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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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36 Snape

The days passed and soon, it was Friday.

"What's the first in our schedule today, Assistant Casimir?" Theodore spoke seriously as they were eating breakfast. Today, the whole group was present, eating breakfast together. The fangirl, who Casimir had discovered was called Pansy Parkinson, was also there, bringing her friend, Daphne Greengrass, with her.

"We would be having double potions with the Gryffindors from 9:30 to 11:30, Secretary Theodore." Casimir replied, equally as serious, elegantly finishing his breakfast. Casimir reached into his pack and brought out a small brown package. "Master Draco, your apples."

"...How did this skit even happen?" Draco had a hand covering his face and sighed ruefully but still reached for the apples because... Well, apples.

Suddenly, owls streamed through the hall, carrying letters, packages, or presents from the students' parents. Somehow, despite not receiving anything from his father for the past few days, this time, Casimir saw a particularly fast owl head straight towards him.

Wait... That's not an owl. That is definitely not an owl!

It was his father's falcon, Bleu!

Bleu, upon spotting Casimir, let out a loud screech and swooped towards Casimir's outstretched arm, attracting the attention of pretty much everyone in the hall.

"Bonjour, Bleu! Got anything for me today?" Casimir smiled and fed the falcon a strip of bacon which it gratefully gobbled up.

"A falcon?!" Crabbe and Goyle looked at the falcon in awe.

In comparison, Draco wasn't too surprised, already having seen the falcon many times due to his father and Casimir's father being frequent pen pals.

"Leave it to the Frenchie to attract attention everywhere." Pansy commented. Honestly, Casimir didn't really appreciate other people calling him nicknames and acting all familiar.

In the end, he just smiled stiffly but, the expression on his face was off. Unfortunately, Pansy didn't see it. Draco and Theodore did though, being as clever as they were.

On the falcon's leg, Casimir saw a rolled up piece of paper tied and held together with a blue ribbon. Upon unrolling it, he discovered that it was actually a letter from his father.

My son,

(Casimir: Yep. It's really him. Not even putting dear and just going straight to the 'my son'.)

Congratulations in getting into Slytherin. Make sure to study well and not bring shame to our family name. Your birthday is coming around soon. Bleu will come to bring you your gift at that time. Be prepared to receive it. (Casimir: Be prepared to receive it? Is it just me or does it really sound so ominous? Help?)

You father.

Short and concise. Just like the sender's personality. Casimir sighed to himself, sending Bleu off with a wave.

"Who's it from?" Draco asked, biting into the apple Casimir had given him.

"My dad. Who else?" Casimir smiled wryly.

"Oh." Draco nodded. "Guess she hasn't contacted you still, huh?"

"Yeah." Casimir sighed listlessly. But, a few moments later, he reverted back to his usual self. "Well, since we're all done waiting, we better get to Potions class soon! Professor Snape will be teaching us!"

Theodore and Draco glanced at each other with complex expressions. This boy is obviously smiling but, why does he look so lonely?

Meanwhile, a certain boy in the Ravenclaw's table was staring at them obsessively. Don't be tricked by that monster!


"Remind me to bring along Casimir whenever I decide to go travelling somewhere." Theodore said when they arrived ten minutes before class time in the Potions lab which was down in the dungeons.

"Hands off! He's already my personal navigator! Go find the Weasely twins or something." Draco denied as they entered the lab, making Casimir burst out laughing.

By the time the got there, nearly everyone had already gotten to their seats. Well, except for Harry Potter and the Weasely boy he seemed to have stuck with these days.

"Here!" Well, never mind. They seemed to have arrived at the last minute, right before Professor Snape stormed in, his long robes billowing with a nonexistent wind. How was that even possible?

Right off the bat, Casimir knew that he was going to enjoy this subject.

Before he began with the lessons, Snape started off with a roll-call and, right when he was in the middle of it, he paused.

"Ah, yes." Snape muttered. "Harry Potter. Our new...celebrity."

Draco snorted in amusement while Crabbe and Goyle sniggered. Meanwhile, Casimir and Theodore just stayed quiet but had amused looks. On the inside, they just wanted to tell their professor how much of an understatement being called a mere celebrity was for Harry. Of course, who didn't know the legendary 'boy who lived' in their generation?

He was far too famous for his own good!

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making." Although Snape spoke very quietly, everyone in the class heard his voice clearly. It was as if his very presence commanded silence and attention.

"As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses. . . I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper in death... If you aren't as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach." Snape muttered in a dignified manner, looking at each of the students in the room in a seemingly condescending way.

Yep. This is by far my favorite professor here. Casimir stared at Snape attentively. Perhaps because he had stared too intently, Snape had noticed him and glanced their way but, after having seen Draco beside him, he turned away and focused more on Harry.

Such a cold gaze! I think I'm in love. Casimir mentally swooned.

Ah~ Sadly, this middle-aged auntie is in the body of an underaged kid. This forbidden romance is doomed to be cut off before it manages to bloom...

Casimir sighed regretfully, staring on in sorrow as Snape continuously fired question after question at Harry, leaving the boy looking stupid and confused.

"Potter! What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

"Sleeping potion, right?" Draco suddenly nudged Casimir's arm.

"Yeah. It's the one that's deathly potent." Casimir answered.

"I don't know, sir." Harry said honestly.

"Tut, tut... Fame clearly isn't everything." Snape sneered. "Let's try again. Potter, where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"

Crabbe and Goyle began shaking with laughter, making Casimir turn to give them a look of disapproval. How dare they laugh in the class taught by his crush- I mean, professor!

Being looked at in such cold eyes and thick killing intent, the two boys were frozen still. Satisfied, Casimir turned back to continue ogling at Snape.

"I don't know, sir." Harry answered yet again.

"Thought you wouldn't open a book before coming, eh, Potter?" Snape coldly stared at Harry, making Casimir feel jealous. Professor, please notice me!

"What's the difference, Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?"

"This one is-"

"Same plant, different names." This time, it was Theodore who answered, cutting Draco off.

"I wasn't asking you, Nott." Draco had his eyebrows furrowed.

"I don't know." Harry said quietly. "I think Hermione does, though, why don't you try her?"

Only then did Casimir notice the messy-haired girl from before, standing up while raising her hand vehemently.

Some people laughed but, Casimir frowned. His impression of Harry plummeted drastically in that instant. At the same time, Snape wasn't looking so pleased as well.

"Sit down." Snape snapped at the girl. "For your information, Potter, asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of Living Death. A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and it will save you from most poisons. As for monkshood and wolfsbane, they are the same plant, which also goes by the name of aconite. Well? Why aren't you all copying that down?"

For the first time in the whole week, Casimir actively copied down notes, scribbling away diligently and tried his best to catch every word Snape said and wrote them down, making everyone in their group stare at him in shock, wondering if they had gone blind.

"A point will be taken from Gryffindor House for your cheek, Potter." Snape said as he walked around the class to check if everyone was taking down notes as they should.

As the lessons continued, the Gryffindors began losing points more and more from their house for failing to answer questions correctly, talking too loudly, or doodling on their parchments instead of copying notes which, were fairly justifiable.

Meanwhile, Casimir, Draco, and Theodore, kept on earning more points for Slytherin, answering as much questions as they knew, boosting their house's morale while crushing Gryffindor's.

Halfway through the lesson, Snape put them all into pairs with the goal of creating a potion which can cure boils. Fortunately enough, Casimir had been paired with Draco, again.

Either Draco and I am destined to be together or, someone is purposely setting us up to be together. Casimir thought to himself.

Snape then, began walking around yet again, criticizing people here and there. Except for him and Draco of course since Draco was his godson and Casimir was the partner of his godson who, was actually doing things perfectly according to the instructions.

Snape began praising Draco's work aloud then, gave a nod of approval to Casimir's, making the boy smile gleefully.

Suddenly, clouds of green smoke began billowing outwards, coming from the couldron of someone from Gryffindor. It turned out that the boy who had lost his toad managed to melt another student's couldron, with their potion spilling onto the floor, burning holes into the shoes of the people who didn't manage to get away in time.

Fortunately, the boy who had caused the entire accident and was nearest to the couldron, had ducked out of the way just in time, scrambling to get on top of a stool.

Seeing as the potion was nearing his and Draco's location, Casimir clicked his tongue in distaste and flicked his wand, casting a cleaning spell to get rid of the nuisance. He then, continued on brewing the potion with Draco, acting as if nothing had happened.

"Idiot boy!" Snape began to berate the boy who caused the accident which, Casimir learned to have been called Neville. Then, Snape began to berate Harry as well for not stopping Neville beforehand. In the end, another point was taken from Gryffindor and a point was added to Slytherin for Casimir's timely action of cleaning up the spilled potion.

The point wasn't my intention... All I wanted was to appear cool in front of Snape! Casimir smiled wryly to himself.


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