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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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31 Oops

Casimir walked through the noisy corridors, trying to get rid of the remaining sleepiness in his system whilst, trying to avoid the other children who would be his future schoolmates as they ran around.

He walked further and further into the train and soon, he arrived at a location where he could barely see any other people.

Finally, he could be alone in his thoughts.


... He seemed to have spoke too soon.

In the middle of the corridor in front of him, right at the dead center of it, a big, fat, and very ugly toad sat, blocking the entire section of the corridor.


Suddenly, from inside his sleeves, a small, green head poked out.

Fleur flicked her tongue out from her mouth as if tasting the air then, slithered on the ground after uncoiling her body off of Casimir's arm.

"Fleur? What is it? Are you hungry?" Casimir asked as he silently followed behind Fleur.

Perhaps curious, Echelle too, poked his head out of Casimir's sleeve but, returned inside soon after, not having any interest in the toad.

Fleur on the other hand, silently slithered towards the toad who, unaware of the predator stalking it, kept on croaking horribly, not moving from its spot.

Fleur paused, possibly looking for the perfect opportunity to strike. Then, a few moments later, Fleur moved.

With a single swift motion, Fleur had latched tightly onto the toad's body with her mouth. Some seconds later, Fleur had her body coiled around the toad and proceeded to swallow it whole, head first.

It seemed that this pretty lady didn't really eat in a very ladylike manner.

After around ten minutes of struggling to swallow the fat toad, Fleur had finally finished, slithering in a satisfied manner towards Casimir's already outstretched arm.

"Was it good, Fleur?" Casimir asked the snake in a doting manner, caressing her head gently with a finger.

'Good... Tastesssss good...'

"That's good to hear." Casimir said as Fleur's head disappeared once again into his sleeve while he walked back towards the cabin he shared with Draco and now, Theodore as well.

At some point, during the time Fleur was eating her meal, the train had begun moving, heading towards Hogwarts where the students would be spending seven years of their lives in, studying.

As he travelled on the corridors, two boys ran past him, heading towards where he had previously been. One of them happened to be a familiar looking boy who wore glasses and was being followed by another boy with orange hair.

"Over here, Ron!" The boy with glasses said to his friend. "I swore I heard a voice come from somewhere around here."

"But there's clearly nothing there, Harry." The boy called Ron said.

Unfortunately, Casimir was already far away from them and couldn't hear their conversation or else, he would've found out a mystery which would prove to be a great help to him in the future.


When he came back to the cabin, he found that another person had joined the small group while he was away. Upon recognizing the new addition as Draco's little fangirl, Casimir just groaned inwardly and headed straight for his case and took a black earmuff out, wearing it, then took a seat beside Theodore since the girl occupied his previous seat beside Draco.

Since his appearance was too sudden and unexpected, the three people inside couldn't really react and just gaped at him, surprised.

"Cough! Well, nice to see you back, Marie." Draco said awkwardly, trying to break the oppressive silence that Casimir had cast over them.

"Mm." Casimir just hummed in reply, making the atmosphere even more awkward.

(Draco: Hey! Don't just ignore me when I'm trying to start a conversation here! Casimir: Not my problem.)

"That reminds me! Draco, you haven't seemed to introduce us to each other yet." The fangirl finally realized this.

"He's Marie. Now you know him." Draco said curtly, not bothering about any more information.

Suddenly, Casimir removed his earmuffs and turned towards Draco, taking out a small package from the pocket of his coat. "I bought you an apple by the way. Nearly forgot about it."

"Granny Smith?" Draco asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What?" Casimir answered with a question of his own, confused about what Draco was asking about.

"Is it a granny smith apple?" Draco clarified.

"Oh. If you mean those green apples, then yeah. I've only ever seen you eat those kinds." Casimir answered and handed the package to Draco.

"Thanks." Draco grabbed the package with a rarely seen gleeful look.

(Casimir: The only eternal love in this world is Drapple. Draco and an apple. Draco: Says who?! Casimir:...Everyone.)

Some moments later, the door to their cabin was suddenly pushed open, revealing a messy-heaired girl and a boy who looked very...mousey..?

"Has anyone here seen a toad? Neville has lost his toad." The messy haired girl asked while the boy behind him showed a very nervous expression.

Perhaps, due to the combination of a missing toad and the boy's nervous expression, the three children aside from Casimir had burst out laughing.

"A toad?! I knew Hogwarts allowed toads to be brought there but, I never really expected someone to actually bring one!" The fangirl cackled.

Meanwhile, Casimir had a complicated expression on.

Unnerved by the children laughing and mocking them, the messy haired girl directly banged the door shut and walked away to ask the other people in other cabins.

After a while of laughing, Draco realized that Casimir wasn't laughing with them and just sat silently with a complicated expression.

"Anything wrong, Marie?" Draco asked still looking as if he would burst out laughing the next second.

"...No. Not really. It's just that, one of my companions may or may not have eaten the toad they were looking for..."

"One of your companions? But Noir was here with us the entire time." Draco said in confusion as he petted Noir who had made himself comfortable on his lap. It was nice to see Noir interacting with other people aside from Casimir.

Well, I might as well show them now. They'll be able to meet them sooner or later anyways.

"Echelle. Fleur." Casimir called and, a few moments later, two snakes slithered out of his sleeves and into his hand.

"These are my companions." Casimir said to the gawking children. "And Fleur may have eaten Neville's toad."



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