Naked Sword Art
7 Cultivating in Her Dreams
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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7 Cultivating in Her Dreams

Li Lian took Xiao Fang to her house. Even before the door could even close they were already stripping themselves naked. This wasn't a cultivation session, this was a session of passionate love making. After their time apart she couldn't stop thinking of him and he couldn't stop thinking of her either.

He lifted her up by her thighs as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to her room as they kissed, feeling each other's familiar tongue reuniting as if they were long lost lovers. Her hand ran through his hair, feeling it tickle between her fingers. After he placed her down he began removing his clothes as well. Her hands slowly dragging upwards, feeling every muscle on his muscular body. His dominant air left her in anticipation. She began to feel her inner bottom lips become moist, almost as if she were a dog hearing a bell under classical conditioning.

"Do it to me like you did last time", she said shamelessly

Xiao Fang smiled charmingly and decided to respond with a familiar word.


Xiao Fang entered her inner fruit and its juices leaked out along with her shaking moans. She grabbed the sheets then twisted and pulled on them as he ravaged her from the inside.

"Yes that it, it's exactly as I remembered it", she thought as her mind slowly went blank.

Unlike before he was not trying to make her submit defeat to his Naked Sword so there was no need to push things too far. He instead took his mind off her lower sweet spot and instead caressed her body to his heart's content. Every muscle, every bit of meat, every inch of her skin was explored not leaving anything out. In that moment she became his and she confessed her love to him just like that.

After doing it for nearly an hour, she finally spoke. "Xiao Fang. Xiao Fang. Wait a moment. I want to try something".

He was surprised, but excited. It was like watching a child pick up chopsticks for the first time

She was sweating all over, but mostly over her breast and forehead. The way it formed droplets around her cheeks made her face sparkle even more beautifully. After moving her hair to one side, she went in for the kill. All this time, he would be the one performing all sorts of techniques with different women, this was the first time someone attacked him instead.

She brought him down to rest on his back as she sat on top of him. She took in a deep breath then moved just a bit, but as soon as she did, it made her eyes close tightly and she almost moaned. She opened her eyes and saw Xiao Fang smiling trying to hold in his laughter with his hands behind his head. He looked at her the same way he would look at a cute little ameture, but with a hint of encouragement.

Seeing that, a look of determination appeared in her eyes and her expression changed completely. She started to move once again but stopped. Then again for a little bit longer then stopped again, this time almost climaxing.

"It's your first time, and I'm not an easy challenger after all", Xiao Fang tried to make her feel better. However, as soon as he tried, she continued moving without sign of stopping. She very slowly picked up speed, panting from every thrust. Xiao Fang's eyes widened. "You- you're actually doing it", he said with disbelief.

She was finally in the heat of things as she maintained a rhythm. Soon enough she started tearing up. Tearing up because it felt absolutely amazing, but mostly because she was finally able to make Xiao Fang feel good too.

"Don't lose focus, this isn't good enough", she said inwardly, desperately trying to not break the rhythm. She bit her lip, cupped hear twin mountains, and pinched her nipples between her fingers.

Xiao Fang's eyes were closed tightly and his hands were finally on his sides, looking as if he was struggling to resist grabbing onto her irresistible jumping cheeks. Forget his little brother being attacked by those delightfully bouncing steaming hot dumplings, even if he were to see her from afar it would be hard to restrain his hands.

To Li Lian's surprise, when she looked at Xiao Fang, he looked as though he were going to climax soon. This got her excited.

"I can do it, he's almost there it's so close!", she screamed in her head. Her body was now mere seconds away from climaxing. She was no longer bouncing up and down, but instead rubbing against him furiously, moving faster than shes ever been before. In her desperate attempt to make him ejaculate, she screamed:
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"Xiao Fang quick!"

"Ahh~ quick!"

"Do it inside me! I can't hold it any longer!"


Suddenly, with a voice that was quiet but very high pitch, her last words pleaded:

"Cum inside me".

She was climaxing, matter of fact, she had been climaxing. Despite being in that state, her body had been persisting, moving subconsciously. Her inner body squeezed and her juices flowed, as she was about to thrust one last time.

Almost the exact moment the words left her lips Xiao Fang cried out:


[ Naked Sword Thrusting Heaven ]

His waist thrusted upwards so hard his butt was no longer touched the bed. In that position, his Yang Qi flowed endlesy into her like a rushing river. His hands were finally on her butt, squeezing her and pulling her down onto his naked sword. He released more Yang Qi than ever before, because for the first time he was truly climaxing. His sword twitched uncontrollably while it was being squeezed by her tight orgasm


From Xiao Fang's perspective, it was hard to say who climaxed first. It was nearly the same time.

Xiao Fang finally started taking deep breaths to relax himself. Li Lian was still shaking as if she had frostbite.

"Xiao Fang, I made you feel good. Aren't I amazing", she tried to laugh proudly.

Xiao Fang sat up and kissed her unexpectedly untill her body stopped spasming.

"You're amazing", he said. She smiled feeling accomplished.

They had the whole night and she wasn't done. She wanted today to be engraved in her bones. The night where they'd be completely without distractions the night they could both go all out.

She began going at it again; round two. She immediately found her rhythm.

"Xiao Fang, we can do it together, I can handle it now. You don't have to hold back anymore", she said with confidence.

However, as soon as the words left her lips her body went limp from a single thrust. It made her gasp so loud it nearly sounded like a soft squeaking scream. She immediatly collapsed onto his chest, nearly orgasming. His hands firmly squeezed her jade white pompous dumblings so hard it made her want to pee, but in that exact same moment he had also thrusted upwards.


Her moan was so erotic it made him want to thrust her again, but he noticed that she stopped so he did as well.

"Ah I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-", Xiao Fang said, thinking he ruined her rhythm.

"No that's not it. That felt really good", she said under her orgasmic breath.

"I want to practice this again, but for now please fuck me. I want to feel that again", she nearly pleaded.

"I understand".

With that said Xiao Fang began cultivating using her body for the rest of the night. He began hitting all of her walls and fucking her all around the house. She screamed incomprehensible words of ecstasy.


"Yes yes yes"

"That it, ahhhhhh~".

If her house were not sound proof the whole sect would hear what they were doing. Her head shook as she slid against her sweet juices. Her hair stuck messily allover her body, but none of that mattered. She finally went mute when Xiao Fang began pounding her G spot. She was hand standing just before it hit, so once it did, her arms gave in, and her body began dangling in the air.

Xiao Fang pounded her like that for about 15 minute, holding her up by the waist as he stood. Her sweet juices sprayed Xiao Fang and trailed down his body. Soon she eventually began peeing herself and it trickled down her dangling legs that shook from every clap. She was in no position to be embarrassed, she hardly even noticed. She was in heaven, so earthly things meant nothing to her in that state.

Xiao Fang eventually released his Yang Qi. As soon as he did, it recovered her from that state. He put her on the bed, that was to some miracle still dry, and began loosening her muscles.

Once she fully recovered she put Xiao Fangs naked sword back inside her and dragged his arm over her as if it were a blanket.

"Xiao Fang, I missed you. From now on you can sleep here with me".

She eventually fell asleep with his naked sword still dug deep into her cave. He big spooned her, burying his head into her fragrant hair as he closed his eyes trying to fall sleep as well.

"Silly girl, does she want to cultivating with me in her dreams as well?", he laughed at the thought but kept it in as to not wake his sleeping beauty.




Meanwhile, the elder that gave Xiao Fang his new robes, sat anxiously outside of the exam doors. He was waiting for more disciples to arrive, but no one came.

"Greeting Elder Du, you seem tensed". A gentle but aged voice spoke.

"Elder Yu, theres something strange going on here. Would you mind investigating it for me?", Elder Du asked politely.

"What's strange?"

"Since I've been here, only one disciple has come out".

"Hmm interesting. He must be very exceptional to finish this early"

"it's been more than 7 hours since he came out".

"7!?", her aged face made an expression of shock that she hasn't made in decades.

"Elder Du, the exam started only about 10 hours ago. I know this isn't something you've done in the past, but try to understand. This is a 2 day exam, and not something that can be completed in a mere 3 hours! This disciple, what is his name?",

"I didn't ask for his name".

"Do you know where he is now?"

"No but he should be living in the district 33".

"I'll get someone to supervise this place first, when I come back let's go find him together".

The two elders searched the entire 33rd district, but they couldn't find him.


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