Love of a new age
3 How it all began
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Love of a new age
Author :ayeeekaiden13
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3 How it all began

The bay in the door made his way towards Lina. Lina subconsciously shivered because of the guys cold hazel eyes. All of a sudden all her classmates even her teacher got up and bowed to the boy "Hello first prince" they all said in unison. Lina suddenly heard a whisper saying " get up new girl before the prince kicks you out of school". Lina scrabble out her seat and whisper back to the voice " he can do that? " Then a nice scent of cologne enter her nostrils and she heard a deep voice say"yes I can". At first she was confused then she remembered her earlier question and she looked up and saw the same handsome face that was the cause of all the ruckus in the middle of class. The "Prince" paused and said "why are you in my row? " The teacher stepped up with her head bowed and said while shaking " first prince I told her she could sit there until we get her desk because there aren't anymore seats ".The Prince pondered and said "ok she can sit there but if she does anything to annoy me you'll be held responsible." The prince told his classmates to sit and took his seat beside Lina. Then not even five minutes later another loud noise was heard.


Lina looked up again to see yet another handsome face but this one was light skin with light brown eyes and had similar jaw and nose to the Prince they could pass for brothers. The boy scanned the class.


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