Love of a new age
6 Oh brother
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Love of a new age
Author :ayeeekaiden13
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6 Oh brother

After I sat down about a minute later the girl with the blue eyes ran away crying. I glanced up for only a moment then returned my attention to the book I was try to find. Just as I found my book the teacher told us it was time for class.

The First Prince decided to give the teacher some face* and he sat down next to me. The Second Prince went to his seat at the front and sat down. After everyone was seated the teacher told everyone to take their math books out.

*********** Lina's POV********************

After three classes passed by without an incident I was exhausted and wanted to go home. I walked out of the class room and headed to the cafeteria.

When I got there I finally understood why Catlyn academy was labeled as the most prestigious school for the rich.

The walls had a futuristic silver color to them, the chair where hovering above the ground. I gasped in amazement not knowing I was being watched the whole time.

*************FP POV**********************

I watched Lina stare at the cafeteria in amazement and I couldn't help but find it comical that she found such simple things amazing.

I didn't notice a smile danced upon my lips. My brother walked up to me with a terrified expression "Big bro are you smiling!? " He asked in horror. His voice snapped me out of my trance and grabbed a certain amazed girls attention. Lina turned around and looked at me but by then my smiled had melted and I was ferociously glaring at my brother.

Then I smelled and extremely strong perfume and immediately got a headache. I turned to see Charlotte Homes and all her phonyness approaching me. As she got closer I wondered if I could still run but I has that thought to late as she jumped in front of me.

I looked at her with annoyance but before I could tell her to leave she cut me off to say in her annoyingly high pitched voice " I'm sorry I upset you Baby I won't blindly expose our relationship again.

Even though she said this she said it loud enough for everyone to hear including Lina who seemed to be the only one who ignored the situation but was instead choosing what to eat for lunch.

*****************Lina's POV***************

I turned was engrossed in the decor but when I heard the Second Prince ask if the First Prince was smiling I had to turn and see for myself but sadly all I saw was him glaring at his brother.

So turnes my head back to lunch and made my way to one of tha many food options. I stood there pondering what type of food I should eat I heared a familiar voice which I recognized to be Miss. blue eyes she loudly stated that she would keep the First Prince and her relationship a secret causing many in the cafeteria to gasp. Knowing she probably was try to make me jealous or warn me I promptly ignored her.

I settled for dumplings, soup and Bao* for lunch and picked a seat before ordering on the digital menu.

(Bao- it's a bread roll filled with steamed meat or vegetables

Face- It's like someone's dignity)


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