Love of a new age
1 How it all began
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Love of a new age
Author :ayeeekaiden13
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1 How it all began

It's Lina's first day of school at Catlyn academy the prestigious school for the rich.Lina looked at her outfit to make sure everything was perfect she looked at he long black hair that went great with her dark almost black almond eyes she smoothed out her all white collared shirt and her navy skirt she made sure to buckle her black sandals. Lina's extremely nervous because she's only a scholarship student and come from a "low income family" well that's what it says on the application she actually is the daughter of the richest man in country YZ. Who goes by the name Hadassah but so she doesn't encounter threats and fake friends she hides her identity and pretends to be some one who comes from lower incomes. So instead of the car her dad wants to drive her in she rides a bike to school and arrives a early so she goes to the admission office. When she gets there she's greeted by beautiful women who has big long curls, big light brown eyes that contrast her dark brown skin. Lina gives the lady a big smile which the beautiful lady returns. Then Lina says " I'm sorry to bother-" She was cut off by the lady who said "I know what you're going to say we've been expecting you Lina go right to the back and the principal's the last door it's all black you can't miss it". Lina thanked the lady and slowly started to walk to the back.
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