Love of a new age
7 A helpful stranger
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Love of a new age
Author :ayeeekaiden13
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7 A helpful stranger

@@*************Lina's POV***************

My food arrived in couple of minutes I couldn't help but gasp in surprise at the speed. I looked over my food it looked and smelled amazing. I took my first bite and couldn't help but groan in pleasure this is the best food I'd ever tasted.

I was going in for my second bite when little miss blue eyes came up to me and knocked over my tray. "You should be more careful." in voice that dripped false sympathy. I pushed some on the food off the table onto her dress "Do you think that'll stain?", I asked faking the same politeness. I saw miss blue eyes flash me a nasty look before she started to fake cry. Soon a crowd gathered and whispered among themselves " she made her cry." I could feel eyes on me as she contine to act. Just as i was about to say something a guy with big glass came up and looked at miss blue eyes. He calmly said " she's faking." Gasps echoed through the room. Mbe(miss blue eyes) looked stunned then stuttered " iiii amm nott." "I have prove" he said in a dramatic way. After he said that he used the Epad in his arms to put a video of mbe knock over my tray. Many people had schock etched on their faces ' how could she they all wondered.'

MBE immediately runs out of the cafeteria tears running down her face. I was about to leave so i could clean my clothes when the guy with the big glasses flicked his eyes towards the hallway.



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