Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
43 Every Seeker Needs a Supportive Husband- I mean, Beater
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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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43 Every Seeker Needs a Supportive Husband- I mean, Beater

"How are you and Potter suddenly so familiar with each other?" Draco asked as they were walking towards the quidditch field.

"Well, some things happened and now, we're more or less acquainted, I guess." Casimir shrugged.

"... Are you gonna tell me what kind of things happened?" Draco had an eyebrow raised in suspicion.

"I don't think you should know..." Casimir answered mischievously.

Casimir and Draco arrived at the field just in time for the Slytherin team to finish their practice, having a last minute glimpse on how each of them cooperate with each other.

Although there were supposed to be seven players in a quidditch team, they only saw five people playing. Perhaps the people they were supposed to be replacing had already left or were forced to leave. Anyways, it wasn't any of their business anymore.

When the team landed on the ground, signaling the end of their practice, Marcus finally noticed the two of them and began heading their way, followed by the rest of the team. "Hey, you're here early!"

After introducing each of the players to them, they immediately began guiding the two into their roles. As the captain, Marcus personally taught Draco how to be a qualified seeker, while Casimir was being guided by the other beater in the team, Allen Beech.

"If I may ask, why was the previous beater removed from the team?" Casimir asked the older student curiously.

"Oh that guy? You don't need to worry too much about him. Nobody in the team liked him much. He was playing too much like a Hufflepuff, you get me?" Allen said dismissively, guiding Casimir on how to hold the bat properly.

"You grip the bat like this here. Your dominant hand should be the one holding the bat at most times. Never let it go else you'd be defenseless if the bloody bludger decides to suddenly hit your face. Wham! You'd be the first casualty in centuries!" Allen joked.

"What if my dominant hand is both my hands?" Casimir asked seriously.

"...You serious bout that, kid?"Allen stared at Casimir in surprise.

"Yes..?" Casimir just asked casually but was taken aback by Allen's exaggerated reaction.

Suddenly, Allen drew closer to Casimir and whispered. "Don't tell anyone this talent of yours, kid. When the time is right, this could prove to be our team's hidden hand! Quite literally!"

"How?" Casimir was confused.

"You know, most beaters only use one hand to carry their bat, right? In their dominant hand. That makes it difficult for them to maneuver the bat when the bludger passes through their less dominant side. So, since you can freely switch hands, this'll prove to be a great asset, you feel me?" Allen whispered seriously.

"Mm... I see..." Casimir whispered as well.

"But! That aside, I better teach you how to be a good beater now!" Allen patted Casimir's shoulder and handed him a bat. "C'mon! Show me the skills that got you recommended by Snape!"

With that said, the bludger was released.


"Proulx! Wait! No! Stop!!!" Allen was nearly in tears, trying to run away from the bludger that Casimir had just sent flying accurately right at him on his broom. "Are you trying to kill me, Proulx?!"

"Now that is how Slytherins play!" Marcus and the other chasers laughed heartily at their other teammate's suffering.

"You asked for it, Allen! Who told you to insult Draco in my presence, huh?" Casimir yelled back, playfully twirling the bat on his hand as he hovered on his broom. "Only I am permitted to do that!"

"Fine! I'm sorry!" Allen cried out, dodging away from the crazed bludger, making everyone laugh.

What most of them didn't notice though, was that, Draco, sitting on his broom at another corner of the field, had a downcast expression. It was obvious that, whatever insult Allen said had hit him hard.

After the practice ended, Casimir dragged Draco down to the dungeons. "Come. Have a walk with me."

Seeming to be out of it, Draco just followed him blindly.

It had already been two months since they had started studying at Hogwarts and today was Halloween; an unfamiliar celebration for Casimir.

Fortunately, due to this reason, most of the students were already at the great hall, enjoying their Halloween feast, leaving the dungeons empty.

Suddenly, Casimir stopped walking, nearly making Draco bump into his back. "Draco, to be honest, when compared to Potter, you're a bit worse off than him in being a seeker."

Draco had his head lowered, teeth gritted, and his hands were clenched into fists. "Shut it, Marie."

Casimir heard the fury in his voice but, this was something that had to be said sooner or later. It was better this way that he was the one to tell him instead of someone else. "You're not decisive enough, not fast enough, not concentrated enough. You get distracted easily, get arrogant too easily, get mad too easily."

Draco was starting to tremble in anger. He knew what Casimir was saying was all true but, he didn't want to listen to any of it. "Shut up, Marie!"

Casimir acted as if he didn't hear him. "Most importantly... You don't trust enough."

Draco looked at Casimir in surprise. "What..?"

"It's fine if you don't trust our opponents. It's fine if you don't trust our captain. It's even fine if you don't trust our other teammates!" Casimir smiled at Draco helplessly. "But... Can't you even put your trust in me?"

"I..." Draco hesitated.


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