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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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28 The Wand Chooses the Wizard

Casimir and Draco were walking along Diagon alley, accompanied by Lucius and Narcissa as they headed towards a shop called Ollivanders to buy their wands.

As they entered the shop, Casimir looked around to see a narrow, messy place and, from somewhere deep inside the shop, a soft tinkling of a bell was heard.

It's extremely messy. Casimir commented to himself.

No kidding. It was like a hurricane came and messed the place up then left.

Beside him, Draco was scrunching up his nose in distaste.

"Oh? Two more guests for today, it seems." A voice suddenly said from behind them, making Casimir tense up inwardly. It's been too long since someone had snuck up on him without being sensed.

That just means that the person who they were dealing with was very powerful.

"Well, well. If it isn't the Malfoys. Lovely to see you here again. I presume young Draco is here to get his first wand?" An old man said as he walked towards them slowly then, turned to look at Casimir. "... And this is..?"

"Casimir Proulx. He's here to get his wand along with Draco." Lucius answered for him, unwilling to waste time in niceties.

"I see, a French nobility. No wonder I didn't recognize him." Ollivander rubbed his chin with a free hand. "I remember everyone I've sold a wand to, you see."

"Now, boys, I need you to stand still for a moment but, before that, which one is your wand arm?" Ollivander asked, taking out a tape measure from his pocket.

"Right." Draco said curtly, it was obvious that he didn't want to converse with such a weird old man for too long.

"And you, Mr. Proulx?" Ollivander turned to Casimir and asked.

"I'm ambidextrous, sir." Casimir said politely and smiled.

"Both-handed, I see!" Ollivander said in surprise. "That's a bit tricky." Although he said so, he seemed to be very happy for some reason.

"Now, stand there and reach out your wand hand... Well, both hands for Mr. Proulx." As they did so, the tape measure suddenly floated and began measuring the two on its own, to Casimir's surprise.

Although he had seen newspapers which knew how to flip their own pages when Mr. Proulx was reading newspapers during their breakfast, a tape measure which could measure on its own was a whole other level!

"Let's see... Ah, yes. Mr. Malfoy, please try this Cherry wood and Dragon heartstring. Eleven and a half inches. Very domineering. Please give it a wave." Ollivander said as he handed a light colored wand to Draco.

Draco hesitantly waved the wand but, barely a second after, the wand was immediately snatched away. "Not it."

Ollivander mumbled to himself as he picked up the tape measure which had fallen to the floor after it had finished measuring the two.

"Then let's try this. Hawthorn and Unicorn hair. Ten inches. Reasonably springy."

Draco gave the wand a wave and, this time, Casimir actually felt the wind shift around Draco and soon, the wand's tip glowed in a greenish light.

"Ah, perfect!" Ollivander commented. "Next up, Mr. Proulx..."

Ollivander trailed off as he rummaged through various wand cases. "Try this Cedar wood and Phoenix feather. Nine inches. Steadfast yet flexible."

Casimir tentatively waved the wand and, like Draco's first try, it was immediately snatched from him.

"I guess not. How about this Holly wood and Unicorn hair. Seven inches. Valiant."


"Larch wood and Dragon heartstring. Twelve and a half inches. Strong and Dependable."

Not it either.

At this moment, Draco was already bored to death, watching in mild humor as Ollivander scuttled all over his shop, looking for the right wand for Casimir.

Finally, after rummaging about, Ollivander returned with a long and thin, pointy, black wand in hand. "I have a feeling that this might be it! Blackthorn wood and Dragon heartstring. Fourteen inches. Adaptable and Clever."

This time, from the moment Casimir held the wand, he felt as if something was trying to connect to him. Thinking that it might be the wand, Casimir let go of all his mental barriers, hesitantly welcoming the wand's presence.

When the connection was formed, a gust of wind seemed to have formed with him at its center then, the wand glowed for a moment. Fortunately, it only lasted for a second and everything went back to normal.

Ollivander smiled. "You have found your partners, it seems, boys. Do take care of them well. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard."

After paying for their wands, the four of them quickly went back to the Malfoy Manor.

Including Casimir.

Why did he go back with the Malfoys instead of returning to his own home?

Well, that was because, since travelling to and from France when he would just return to the Malfoy Manor early the next morning was far too troublesome according to Narcissa, they decided to have Casimir stay over for the night instead.

Meaning... A sleepover!


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