My Twisted Romance
4 Whos Connyr?
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My Twisted Romance
Author :D3ATH_R053
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4 Whos Connyr?

@@He sat back down and i took a deep breath, and stared at his face. "whats wrong my love?" he said, returning to his happy self. "can i ask you something?" I say in a serious and almost upset tone. He stared at me for a moment, "yes, of course. whats the question?" he said in a cautious way. "whos Connyr?" I asked. He almost looked ashamed, "just a business partner of my dad." Me and Xavier were seniors at this time. "oh cool. what was he calling you about?" I said, "Just scheduling a meeting with my father." he replied. Why is he lying to me? i wondered. The night goes on and we return to our room. I change into sleep clothes and lay down. I'm upset that he lied to me but i understand, he's trying to protect me. I only heard a little of his conversation, i had to have misheard him, right? As my mind wanders i drift to sleep.

Morning came with a flash, I turn around and stretch my arms out across the bed were Xavier should be but he's gone. I get up and get dressed. I headed down to the lobby, no Xavier. Then I went to the Dinning room, no Xavier. Finally I go to Mr. Munoz office. (Xavier's dad, yes Xavier's last name is Munoz) As i approach the door i hear 3 voices, one is Xavier's, another is Mr. Munoz, but the other i dont know.



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