'm going to take a break while I watch you practice. You know what to do now, right?", he asked her.

She nodded.

After regaining her strength, she then tried it on her own. The way she practiced and moaned made his dragon grow into a sword, it was now fully awakened.

Eventually she noticed it peaking through his robes.

"Did you also do that with her", she said as she gestured at their lock and key.

Xiao Fang could only bitterly smile at her question. Not sure how to turn her down politely. Before he knew it, she began licking his sword, but when she tried to put it in her mouth she could only get the tip in.

"too inexperienced", he thought.


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