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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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29 Cupcake Boys and Fangirl

During the course of the last month before they formally entered Hogwarts as students, Casimir spent most of his time in the Malfoy Manor despite their joint lessons being finished. At first, he just visited due to the boredom of being cooped up at home for too long.

Then, he began visiting more often for the sole reason that he wanted to make fun of Dr- I mean, have fun with Draco. Cough.

Of course, Fleur and Echelle would tag along, hiding somewhere underneath his clothes, unnoticed by everyone. Until now, Draco hadn't even known they existed yet. And he was the person Casimir spent the most time with!

From time to time, he would also bring along Noir with him.

Speaking of Noir, the big cat has lately been feeling quite moody. Perhaps it was because Casimir had been forcing him to drink one Shrinking Potion daily in order to train him for their life in Hogwarts.

Since the letter stated that students may bring a toad, a cat, or an owl, Casimir decided that he would be bringing Noir with him since, technically, Noir was a type of cat... Just much bigger.

But, to be safe, he'll have him drink a shrinking potion daily so he would at least look like a strange looking black cat.

Hopefully, no one would notice.


On this slightly overcast day, exactly one week before they would enter Hogwarts, two visitors suddenly arrived in the Malfoy Manor as Casimir and Draco were playing around on their newly bought Nimbus 2000's.

"Draco! Casimir! Come down for a moment, boys!" Narcissa called to them as she led two pudgy boys towards them. "You have visitors!"

"Visitors? You know them?" Casimir asked Draco as they landed on the ground.

"So-so. They're sons of some so-called family friends." Draco shrugged. "Just lackeys if you'd ask me though."

"You know, Draco, sometimes I really do admire you." Casimir said indifferently, getting off of his broomstick. "I admire how you are able to say something so offhandedly without worrying about what other people think."

"And here I thought you were about to say something nice." Draco snorted, making Casimir raise an eyebrow.

"Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are here to see you. I'll be heading back inside so, you boys just have fun, alright?" Narcissa said and hurried back inside the manor.

"What did you come here for?" Draco asked, going straight to the point immediately.

"Parents made us come. So now we're here to bother you." One of the pudgy boys said, pulling a cupcake from the pocket of his trousers.

Wait... Why did he have a cupcake there? And why aren't anyone else surprised that he just pulled a cupcake out from his pocket?! Is this normal?!

"Whatever. Do what you want to do. Just don't bother us." Draco said, dismissing them like an experienced gang boss and went back to his broom. "Marie, you coming or not?"

"Oh, right!" Casimir shook his head in confusion as he jogged to catch up with Draco.


During the following days, Casimir began to see those two cupcake boys more often, visiting every once in a while to talk with Draco for some time then leave.

On one of those days, a short and temperamental looking girl visited as well and wouldn't stop talking about how great Draco is. All he heard was Draco this, Draco that, Draco Draco Draco. If he didn't excuse himself early that day, he would bet that he would've become deaf afterwards. It was obvious that the girl was Draco's number one fangirl.

And, despite having seen those children already, Casimir still didn't know their names. At this point, it would be too awkward to try and introduce himself to them. And besides, he wasn't really interested in making friends with them.

What he needed were useful allies for the future. Not heavy burdens that will just drag him down.

He had great ambitions. Ambitions so great, most people wouldn't even dare to think about them. And, for the sake of that ambition, he was willing to do all it takes. Everything was doable. Even if he had to kill, he would do it. It wasn't like he hasn't done it anyways.

His aim was to reach the top of this world; to become the strongest existence to have lived. The dream which he had in the previous world that was never fulfilled as he clouded his head over grief and the desire for vengeance.

But, now that nothing was holding him back, he would make sure that his dream would be fulfilled.

September 1 marks as the first day of school for Casimir. At the same time, it also marks as the day Casimir's extended break would end.

That day, the world will welcome another legend.


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