Im On Top Of The World
4 Purging!
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Im On Top Of The World
Author :NeiL000
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4 Purging!

After being glared by Troy even for just a moment, it makes the Patriarch soul to shiver. With out further ado, he hurriedly explain the whole situation, including the declaration of war to the Peerless Sect by his son.

"Master, this is what actually happen. During the Yearly Assesment of juniors our disciples and your Peerless Sect disciple had gotten on a fight. This cause the disciple of my sect or to be more precise my grandson to be heavily injured, my son the current leader of Blue Cloud Sect, due to anger, he had bring our Blue Cloud Sect here to directly wage war against your sect, luckily I arrived on time and stop my foolish son for his impulsive action. I request your benevolence to have mercy on us in this matter." kneeling while explaining, only the Blue Cloud Sect Patriarch can do this kind of thing. Of course he did not mention the real reason that his son is here is for the hidden wealth of the Peerless Sect. His injured grandson is only an excuse that his son had mobilize to attack the Peerless Sect on Broad Daylight, unfortunately all of that is only wishfull thingking anymore.

For a 200 years old Sect to not have a treasure on their treasury even if they're on decline will be akin to saying an emperor doesn't have any concubines.

Of course, Troy had already seen through the small lie that this Patriarch had said, but he did not mind this tiny lies, for him, with his strength, small lie's like this is only a futile struggle of the weak before their death.

His eyes surveyed the opposing Blue Cloud Sect but what he saw only make him feel disappointed. He glance at the Patriarch of Peerless Sect, "Kid you make a decision."

The Patriarch arrange the Blue Cloud Sect to leave immediatelt, he may want to punish them by this act of impudence, he know that this is not the current one, especially when their founder came home after a hundred years or so.

After the Blue Cloud Sect leave, he notice that the founder is happily chatting in the new generation of the Peerless Sect. This make him realize that what his father had said about this man is really true. Kind, but dangerous.

Troy disappeared on his sight and the next moment, he is already on his side.

"The death of your father, you can elaborate that to me in the future. For now, gather all the people inside the sect let's have the mole get out of their hole."


Outside the Main Hall of Peerless Sect.

Thousands of people are gathering. Mixture of old and young people talking to each other.

"I heard that our founder has return, I wonder what he looks like."

"They said that his extremely young and handsome"

"What are you saying his young? His our founder, hes definetely older than the Patriarch"

"Silence! the patriarch is here" one of the old people said to the youngsters who is gossiping at his side.

The Patriarch, the Grandmaster, the hidden Elder's and the Elders of the Peerless Sect can be seen walking towards the platform, they notice that there's a teenage boy accompanying them, they think that he may be the grandchild of one of those unfamiliar faces.

When they sit, they notice that the one sitting on the very center is the teenage boy itself, below him is the Patriarch and the Grandmaster, and below the Grandmaster and Patriarch are those Unfamiliar Elders, those elders that had always seen and respected can only squat on the platform directly.

Martalino the Patriarch procedeed to introduce the Hidden Elders and Troy the founder, to the people present. The people made an uproar when they see that the founder's appearance is not any older than them, he might even be younger than most them. The image that of an old founder on their heart has crumbled into pieces. They thought that one of those unfamiliar elders was the founder. Unknown to them that their founder is already over many hundred years old and is even older thn those elder looking people.

After introducing Troy to the people, he discuss the real intention of the gathering this time. "Today, we are gathering not only because our founder had returned but also to purge the spy's that the other sect had planted inside." He notice that many people had already started to pale, including those that are present when Troy had arrive earlier.

While smiling Troy get up from his seat, "Those spy out there, you have a chance to be spared, if you have the courage to step up and admit willingly."

Thirty or so people ran to the platform and kneeled down, asking for forgiveness, they wish to be spared. They are the one who saw for themselves the real strength of Troy. That killing intent that he excudes can be felt even though he is still miles away from them.

Those spy who did not know about this only harrumph, they thought that those spy that had surrendered are so sissy that they immediately surrendered with out a fight. As for themselves, they are confident to their skills, they have been a spy for more than a decade and they are not being suspected the slightest. They only wore a smug on their faces not minding the little game their supposed founder had started.

Troy admires courageous people, he ask Martalino to handle this matter and punish them accordingly before they will be release. When Martalino ask why they have to be released, he responded that he has his own reason for doing so.

"I know there are still many of you out there, I will count to 10 if you still did not come sigh* I dont have a say anymore. 1...2...3..." Troy counted slowly, fourteen people had already came to the platform when he finish his counting.

He flick his finger to add the gesture on his awesomeness and hundreds of people rose up to the air.

Troy really likes to add flashy things on his move, previously, he could've gotten a little faster since he can already teleport to a designated on a mere thought, but he still choose to travel running on the air because he thinks that such flashy move must be shown to the world.

The hundreds of peole that is raise on the air could only wriggle their body in attempt to struggle free from the mysterious thing that had lifted them on the air.


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