Love of a new age
5 The encounter
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Love of a new age
Author :ayeeekaiden13
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5 The encounter

@@Again the class stood and bowed and stood saying in unison " Hello Second Prince".

I followed suit and didn't make a fool of myself this time.The boy scanned the class until falling upon my face then he look at the prince and smiled. He strolled into the class and said" I apologize for interrupting the class please continue what you were doing."

The class went back to what they were doing a few girls came up to the Second prince and offered him breakfast,which he gracefully declined.He walked next to the prince showing a gentle smile on his face and asked " Who the lovely lady you're talking to big bro?"

' Oh so they're brothers' I thought to myself still confused about the Prince thing. I opened my mouth to reply and I feel a murderous glaze resting on my face. I turn to see a stunning girl with blue eyes and bright blonde hair. I turn back to the Princes and said calmly "My name is Lina".

Right after I said that the girl with the blue eyes ran up to us and smiled greeting the second Prince then turn to the second Prince and held up some stuffed bunsbuns treating me as if I'm air. She said sweetly " Honey you should eat breakfast "

The second Prince held in a laugh as the first Prince looked at her with cold eyes and said " Who gave you the right to talk to me"?

She blinked then said " What are you saying I'm your girlfriend "

He sneered and said " I would never have such an ugly girlfriend "

I stood there in total shock wondering if this guy was blind but I then remembered the murderous look she gave me earlier and took my seat clearly this is none of my business.



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