Dark Hope
18 Dangerous Round
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Dark Hope
Author :Hiva_11
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18 Dangerous Round

Capri, Jason and Jerryna after reach the Royal palace. They meet a arrogant person Sky. The one who humiliate Jerryna.

He said "Here see.... Some losers are going to attend the exam"

Jerryna got angry and she said.. "We are not a loser. Just watch we are going to make history "

Sky : you guys doesn't deserve the guardian post.. This time I will never show mercy to you losers.

Jason : ya you may correct.. We are losers..but these losers gonna beat you down soon...

Sky got angry and he choke Jason neck at that time Sky father Max entered into the ground, he is the incharge of the 1st round exam.

Max : welcome all candidates..

He start to explain about the rounds and rules. Then a one of the elite magic user visit to see the guardian exam

All guardians are respect the elite magic user and his name was "Riko"
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They all treat him as like king...

Capri saw the whole thing including elite magic user attitude, style and the everyone treat him as like a king...

He inspired about the elite magic user.. His inner thoughts are " wow what a man..? He is not a king but they all treat him as king.. There are four elite magic user, he is the one of them.. If I am became elite magic user they all gonna treat me like this... So I am sure I will make it..."

Jason :Capri are you all right..?

Capri : ya just look at that man he is so cool..

And max announced the first round rule and explained what type of rounds are there.

Everyone start discussing about that exam.

Suddenly Capri face reaction are changed, his whole body start to sweating, he look like so depression...

Jason : what happen to you...? Capri..

Capri : This is not possible.. This is a worst day in my life.. Please somebody save me..

Jerryna : what do you mean just say what was your problem...

Capri : you guys are don't know.. The first round is Written exam...

Jason and Jerryna didn't react surprisingly, they take it easy and surprised about Capri reaction

Jerryna : oh poor Capri written exam was so easy.. you idiot

Jason : That is a easy way to pass the 1st round.

Capri shock about Jason answer..

Capri : you guys are prepare for everything... Oh god please save me form my idiots friends

And they move to exam hall

There are over 100 candidates to attend the exam, they all send into a room and they alot the seperate place to each one of the candidates.

Jason and Jerryna worried about Capri because he not well in written exam.

The exam time was three hours...

After several time passed.. In the exam they asked about the fighting tactics and types

magic. After the exam over results was published in evening.

Finally they results also published on notice board . Everyone searching their name. Capri and Jason, Jerryna also checking whether they pass or fail.

Only top 50 people are going to next round.

Jerryna name listed at number 25. Jason still looking for his name. Jerryna saw the notice board and shocked.

Capri: why are you shocking Jerryna...

Capri also shocked about the result, they saw Jason name at top 2 that means he is passed and he scored good marks.

But Jason still searching for his name in notice board.

Jerryna : hey your name are in top 2 order, why still searching...

Jason : already know my name was in the top..

Jerryna : then why are you still searching..

Jason : I am searching for.. Capri name still I can't see his name.

Jerryna and Jason feel bad about Capri...

And finally Jason found capri name at end of the list.. He passed and he took place at number 50. That means he also eligible to next round.

Jason feel bad about Capri that he scored very low mark.

And Jason ready to give some advice and Care to Capri because capri feel hopeless about the result.

But Capri saw his name at pass list then his face changed into extremely happy and he feel good, he didn't believe his eyes thus he really pass the exam.

Jason : capri are you really happy..

Capri : off course see there Jason!... I really passed in written exam did you believe that?

Jerryna and Jason surprised about Capri reaction and laughed together with Capri.


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