DIO Reborn
2 Stand!
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DIO Reborn
Author :netap
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2 Stand!

Its been a year and a half since I was first brought to this world, I finally manged to bring out my stand, HOLY DIVER, as with THE WORLD, it allows me to stop time, the difference is I can stop time for everything in the world for a short duration or stop the time for several object for a longer duration, It looks nearly the same, yet a bit more mechanic in the face.

"Dio dear, The Joestars are visiting, try to act nice with Jonathan"

"Okay" I answer my mom, I started talking 6 months ago, Jojo only started 4 months ago! I am still better!!

"Hello Dio" says Jonathan as I enter the living room, "Hello" I greet him back, "Lets go to my room" I tell him, "Sure" He says and we start to waddle towards my room, "Look how cute they are" says Jonathan's Mom after we exit.

"What is your Stand Jojo?" I ask after we enter my room, "I have no Idea what you are talking about" he says, "Don't act dumb with me Jojo! I know you have a stand! we had the same body for a century! You must have gotten a stand when you Reincarnated!!" I say, trying to act intimidating is hard when I look like this.

"Fine, yes I have a stand" he says, "What is it?" I ask, I need to know what his stand power is.
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"Here, COME TOGETHER" he says, and his Stand appears, it is a humanoid stand, Its right side is red while its left side is black, "This is my stand, Come Together, It allows me to create amalgamations, I can fuse a cat with a dog and create a new species, I don't want to try and do something on a larger scale as I don't know what will happen, What is your stand? let me guess, THE WORLD?" he explains and asks me for my stand, I bring out my stand, "HOLY DIVER, my stand, allows me to stop time for anything, the universe, or a single object, making it freeze in time where it was, It cant be moved" I explain to Jonathan, "Cool!" he says, wow he really has that child act going on.


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