My Twisted Romance
2 Not coming back
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My Twisted Romance
Author :D3ATH_R053
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2 Not coming back

I placed my hand on his shoulder to help comfort him, even though i so badly wanted to grab him by the face and kiss him. He look at me and he said " Im leaving...

...and im not coming back" My eyes started to water as i ask "why?". "i can't risk you." he said. At this point i was full fledged crying, ,please, dont go!" ,i begged. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in for a hug but then stopped. I saw his eyes watering. "IM COMING WITH YOU!" i yeld. He turned to walk away, but not before i grabbed him by his shirt and hugged him from behind. He turned to face me, he looked hurt, like he was torn between this world and another. He raised his hand to my face cupping my face and whipping the tears from my face. "I love you" I said starring into his eyes. He let out a tear, leaned in an kissed me. It was so passionate so real so pure and lustfull. We stopped for a second to breathe as he said "I have always loved you". It had started to pour, so we ran to my house, no one was home. My parents were still working. I quickly unlocked the door. as he picked me off the ground and carried me through the door. My legs wrapped around his waist he sat me on the counter for a quick moment. We were in our own world. I stopped as he carried me up stairs. He trough me on my bed and swiftly removed all my clothes. I yanked off his pants as he pulled off his shirt. kissing passionately for a moment then he stopped, i asked " whats the matter?". He simply asked two questions: 1 "Are you a virgin?" 2 "is this okay?". I said yes to both, he smiled with a mischievous grin and said "I'll be carfull" we resumed kissing, kissing turn into moaning. He was rough yet hit the right spots. my fingers run through his hair as he softly bites my chest. He had me in full splits somthing i haven't been able to do since elementary. "Xavier, Oh Xavier, Harder, Harder" I moaned. He gave me what i asked for and more. He was a gentleman in public but freak in the sheates. His tounge could do unimaginable things. We hit all bases. We went on for hours. "You like this?!" he said as he tried a new position or trick. I always screamed back with excitement "yes, yes, Xavier, yes!" We were dripping in sweat. His tounge was on ever crevice of my body.

When we finally stopped we were both panting. He showered with me, but it wasnt about sex or lust it was about admiring my body, and appreciating me. I was so soar, i had bruses and hickeys every were. He washed my back and i washed his. after the shower we got dressed and I started packing. I had to leave before my parents came home. I would tell them i was to be staying with a friend out of town. i loaded my small duffle bage on his motorcycle and we road of into the sun set.


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