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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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42 Father“s Questionable Gifts

That morning, during breakfast, the most awaited visitor had finally arrived.

Bleu, the falcon, came swooping in, carrying a small basket filled with what was assumed to be Casimir's birthday gift.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Open it!" It seemed like, after being friends for years already, Draco had become used to Mr. Proulx's amazing presents and was now more excited than the actual receiver when it came to opening them.

Speaking of receiving presents, after Mr. Proulx had known Draco's date of birth, he too, had begun sending equally great presents to the boy yearly, which made the relationship of both families feel much closer. This then, ended up with Lucius visiting more often to just casually chat with Alexander over tea.

Casimir shook his head wryly and opened the top of the basket.

Inside, unlike the presents from the previous years, were a few plain-looking books but, after taking them out and reading the covers, they discovered that they were far from being plain.

"Guide and Tips to Becoming an Animagus?!" Theodore exclaimed, picking up one of the books, attracting curious glances from the other students.

"Advanced Alchemy?! Hexes, Jinxes, and Basic Curses?!" Draco had his eyes wide upon reading the covers of two other books. "Aren't those dark arts?!"

"The Possibility of Immortality..?" Pansy suddenly reached out to take one book. "How absurd!"

"I think we should keep these books a secret." Theodore whispered, glancing around to see if there were any professors nearby.

"Hey! I think there's something else in the basket." Crabbe pointed out. And there really was something else in there!

A pair of black earmuffs and a letter.

My Son,

(Casimir: Will it kill you to write 'dear' in your letters?!)

You might be confused about the use of the earmuffs. I will just clarify that those earmuffs are no ordinary earmuffs. They are enchanted with a spell which allows you to hear and eavesdrop on any conversation within your line of sight. In short, it is a spyware device. I have decided that, on your eleventh birthday, you are already old enough and responsible enough to come in contact with our family's line of business; intelligence. Do have fun with it and, Happy Birthday.

Your father

After Casimir had read the letter, Draco immediately snatched the letter from his hands and began reading. "Spyware device?!" He exclaimed, then, stared at Casimir dubiously. "You father gives you questionable presents."

(Casimir: Father, why did you write in English?)

"My thoughts exactly." Casimir replied but still wore the earmuffs. Fortunately, he could choose to turn off the eavesdropping function when he wanted to, or else, he would just hear everything around him every time he wore it.

So, he decided that, unless necessary, he would not turn on the function and just wear the earmuffs as an accessory, the same way he wore the scarf Draco gave him.

Just then, right when Casimir had packed the books inside the basket, Harry and Ron passed behind him. "Happy Birthday, Casimir." Harry greeted in an unsure voice. "I'm not entirely sure if it is really your birthday today. I just heard it from the others."

"Heard is an understatement, Harry. Everyone was talking about it!" Ron had an ugly scowl on his face as he and Draco began to have a glaring match, looking about ready to start a fight any time soon.

"Thank you, Harry. It really is my birthday today. Got any presents?" Casimir had a teasing smile on his face as he winked at Harry.

"I-I..." Harry stuttered, looking around awkwardly.

"Haha! It's fine! I was just joking!" Casimir laughed and slapped Harry's shoulder reassuringly. "Even my own best friend didn't give me a present!"

"Who said I had no present for you?!" Draco suddenly interjected. "I haven't just given it yet!"

"Oh really? Where is it then?" Casimir had an eyebrow raised.

"It's... Somewhere, alright! I'll give it to you when I feel like it!" Draco snorted haughtily, making Casimir and Harry laugh.

They don't seem so bad after all. Harry thought to himself. Maybe Ron just heard more of the bad things about them than the good things.

"Well, will you look at that? It's nearly time for quidditch practice!" Draco suddenly stood up, still glaring at Ron. "We better get going, Marie. Don't want to be late for practice like the Weaselys, don't we?"

"Come on, Draco. Play nice." Casimir laughed.

"Yeah, Malfoy. Play nice. Don't want your father to know about this, do you?" Ron mocked Draco.

"Oh, I'm so scared! I don't want the entire Weasely army to suddenly barge into my room in the middle of the night for making their precious Ronny cry." Draco mocked back.

"Weasely army?!" Ron exclaimed.

"What? I think it's quite befitting. There's around a hundred of you Weaselys scattered around the world!" Draco snorted.

Meanwhile, Casimir and Harry just looked at each other helplessly, rolling their eyes at their respective friend's childishness.

In the end, Casimir had to drag Draco away and Harry had to drag Ron. "Well, I'll see you when I see you, Potter!" Casimir said and began to head to the quidditch field, dragging Draco by the arm with Theodore following them.

"Yeah, see you, Casimir!" Harry waved and watched them leave.


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