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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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26 Off to Diagon Alley

That night, as Casimir was eating dinner with his father, Mr. Proulx suddenly asked. "A letter came today?"

"Yes, father." Casimir answered. "How did you-"

"Mr. Malfoy informed me." Mr. Proulx cut him off. "Another letter actually came today from Beauxbatons."

"Oh, I see..." Casimir mumbled.

"... You're mother attended school in Beauxbatons." Mr. Proulx in a seemingly careless manner.

"Mmm..." Casimir hummed indifferently.

"... You've already decided, haven't you?" Mr. Proulx sighed helplessly.

"Yes, father. I'll be attending whatever school Draco decides to." Casimir replied with a careless smile.

"Hogwarts it is then." Mr. Proulx smiled wryly. "Go get me a parchment so I can inform Mr. Malfoy. Him and his wife, Mrs. Narcissa, offered to take you along to Diagon Alley when Draco buys his stuff."

Oh? They're that close now? That's surprising.

"It's also about time you get to see your own vault inside Gringotts, I suppose..."

What's Gringotts?


A few days later, Casimir was once again in the Malfoy Manor, sitting on a chair obediently. Somewhere behind him, Draco was having the time of his life, laughing at Casimir's misery. Unfortunately, Casimir couldn't turn around to glare at him since he was currently in a difficult situation.

"How can your hair be so messy, dear? Today is the day when you will be meeting your first wands and buying your supplies, possibly meeting your future classmates and housemates!" Narcissa lectured, armed with various combs and brushes, about to go to battle with Casimir's long, messy hair. "I will not permit for you to leave this house with such a horrid appearance!"

Casimir's expression darkened. I'm pretty sure my hair isn't that bad...

"And you, Draco!" Narcissa pointed at the laughing boy at the back, causing him to freeze up. "You're next."

This time, it was Casimir's turn to snicker.

So this is what it feels like to have a mother...


Some time later, Casimir, Draco, and Narcissa were standing in front of a dirty looking bar called Leaky Couldron. As they looked at the rundown establishment, both Draco and Casimir looked at each other with unsure expressions. The moment they looked at each other though, both of them couldn't help but laugh at the other.

After the great battle of hair which was won by Mrs. Narcissa Malfoy, Casimir's hair turned into long, glistening locks which were tied up with a blue ribbon. Meanwhile, Draco's hair looked overly slicked back, nearly sticking to his head.

Seeing as both boys were in their own world once again, Narcissa began to drag them by the arm inside. "Let's go. Lucius already went ahead us to buy books for the both of you. We'll be meeting up with him later."

Once they entered the establishment, everything seemed to grow silent. People just stared at them as they passed as if they were exotic animals in a zoo, making Casimir feel uneasy.

Fortunately, they soon arrived at their destination.

After tapping a brick wall in a certain pattern and sequence, the wall began to move and rearrange itself. Then, Narcissa turned to look at the two boys standing behind her. "Welcome to Diagon alley, boys!"

Following behind Narcissa, Casimir looked around curiously. They passed by all sorts of shops on their way; shops selling robes, owls, broomsticks, telescopes, and much more that Casimir had never seen before.

Soon, they arrived in front of a fairly large establishment.

"First stop is Gringotts." Narcissa said and led the way inside and, without a single pause in her steps, she headed directly towards the goblin sitting on the highest podium.

"Ahem!" Narcissa cleared her throat, attracting the attention of the goblin. "We would like to gain access to the safes under Narcissa Malfoy and Casimir Marie Proulx."

"Are the keys with you, ma'am?" The goblin asked.

"I have mine with me." Narcissa answered.

Finally, Casimir knew the reason why Mr. Proulx handed him a small key that morning and told him not to lose it no matter what.

"I have mine as well." Casimir said after a short pause.

"That seems to be in order..." The goblin said after checking their keys.

A few moments later, they were being led in a narrow passageway by another goblin. The goblin suddenly whistled and, the next thing they knew, an old and possibly dangerous looking cart was speeding towards them on the tracks that were on the ground.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get on!" Narcissa told them when she realized neither Draco nor Casimir were moving.

"This looks dangerous." Casimir commented. "And dirty." Draco added.

"Quit dallying, the both of you!" Narcissa said helplessly and finally, Casimir and Draco got on with a lot of hesitation.

The ride was a long and winding one. They were going left, right, down, right, left, down, and even more down. At one point, Casimir began doubting his eyes as he thought he had actually seen a dragon on one of the spaces that they passed.

Casimir turned to look at Draco to see if he had seen what he had and nearly burst out laughing. There, beside him, was a very green looking Draco Malfoy, looking as if he was about to throw up at any moment.

Casimir snickered. "If you dare throw up on me, Draco, I swear I'll push you off this cart." He whispered quietly to the boy beside him.

Fortunately, the ride ended a few moments later and Narcissa got off with Draco following closely, looking very sick.

"My vault is in this passage, dear. " Narcissa said. "I'm not sure if yours is here as well or-"

"Sir Proulx's vault is a bit further down, ma'am." The goblin said as he took a big flashlight like object from the cart.

"Oh, is that so?" Narcissa turned towards Casimir. "Then I'll have to trouble you to wait here for a moment, dear."

"It's fine, ma'am. Please take your time." Casimir smiled politely, reassuring Narcissa.

Since he wasn't part of the Malfoy family, he really couldn't blame them for asking him to wait outside as they entered the vault. It was basic courtesy.

A few minutes later, they emerged from vault with Narcissa giving Casimir a small, grateful smile.

It really didn't take long.

As they boarded the cart again, they began heading downwards once more, to Draco's despair.

Shortly afterwards, they stopped on another passage. This time, it was Casimir's turn to get off and, with an encouraging look from Narcissa and a rather green squint from Draco, Casimir entered the vault through the guidance of the goblin.

What he saw inside caused him to feel astounded.

Piles and piles of golden galleons filled a large room. How large you ask?

Well, let's just say that it wasn't any smaller than the stables in the Proulx Manor.

I knew the Proulx family was rich but... I didn't expect it to be this rich!

Although Casimir wanted to admire the sight for a bit more but, he remembered Narcissa and Draco who were still waiting for him to come back so, he just shoved a few piles of galleons inside a bag which seemed to have a never ending space inside of it.

After concluding that he took enough, he exited the vault and, together with Narcissa, Draco, and the goblin, they headed back.

Some minutes later, they were once again outside of Gringotts.


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