Naked Sword Art
4 If We Are Fated
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Naked Sword Art
Author :HastyZ
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4 If We Are Fated


Xiao Fang rested his elbow next to her head to get closer as they kissed. Their bodies were nearly touching before he lightly lifted her waist up. She was still out of breath, so she broke contact first. Xiao Fang kissed her neck as he reached for her thigh.

She didn't think things would escalate so quickly. Her panting breath became visible inside the dimly lit log and her skin began precipitating with droplets of sweat as the temperature in the log slowly climbed. Once his kisses paused she finally noticed his hand firmly grabbing one of her bottom cheeks inside her clothes. He made her feel the power in his hand without hurting her, and it made her feel like a little girl.

"Turn for me", he whispered. She no longer had any thoughts of stopping or resisting and wanted to do anything he told her to.

Her body shifted without hesitation. Now resting on her side, she felt his body carefully slip behind her. They were now both on their sides and her head was resting on his arm.

It was at this moment that his hand reached into her pubic region. He gently caressed the area, sending a few tingling sensations up her stomach making it spasm lightly. Despite all that was happening, her legs were still closed shut, not letting his hand go through.

He massaged her twin mountains trying to make her relax. She eventually opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him. She gave him a look that was trying to say "Are you sure we should be doing this?". He looked at her with a smile and an expression she understood to mean "trust me".

She finally opened her legs, but just a crack, slowly directing his right hand into her sweet spot. He teased her bottom lips, not directly entering it. They stared at eachother deeply before she finally nodded. Without any more delay, he skillfully began touching her inner lip.

"mmn!", she moaned, slamming her hand against the log.

The way he moved his fingers made her feel like he understood her body better than she did. There was a brief pause, it was too insignificant for her to noticed. In the midst of his barrage of attacks, he finally attacked the most sensitive part of her body, her pink pearl.

She felt as though she had been struck by lightning. Her body jerked, her hands immediately grabbed his, and her thighs tightly squeezed Xiao Fang's hand in place. Though his hand was trapped in there, his fingers never stopped.

Her stomach trembled lightly, squeezing his hand tighter and tighter, feeling like she was going to pee herself. Without realizing it Xiao Fang's indecency grew many times and it was comfortably tucked between her cheeks. The way her body was squirming only made it larger as she rubbed against it.

Xiao Fang ignored everything else and put all his attention into rubbing her pink pearl the exact moment she climaxed. Her Yin Qi in the form of a liquid substance covered her groins. She had never been able to make herself climax to that extent before.

Li Lian wanted to reach back to grab Xiao Fang's little brother, but just as the thought crossed her mind, she felt a large rod peak through her legs. It was as hard and nearly as long as the hilt of her sword. She recognize the familiar feeling of flesh on flesh. She immediately knew what it was, but couldn't believe how large it was. She closed her eyes in anticipation.

As his magnificent rod entered her sensitive region, he teased her lower lips, and soaked itself in her juices.

She was going crazy from the tease and under her panting breath she spoke again:

"Xi-Xiao Fang... be gentle with me, ok?", she said in a shaky tone.


As soon as the word left his lip, he pierced her sacred fruit with his naked sword. They kissed again and his hands went back to work to ease her pain. A few minutes passed, and his naked sword slowly reached deeper and deeper into her body. He kept her distracted with his hands, nearly making her climax once again. Once he was fully inside her, he let her rest.

"Back at the pond, did you like what you see?", he asked her in a charming tone.

She turned her head to the side then caressed the side of his face. "I loved every second of it", she smiled admittedly.

"Good, good. Then when you're ready, I'll let you experience my best technique. I call it the "Naked Sword Art", he spoke proudly.

"Oh wow what an impressive name. Did you come up with it all by yourself?", she laughed at the name of the technique.

Xiao Fang didn't mind, he had to admit the name was a bit strange, but it was the best he could come up with.

"Get on top of me and take off all your clothes", he told her.

She looked at the thing inside her and wondered how it got so deep without her realizing it. She bit her lip as she changed positions, experiencing the pleasuring sensation of his naked sword twisting inside her. Li Lian rested on top of Xiao Fang with her back pressed against his chest.

"What next?", she asked as if she'd do anything he'd say. However, just as she finished saying those words, Xiao Fang wrapped his left arm around her twin peaks. He grabbed the right one, almost as if he were trying to keep her in place. Then, with his right hand pressed on her lower abdomen, he began thrusting his hips slowly.

When he started, it made her suck in a lung full of air. The next second after that, despite trying to contain it, she moaned once again.

About a minute later they were fully in the heat of things. Eventhough she wasn't spinning, she was starting to feel dizzy. Luckily, Xiao Fang was holding her tightly or else she might of rolled off.

Xiao Fang's right hand slowly moved down to her pink pearl. Upon contact, her body arched once again as if trying to break free. Only this time, he didn't completely restrain her. The lower half of her body shot up and pressed against the roof of the log, but so did he. She grabbed and squeezed her twin mountains as Xiao Fangs left hand went through the gap between them and grabbed her by the neck.

Despite her climaxing in that position, his movements and pressure only increased, reaching deeper than hes ever been. In fact, he was actually attempting to perform one of his techniques, his naked sword grew ever so slightly, expanding her inner walls.

[ Naked Sword Growing Pillar ]

He prolonged her climax for a few seconds, making her dumb with ecstasy. Her moans grew longer and louder than before. She was spreading her legs as wide as possible, and her feet were dangling off to the sides. He kept pounding her as if he was trying to scrub the pink off her sweet interior.
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[ Naked Sword Beating Sun ]

Xiao Fang's heart started beating faster, heating up the small space they were in.

Their bodies were soaked in each other's sweat, and their hairs stuck messily to their foreheads. The ceiling of the log was dripping from the steam they created.

"Ahk!", Xiao Fang concentration finally broke and he began struggling to maintain the rhythm.

Together, they filled the log with countless claps of lust, but it was eventually slowing down. The other end of the log, and Xiao Fang's hand, was now drenched in her juices. Finally, as if he was putting all of his strength into his final attack, he prepared by grabbing her by the waist with both his hands. Then, with one swift motion, he pressed her down onto his Naked sword as his waist thrusted upwards with the vigor of a thousand dragons.

[ Naked Sword Thursting Heaven ]

She gasped deeply. Now reaching the deepest part of her pink cave, he let out his Yang Qi and it gushed out inside of her. Feeling the Yang Qi enter her body she finally dropped back down along with Xiao Fang.

Although it took a bit to describe it, his final attack hardly took even a second to preform. Despite being in her twitching state, her tongue dragged up his neck then entered his mouth. Their saliva mixed as her tongue danced in his mouth. Even when their lips seperated, their juices did not.

They both were taking deep breaths as if they had ran a marathon. Xiao Fang performed at least 3 different techniques in one session, he never expected to go so far with an inexperienced stranger. After she calmed down she finally spoke:

"Do you think I will be pregnant because of this".

"The Yang Qi I released is not the same Yang Qi one uses to impregnated women", he tried to explain simply.

The truth is the next time she cultivates she will find that she has an abundance of Yang Qi in your dantian, which will more or less assist her in her cultivation.

She planted a hand on her stomach disappointingly, then rested her head on his chest. "Do you think we can do this again in the future?"

Xiao Fang gently combed her hair with his fingers. He clearly understood what she meant, but he had his own dreams to follow. "If we meet again, then it is fated", he replied vaguely.

The way he massaged her scalp relaxed her muscles till her whole body was completely relaxed. He massaged her gently for another minute, making her earlier quivering body finally completely relaxed as if waking up from a long afternoon nap. She hugged him sincerely, feeling his warmth enter her naked body. She wished this moment would last forever.

"Li Lian... I'll miss you", he said as she dozed off.




Time passed slowly for the two inside the log. With a hand behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling lost in thought. He was silently thinking about how he could improve his techniques. "I need to get stronger", he said to himself.

Using the back of his shortly cut nails, he traced her spine from top to bottom, further relaxing her muscles. Just like that, she eventually fell into deep sleep.

After some time passed, Xiao Fang put her clothes back on and left her in a comfortable position to sleep in. Then he silently removed any evidence of what they did there before taking off through the trees and getting back on the path to the Black Paradise sect.




Sometime later, a man finally appeared in the area. This man was the senior brother disciple that was looking for Li Lian. He stood with clenched fists. After determining that there were two different foot prints leading into the log he had a feeling that the reason his junior sister came here was out of her own free will, but because of the other person inside that log.

"Whoever is in there with my Junior Sister, come out immediately!"

There was no response.

Inside the log, Li Lian woke up from her Senior brother's shout. She looked around in a daze, thinking she dreamed the whole thing. However, what she found in her hands struck her speechless. It was Xiao Fang's black blindfold. Her Senior brother shouted once more. She hid the blindfold then thought of a story before exiting the log.




Black Paradise Sect.

Being a Body Core Realm practitioner now Xiao Fang had arrived an entire day earlier than expected. So for the entire day he explore the city around the sect using only his eyes. Not many people paid any attention to him, but there were still the unusual few that couldn't stop looking at his incredibly handsome face. None of it matter to Xiao Fang though, because he was so engrossed in the things he was seeing.

He eventually found a temporary place to live. Everything he owned was on his person so there wasn't really anything to unpack. He began practicing sword play alone in his room. Although he felt nearly proficient with the sword, he wasn't yet used to practicing with his new eyes. For the rest of the night he trained his hand eye coordination. Before he knew it, the sun had already come up and it was time to partake in the annual enterance exam.


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