Immortal Life
5 Insanity
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Immortal Life
Author :godwolf
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5 Insanity

Short guy - W-what the fuck?"

I then noticed that I kil-killed someone... Out of no where my body starts to glow and then blood red wings appear from my back as my hair turns white and my eyes get even more red, it seems that I have truly awakened. All of a sudden when the transformation of my body completes I, who now seems to not be in control of my body starts to go on a killing rampage starting with that short guy who just was crying and looking at me in disbelief, he even pissed his pants. I walk over to him while he says "Ple-please don-" but before he could finish 'I'

chopped of his head and then started walking in the school and repeated this until the area was filled with blood and bodies all around, all mutilated and chopped up into pieces that aren't even recognizable. I look all around me and notice that the school walls that used to be the color of brown and white are now filled with red stains of blood, but this is only the beginning...


Meanwhile in a dark place where there is literally no sound and the very existence of the darkness seems to move while breaking apart and showing red spots within those holes but then it closes again. One of those holes open and out comes two people.

"It seems he is awakening his carnal desire for destruction and death." then one of those people nod their head while waving there hand and once that happens a small universe suddenly appears in this dark space and they both look at it while one says "It looks like he is destined for greatness but first we must send him some where so that he may adapt to his new found powers and also we will limit him to that of a first rank Vampire" while the other person says "Yes, I agree but you're missing something. He shall receive the Slaughter System that I created so that he may reach back to his rank and also transcend to the level of us, gods.".

When they finished the conversation they both nodded and suddenly the universe that appeared shined with a bright light and dissipated into one of those rifts of the dark space.

One of the people laughed maniacally and yelled out into the dark abyss "Let our lord, death become who he once was and wreak havoc among the Realms Of Truth!" once those words were spoken they both vanished into nothingness but once they did a white light came then went.


I suddenly waked up and noticed that I was on a mountain of corpses, it seems that around me there were bodies upon bodies of the dead and I was in a city? Wait my mother! I ran and ran as fast as my legs took me and arrived at my house, I opened the door and what awaited me was something that totally and utterly broke I, John Smith. I yelled and cried while asking the gods or whoever created me "Why? What did I do to deserve this! Curse you and I hope you fucking die. AHhhhhAHAHHAAHHhahaH!" a pain so bad hit my head and I started to cry but in place of the tears was actually blood and all my body ached and broke apart while I started to scream even more " AHHHHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHH" I could not take it anymore and suddenly passed out...

The white light appeared once again and that beautiful and voluptuous lady walked out of the light that seemed to shine white while it sporadically was shaking. The women whose name is Jane walked up to John and said " Poor child you are not deserving of this but you must overcome the tribulations that are ahead of you and so in order for me to help you I shall grant this last blessing of mine." then she closed her space black eyes and chanted these words "I, Goddess of Death grant John Smith the blessing of eternity with darkness!" then all of a sudden the world distorts and she erases john's memory of this world and only places the ones with his caring and loving mother. She now appears with john in a different world and takes johns body while taking his soul out of this broken body and searches for a suitable host. A child running from a beast the size of an elephant piqued her interest and she teleported in front of this child and all of a sudden stopped time and put her hand through the child's body while grabbing the soul out of the body and putting johns into it, there we go now that he has a new body I shall leave as I cannot stay in this mortal plane for much longer I shall do one last thing fore' I leave. I kill that beast with a wave of my porcelain white hand

and then I say "Goodbye my husband I hope you regain all of your powers and memories of the past" she kissed him on the lips and teleported away with that white light never to be seen again.


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