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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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41 Early Morning Ambiguity

The next morning, everyone already heard about the three year one students who have become part of the quidditch teams for their houses.

Unsurprisingly, this started a controversy about who the youngest of them was. Each of them debating on which house had the player who was the youngest to be part of the quidditch team in over a century.

Some people said it was Draco, while some said it was Harry. Perhaps because of how mature Casimir seemed to act compared to the two, most people seemed to have ruled him out. Well, except for Theodore who knew the truth.

So, when someone investigated the ages and date of birth of the three, everyone was surprised.

Draco was the oldest amongst them, being born on the fifth of June. The next was Harry, born on the thirty first of July. The youngest, Casimir, was actually born on the thirteenth of September which was literally the next day! He wasn't even eleven yet when he was accepted to the quidditch team!

That meant that he had just broken the record for the youngest house quidditch player in the last two hundred years!

On that day, Casimir suddenly realized that more and more people wanted to befriend him out of nowhere, making it inconvenient for him to go anywhere, therefore, he just skipped breakfast to hide somewhere.

By the time he came back to the hall, everyone was already more or less done with eating and the owls had started swooping in to deliver mails. This day, Casimir's father's falcon had come as well, bringing with it a rather long package and a letter. Similarly, both Draco and Harry received long packages of their own as well, making it obvious what was inside.

Unsurprisingly, inside the packages were broomsticks. It turned out that Mr. Proulx's intelligence network spread even to the inside of Hogwarts. So much for being the safest place in the world.

Being the proud father Mr. Proulx was, he immediately informed Lucius of the news and, the two, being outwardly cold but inwardly supportive dads, directly bought the newest broomsticks off the stocks. They weren't even available for the public until early the following year!

Draco and Casimir looked at each other with similar grins, holding onto their brand new Nimbus 2001.

Theodore just rolled his eyes at the two, feeling left out but was happy for his friends.

At the Gryffindor table, Harry was similarly holding his new broom. The only difference was, his was a Nimbus 2000.


The rest of the day passed without much happening and soon, it was already Saturday.

Casimir's birthday. (Again)

At around nine in the morning, Casimir was still fast asleep, enjoying the freedom that weekends bring.

Unfortunately for him, Draco and Theodore had plans to ruin his freedom.

Right now, the two people in question were crouched on both sides of Casimir's bed, prepared to wake him up in the most surprising way possible. A tickle war.

One of the mysteries that Casimir brought to the two boys were... He wasn't ticklish anywhere.

But, today, they vowed that they would find Casimir's ticklish spot for sure!

Draco and Theodore nodded at each other, signalling the start of their plan.

Then, Draco pounced.


"Nee-sama! All those years you were lying to me... You were actually lying to yourself more than to me!" A sickly looking child said.

"Gao... Lin..?" Casimir- no, Ayami said.

"Nee-same... Did you forget already? No! I won't let you forget! I will never let you forget how much of a monster you are!" Gao Lin shouted hysterically. "You don't deserve such happiness!"

"I know." Ayami nodded, accepting everything Gao Lin said.

"That's why..." Gao Lin smiled in a crazed manner. "I will take away everything you love!"

Suddenly, Gao Lin started melting like wax. This time, Ayami felt panicked and rushed towards Gao Lin.

"No!" Casimir shot up from the bed and hugged the body which was pouncing towards him.

Draco was surprised. He just wanted to pounce on Casimir to wake him up by tickling him. He didn't expect this outcome at all.

Just when he was about to push Casimir off, he heard a weak voice whisper in desperation. "Don't... Don't leave me.."

This one sentence halted Draco's actions, making him freeze. What..?

It's just a dream... Casimir took deep breaths to calm himself, his back covered in cold sweat. I'm Casimir. Not Ayami. Ayami is dead.

After a while, Casimir had finally calmed down and slowly, started letting go of Draco who was still frozen.

"Sorry... about that." Casimir smiled weakly.

"Whatever... Stupid." Draco coughed awkwardly.

"Happy Birthday..?" Theodore stood at the side, not knowing what to do, small sparks being emitted at the end of his wand.

Suddenly, the door opened and in came Draco's two minions who, after seeing what was happening inside, stopped in their tracks with awkward expressions that seemed to say 'did we come at the wrong timing?'.

Well, Draco was sitting on top of Casimir who was laying on his bed, one hand on Draco's waist while Theodore was standing at the side, sparks flying from the tip of his wand.

Of course, anyone would feel as if something that shouldn't be said was happening when faced by this sight early in the morning.

Perhaps, only Casimir was able to face something like this calmly but, unfortunately, he was the cause of the whole incident this time.

"Cough. Good morning, Crabbe, Goyle." Casimir greeted as naturally as he could.


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