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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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39 Plot Twis

"I have already prepared myself for cleaning up Malfoy's messes..." Snape grumbled as they walked along the halls of the dungeons, heading towards Snape's office which was actually very close to their Potions classroom. "But you, Proulx..."

Snape glanced at the corner of his eyes to look at Casimir. "I expected better from you."

Draco gritted his teeth. He knew his friend had done it for him to help him cool off his raging emotions. "Godfather, he didn't-"

"No. Professor, it was my fault." Casimir cut Draco off and shot a small grateful smile to him. "I was the one who instigated the whole matter."

"I will bear full responsibility for my actions." Casimir said sincerely, looking right into Snape's cold, dark eyes without fear.

(Casimir: You have such pretty eyes. Marry me. Draco: My respect for you has been falling drastically lately.)

"It is good that you know your responsibilities, Proulx." Snape muttered then, turned to Filch who was passing by with Mrs. Norris in tow. "Filch, have Marcus Flint come to my office. Now."

Just why Snape wanted the current captain of the Slytherin quidditch team to come to his office when they were about to be punished was unknown to Casimir and Draco but, they knew he was connected to their punishment somehow or else, Snape wouldn't have called for him.

"Right away, sir." Filch then, hurried off.

"Sit." Snape opened the door to his office and motioned for the two of them to sit on the chairs as they waited.

A while later, there was a knock on the door. "Professor, it's Marcus. You called for me?"

"Come in, Flint." Snape said quietly but still managed to be heard. What is this sorcery?!

The door opened, and in came a student who seemed to be five to six years their senior.

"Malfoy, Proulx... This is Marcus Flint. The captain of our house's quidditch team and...now, your captain." Snape suddenly dropped a huge bomb on them. "I expect the both of you to not bring shame on our house honor."

"This will serve as your punishment."


By the time dinner came in, Draco was trembling in excitement, being followed by Casimir who just looked at his friend in amusement. Draco was so excited, he didn't even notice that he had passed by Harry and Ron who were looking excited as well on their way to the Slytherin's table. Casimir did though, giving a subtle look to Harry as the both of them nodded to acknowledge each other's presence then, he continued on his way as if nothing had happened.

"Didn't he just threaten you this morning? How are you able to nod at him so calmly?!" Ron looked at Harry in shock when he saw Casimir walk far away.

"Threaten me? What gave you that idea?" Harry was confused.

"Didn't he whisper threats into your ear to get you to agree to the whole game thing?!" Ron was even more confused.

"No! Why would he do that?" Harry was surprised by his friend's too wide imagination. "We just had a deal, that's all!"

"But..." Ron looked at Harry inquisitively. "What kind of deal..?"

"I don't think that's something you should know."


"Hey! I heard you and Draco had just been added into the quidditch team! Is it true?" Theodore asked, barging into Casimir and Draco's room when Draco was taking a bath. "Oh wow! What is it doing?"

Right at that moment, Casimir was in the process of feeding Fleur and Echelle, making things very awkward. Surprisingly, unlike Draco's show of disgust, insisting on Casimir only feeding Fleur and Echelle when he takes a bath, Theodore looked fascinated instead.


"This, Nott, is how snakes eat. And yes, me and Draco are now part of the quidditch team for Slytherin." Casimir answered, shooing Theodore's face which was getting dangerously close to the feeding snakes away. "Where did you even hear that from?"

"Well, Crabbe and Goyle were sort of telling it to everyone so it would be strange if I didn't hear it."Theodore said, making himself comfortable on Casimir's bed.

"I knew it was a bad idea to tell the both of them. I should've stopped Draco when I had the chance." Casimir groaned.

"Too late now. Everyone in Slytherin already knows." Theodore snickered. "Which reminds me... Hoew old are you?"

"Ten. Well, eleven on Saturday. Why?" Casimir replied in confusion.

Suddenly, Theodore sat up straight. "Holy smokes! Do you know what this means?!"

Casimir shook his head.

"You're the youngest quidditch player in over a century!"


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