My Twisted Romance
1 before summer
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My Twisted Romance
Author :D3ATH_R053
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1 before summer

@@I had fallen for my best friend. who wouldn't? Xavier was top in his class, hot and was a true gentleman. Every one used to pick on me and call me names because i am adopted, but Xavier was always there to back me up, to protect me. We had met at a carnival that was passing through town. The director asked us on stage as "assistance". He asked for my number after the show, starting our friendship. I had just moved into town, he was the first friend made, making the move so much easier. When i found out i would be going to the same high school as him, i was so excited. But we didn't really have the same cliches i was not popular tall, big-footed, thick, yet curvy, dark brown eyes long brown hair and an olive-ish honey skin tone. While he on the other hand was tall, fit, perfectly chiseled with dirty blonde hair, green-hazel eyes and soft tan silky skin. Him a jock and me a misfit, we would never work. One day when he was walking me home as usual when he got a call. I could tell it upset him, his eyes went from happy to dead within seconds, i asked "whats wrong?" and his reply changed my whole prospective forever.



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