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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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44 Consider Being a Butcher

Just before Draco was able to answer, they suddenly heard suspicious sounds coming from somewhere nearby.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

"Shh!" Casimir motioned Draco to stay quiet and began heading towards where the sound came from.

When they rounded the corner, they saw it.

A monster more than three meters in height, had long arms, and stubby legs. It's whole body was rancid, smelling like mud, sweat, and grime that hadn't been washed for decades. It was a troll!

They saw the troll enter the girls washroom and a few moments later, there was a scream.

"Aaahhh!!!" There was a person inside!

"Let's run while we can, Marie!" Draco began pulling Casimir away to escape, his face contorting in fear.

"There's a person in there." Casimir replied calmly.

"I don't care! Let's go!" Draco was starting to panic.

"Draco. Draco! Listen to me!" Casimir gripped Draco's shoulders hard to make him calm down. "Draco... I need you to go find the professors. As quickly as you can."

"Me?! But what about you?!" Draco asked Casimir, horrified.

"I need to get that person out of the washroom." Casimir answered gravely.

"But...!" Draco hesitated.

"Draco... I need you to trust me. Can you do that?" Casimir asked seriously.

"I..." Draco had a hesitant expression but, his eyes slowly glowed with determination.


"Go. Quickly." Casimir pushed Draco away, towards the staircase that led to the great hall.

"I'll trust you this time, Marie." Draco said as he turned away, running towards the staircase. "Don't you dare let me down, idiot!"

It's just a single troll, Draco. It's not enough to bring me down just yet. Casimir thought to himself, heading towards the girls washroom.


When Hermione skipped three classes straight to hole herself up in the girls washroom down in the dungeons, she didn't expect to hear sudden, loud footfalls that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Nor did she expect to see a gigantic troll when she peeked through the door of the stall she was in.

No, it was all a horrifying surprise to her. So, she did the first thing her body told her to do; close the door and scream.

This then, led the troll to discover her location and began heading towards her.

Frightened, all she could do was tremble and wait for help to come.

Fortunately for her, help did arrive. Just not the one she had expected.

Casimir snuck into the washroom, unnoticed by the troll and, after watching the troll's actions, he realized that it was actually very slow and very clumsy, only using its huge body size and enormous strength to overpower its opponents. Aside from that, it practically had no skill to speak of.

Casimir licked his lips. It was exactly this type of opponent that he was most skilled against.

Without further ado, he directly pulled out his choice of weapon from his bag; the Egyptian sickle-sword that his father had gifted to him years back. Finally, it would have its chance to taste blood for the first time on this day.

But, first thing's first, he had to get the person trapped inside the stall out before having his fun.

With a starting sprint, Casimir ran straight towards the troll and leapt high up to kick its weak spot at the back of its neck while hitting its temple with the blunt handle of his sword, dazing it and causing it to stumble to the ground.

Taking this chance, Casimir landed on the ground stably and ran towards the closed stall. He yanked the door roughly and opened it, revealing a horrified Hermione inside.

"Miss Granger, let's go!" Casimir shouted and tried to pull Hermione away but, the girl was frozen stiff as if she had been petrified.

The troll was starting to get up, not leaving much time for hesitation so, Casimir just pulled Hermione roughly and began running towards the door.

What he didn't expect was, two boys suddenly entered the washroom just when he was about to run out, causing them to crash into each other and fall on the ground.

At this time, the troll had finally gotten up and turned its sights to them in rage.

With a resounding roar, it charged towards them, its wooden club waving around wildly.

In moments like this, a bad teammate was scarier than a good opponent.

"Damn you, Potter!" Casimir yelled out and stood up as fast as he could and grabbed his sword, just in time to deflect the club which was aimed to smash their heads open.

"Get out of here, now!" He screamed at the three people who seemed to have frozen behind him, his shoulders aching from the force impacted on them.

Even though he had been training for a few months already, coupled by his experience being a top assassin once, it still didn't change the fact that his current body was still too weak. It was already a miracle that he had deflected the full forced attack from a troll!

Hearing his scream, the three finally reacted and scrambled away, giving him enough room to battle with the troll.

"Bring it on, you big monkey!" Casimir yelled out, challenging the troll with his sword pointed right at it.

"Graaaaahhhh!!!" The troll roared at him in reply, the smell of mold, decay, and dirty sewer water, billowing out towards Casimir.

Then, it charged.

The moment it did, however, Casimir moved as well, running towards the wall to his right and leapt, using the wall to propell himself upwards and somersaulted, his body flying in a clean arc right above the troll's head.

While he was airborne, he extended his right hand where he held the sword and slashed hard.

At this moment, Draco finally returned, followed by McGonagall, Snape, and Quirrell. What they saw inside the washroom, however, was not the gory sight they were expecting.


In front of everyone's eyes, a headless troll stood, its head rolling on the ground near its feet and soon, its body followed, falling on the ground with a loud thud.

Everyone then, turned to look at the boy who stood at the very front, holding a bloody sword in his hand.For some reason, aside from his sword, his body was free from blood...or any dirt for that matter.


"Marie, I think it would be better if you'd choose a different career aside from being a wizard." Draco suddenly said, breaking the silence. "Being a butcher might do you more good."


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