My Twisted Romance
3 New York New York
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My Twisted Romance
Author :D3ATH_R053
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3 New York New York

We had been riding for hours, when we finally reached New York. I had always wanted to go, and now because of him I would get to see the beautiful sights ever day. I knew his dad worked there. He own a hotel and resort. So not only was the guy that im dating hot and smart, he was also rich. As i walked into the hotel the bag guy grabbed my duffle and took it to my room. "Xavier, my son! I wasn't expecting you till later today!" Xavier's dad said. Then he turned to my and picked me up in a big teady bear like hug and said " I have heard so much about you! God, he described every small detail about you for hours on the phone!" I blushed and look up at Xavier, he was blushing to. As i limp to our room Xavier and his father escort me, "Are you ok? your limping" Xavier's dad asked. I stopped dead in my tracks, i didnt want to lie about it so i told him the truth, "well, thats because um, well we um , I..." and then just blurted out " I had sex... ...with your son, i mean of course with him, i mean um...." at this point me and Xavier both were beet red. His dad laughed and said " well good, hes been talking about you for a while. Trust me he wanted you really bad." I chuckled and then said "It was first week i fell for him" I bit my lip im wanting as I unlocked the door and stepped trough. Xavier followed behind me and his dad left with a cheerful goodbye. Xavier picked my up and lay me on bed. He un-buttoned my pants and I his. soon we are naked. my bed at home had only been a full size. we were on a queen size now. He had full dexterity and it was on a whole new level. my legs spread im every direction. This time I was screaming in pain, In love, in lust. For 6 hours He and i did it every were.On the bed, floor, table, wall, and my favorite the patio, before we left i had gotten a few things. he ball gagged me and handcuffed me to the bed. the cold steal of the handcuffs on my wrists only made me more wet. As he went down on me I screamed and moaned. "oh, oH, OH, Xavier. OH, Xavier. Deaper, harder." he stopped and gave me his and it was almost 4x thicker and juicer. by this time i had the hand cuffs off i shoved him down, making him lay there.I was on top now and i slid it in and went all the way down. he moaned saying "take me" and i picked up spead getting him harder. when we climaxed it was an ocean inside me. i bit his bottom lip as we kissed.

We got in the shower dirty from both sex and the ride over. it was already late we got dressed and headed down to the dinning hall. He pulled out my seat. and got me wine and sushi. He ate a plate of orange chiken and rice. When he got a call, "excuse me" he said and he got up from the table and took the call. I wondered what he was talking about and to whom. I heard only parts of the conversation like "i know..." "ill get it..." " i understand..." but one thing he said that really grabbed my attention was him saying " I can't bring her into this.... ....she cant Connyr. Because i dont want my girl friend to sell guns thats why!" i heard this and freaked. what could i do...


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