Love of a new age
2 How it began
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Love of a new age
Author :ayeeekaiden13
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2 How it began

Lina knock on the door and heard a smooth deep voice say "come in". Lina hesitantly open the door to see a tall man with smooth light skin that match his voice the man couldn't be considered attractive but his aura makes him appear handsome. The man smiled and kindly said " please have a seat Lina. I'm principal Michael nice to meet you". Lina smiled, shook the man's hand, and sat in a velvet chair."Nice to meet you" she said weakly. The man handed her a paper with her schedule on it. He got up from his seat and walked towards the door, looked at his watch and said "you should be in second period follow me". Lina quickly got up and followed the man trying to keep his pace. At the third hallway from the office they slowly came to a stop at room 2-1 the room dedicated for the top of the juniors in the school. " Don't be nervous Lina their just people too " she thought. Lina walked to the door slowly and calmly pushed the door open.Principal Michael introduced Lina to the class " Hello everyone this is your new classmate named Lina do your best to make her comfortable". The principal turned and left and Lina was left standing there in the middle of the room with all eyes on her. The teacher said " your seat is the in the last row the middle seat ". Lina missed the teacher nervously lower her eyes and say a small prayer for her. Lina kept her emotions in check and put on her calm face and took her seat. About twenty minutes into class.


A loud noise came from the door. Startled Lina looked up to see the most gorgeous boy she had ever seen with smooth dark skin, hazel eyes, and a chiseled jaw, and the most perfect nose in history.


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