Curse the heavens
2 Chapter 2
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Curse the heavens
Author :Razor_Vortex
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2 Chapter 2

"I was an orphan who struggled to reach the very peak of martial cultivation.I went through numerous life and death situations to be strong enough to determine my destiny and stay with the one i loved,only to be poisoned by the one i love "replied Wang Su as he stared at the heavens with a sad expression as he coughed out a mouthful of blood

"You despicable man,the heavenly scripture belongs to Fang Mu.How dare you talk like this after you have stolen his stuff,you really deserve death a thousand times.Do you really think you are strong enough to determine your future? "

"You are just an ant unable to reach the apex" laughed Chu Qing scornfully

"HA HA HA HA HA " an abrupt maniac laughter tore off his throat.It shook the surrounding peak with a menacing sound as it sent chills down the spine of all the gathered cultivator

Suddenly there was a gathering of violent Qi around the body of Wang Su,As there a strong fluctuation in space

"He is trying to escape through space" shouted one of the elders of the Chu clan.

Wang Su stared at all the cultivators surrounding him as though wanting to imprint their image in to as he was about to escaped.

He felt a sharp pain as a sword qi made it's way into his body shattering his meridians and space surrounding thus making the secret talisman useless.

He stared as Fang Mu with a shocked expression because he was the one who made the move "If you quietly hand the scripture over i can still save your pitiful life" said Fang Mu with a gloating tone

"The heavens have really forsaken me,CURSE THE HEAVENS for making me go through this hardship " cried the bloodied Wang Su as he stared as the cloud filled sky.

He thought back to the wooden scripture which was written in a peculiar language that he acquired in the ancient ruins, that was currently lying in his mind.He tried to make the first word out of it .

There was a gathering of thick dark cloud in the sky,everyone stared at the thick clouds with a shocked expression as a lightning bolt descended on the crippled Wang Su for defying the heavens.

Wang Su escaped death by a breath because he has a very strong body.He stared at the cloud as the second lightning bolt was about to descend.

"It looks like I cannot escape death today " said the burnt Wang Su as he stared at the terror stricken members of both clan as the second lightning bolt descended and obliterate his soul.

The third one fell and destroyed his body to nothingness,there was silence all over the peak as the both clan were still shocked about what happened


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