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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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37 Remembrall

The day ended without much incidences after potion class and, as of now, Draco and Casimir were walking together back to their rooms down in the dungeons.

As they reached the common room, Draco slumped down on a chair in exhaustion while, Casimir walked towards a wall where he noticed a parchment hanging on it.

"This day has been needlessly exhausting! Hopefully, we won't get any other joint classes with the Gryffindors." Draco groaned.

"... We have flying classes with the Gryffindors on Thursdays." Casimir informed, pointing towards the parchment on the wall. It turned out to be an announcement for the change in schedules of the first years.

"I just jinxed myself, didn't I?" Draco grumbled as he stood up, grumpily trudging towards the room he and Casimir shared.


Soon enough, Thursday arrived. On this morning, the group had just finished eating breakfast and Draco was currently in the process of opening the package of sweets he had just received from his mother.

"Come on! Just once! Just this one time!" Draco insisted, trying to shove a piece of chocolate into Casimir's mouth.

"Nope!" Casimir stared in horror at the chocolate on Draco's hand. "You know I hate that stuff!"

"If you still consider us as friends, then, you will eat this chocolate!" Draco haughtily declared, using the chocolate as a weapon.

"For Melecrit's sake, Draco! That's just a piece of chocolate!" Casimir stated helplessly, looking towards Theodore for help but, the other boy just averted his eyes, pretending to not know the two people beside him, his expression seeming to say 'you're on your own bro'.

Knowing that he had been abandoned, Casimir gave up. "Fine then!" He accepted the chocolate that Draco was shoving to him and ate it. "..."

Meanwhile, as he was chewing, Draco was just staring at him in anticipation.

"... What kind of chocolate is this?" Casimir asked after a momentary pause, getting up from his seat to head for their class.

"It's dark chocolate. I had father buy the most bitter chocolate he could find just so you can eat some type of sweets. You better be grateful." Draco arrogantly said as he and Theodore stood up as well, walking past the Gryffindors table.

"Mm. It's not bad. Thanks." Casimir said quietly with a small smile.

Suddenly, from the seat beside them, something seemed to fall to the floor and roll right towards Draco's feet. Curious, Draco picked up a ball-like object made of glass.

"A remembrall?! Who even has those anymore?" Draco snorted in disdain.

"Draco, give it back!" Ron, Harry's constant tag-along said, standing up and glaring at Draco with unmasked hostility.

Perhaps, sensing trouble about to break out, Professor McGonagall came to them. "What is going on here?"

"D-Draco took my remembrall, Professor." Neville stuttered, giving the blame to Draco who was actually innocent. Most people would believe him, seeing his fearful expression but, to the people who had seen exactly what happened, they knew that Draco had simply picked the remembrall from the floor.

Casimir narrowed his eyes, his impression of Neville going to the negatives.

"I was just looking." Draco gritted his teeth and tossed the remembrall to Neville then, walked away, clearly in a bad mood.

Concerned, Casimir and Theodore chased after him but, just before they did, they gave Neville a warning look then gave a short glare at Ron.

Harry though, remained seated, watching everything happen in silence. What people didn't know, though, was that, Harry had seen how Neville purposely dropped the remembrall and had it roll towards Draco's feet. It seems that he had misunderstood the wrong people.


"That boy... Longbottom, is it?" Theodore asked Casimir who nodded in reply. "Has Draco offended him somehow?"

"Not that I know of." Casimir replied, glancing towards Draco who was walking in front of them grumpily. No one has ever dared to wrong him this way before. Most likely, he was planning on how to exact vengeance soon.

"Just why exactly did he do that though?" Theodore asked, confused.

"I just heard it from Pansy but, I'm not entirely sure if it's true but, it is rumored that Neville's parents were tortured to insanity by deatheaters." Casimir said quietly, keeping an eye on Draco to make sure he didn't hear them.

"You mean..." Theodore hesitated.

"Quite possibly." Casimir said, knowing what Theodore wanted to say but was unable to. "Everyone knows about Draco's parents by now, anyways. Well... Your parents as well."

"You father isn't any better, you know?" Theodore grumbled. "Being Grindelwald's former informant."

Casimir smiled wryly. "In the end, we're just a group of some misfit's sons."


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